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Fishing report for the Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing report for steelhead on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing report for salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing report for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Pulaski, NY.

Sept. through April
 I hope you find my reports, humor and articles entertainingly informative and mildly educational
Fishing report for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY with guide Drift boat fishing report for steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY with guide Drift boat fishing report for steelhead and salmon on the guide Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing report drift boat guide for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY All Steelhead. Congrats!!

Fishing report for salmon on the Salmon River NY
Fishing report for salmon and steelhead on the Salmon River NY

Todays Guide Fishing Report Salmon River Pulaski NY. Drift boat fishing guide has steelhead salmon spin fly fishing reports on Salmon River Pulaski Altmar NY

Author Randy Jones By Randy Jones

September 2, 2015 - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

Water came up last night, should bring some more in.
Its a lil early to know how many more of these early runners will continue to enter and run the Salmon River, with the increased water flow level for the week.

Water Update:
Until 9:00 PM Fri SEP 04, 335 CFS
Current plans for special flows in the future are as follows:
From 9:00 PM, Fri SEP 04, until 6:00 PM, Sun SEP 06, 750 CFS Whitewater release
From 6:00 PM, Sun SEP 06, until 11:59 PM, Wed SEP 09, 335 CFS

Sometimes, the ones that are in the Estuary can bunch up until they feel comfortable to enter and run the river. Once this group has entered, then it can sometimes take awhile for more to enter and hold in the Estuary, before deciding to enter and run the river. This especially holds true, this early, when there biological clock is not forcing them to enter into the next stage of there life.
As the days grow shorter, it helps. Never know, time well tell ;)

**Please stop sending me all those emails about when the BIG RUN is going to happen! (yukyuk)**

DSR Report:
Most of the twenty or so anglers that fished the run today reported sighting some salmon.  Not in great numbers, but enough to keep everyone entertained.  Nearly all fishermen that I talked with indicated that they got into a fish or two.  One for four, 2 for 2, were typical responses.  Two fishermen did report that late in the day a goodly number of salmon came up the lower section of the run.   More than a trickle and maybe a small push (50-100 fish) would be the way I would characterize it.
I spoke with several anglers on their way off the river today and they all reported seeing salmon. I also spoke with two other anglers who were dragging out three salmon and they reported seeing about 30 salmon.

Douglaston Salmon Run update: 2 leases signed, no new parking lot -- yet

Today's Tips:
I'd fish from the Ball Park down, before they get a sunburn ;)
1) Try early AM. for hopefully 1 or 2 running up the river, stopping along the way in the Temporary Transitional Holding Locations to rest briefly, before moving to the next.
2) Mid. morning (approx. 9:30am.) you could try the Prime Transitional Holding Spots where they will rest mid-day.
3) And then maybe a few drifts into a Prime Holding Location, were 1 or 2 might be hanging out.

If your not familiar with the previous 3 "critically important to your fishing interest's" Habitat Holding Location Terms for all Species of fish in the River. Then these 3 video's I made, will explain each one in ( to much ;) greater detail. Enjoy!
(P.S. After watching the first video, you can skip the Repeated Intro. on the 2nd and 3rd by starting at approx. 1 min.  10 sec. and end at approx. 3 min. 2 sec.)
1) Temporary Transitional Holding -
2) Prime Transitional Holding -
3) Prime Holding -

Best Fish's,

September 1, 2015 - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

A few single Salmon and a "few - very small" pods of King Salmon have entered the Salmon River Pulaski NY. (Approx. 70-80 over the last week) Mostly during the low light, over cast and rainy days we've had.
Always figure a few more entered during the evening when the night watchman was a sleep ;)
Nothing to get excited about this early, in my opionion. But... if you lived locally, had nothing better to do, knew the lower river like the inside of your pocket, it might be worth a few hours of fishing around. A few folks have landed some.

BIG Water News:
Until 9:00 PM today, 185 CFS
From 9:00 PM today until 11:58 PM Sun, 335 CFS
This well help to bring some more in! How many? Weeeeeeer's that Crystal Ball of mine. ;)

There's no Nookie like Chinookie (Did I jus say that?) A BIG male "Chinook" King Salmon. Unique view! (Photo complement's of my "repeat" client, Karl A. Mueller, III)
Outstanding Steelhead from the drift boat with Salmon River Pulaski NY incredible Steelhead fly fishing guide

Floats - Getting weight and leader - tippet tangles and or line twist when running your floats?
For line twist, place a micro swivel above the float and below your weight. (Expect more tangles due to the hinging effect or jus dont throw it as far ;)
For Tangles, use a blood knot above the float and below your weight, so no swivels (Expect more line twist without the swivels, if your casting your rig any distance ;)
I did an experiment once. No swivels, blood knotted everything. As I pulled my float thru the water in a STRAIGHT line, the float never twisted or spun once. But, when I pulled the float around a corner it spun quickly, developing line twist. So, if you drop your float at your feet and run your drift, there is no swing or corner it swings around as you initiate your retrieve. But, if you cast it 60-70 feet out, then you will always have a swing or corner to come around when you start to retrieve and will develop line twist.  So you may or may not want a swivel.

Advanced float fishing strategies:
1) Peg your bead and then run a different colored egg sack on your hook. Double your fun, double your pleasure :)
2) You'll have to stop back next week for it ;)

I caught and released this King Salmon beauty on the Salmon River NY on August 1/15.
I think I hold the Trophy for the first one landed this year? ;)

PHOTO = HUMOR ;) if you missed my joke ;)

Mail Bag Q on Best place to fish for Salmon Early Season:
Hi Randy, It's Mike Greer, you have guided me a few times for Steelhead. I was hoping you could give me some helpful tips about where to fish the river for best chance of success. I know the water is low and the weather has been warm, but I also know there are a few fish in the river and a few entering daily. I'll be drift fishing some skein and cured shrimp, which has been extremely successful for Winter Steelhead for me.
We landed and released 11 gorgeous Steelhead over 5 hours of fishing. Again, thanks for all the teaching points of how to read the water, drift techniques, and fish behavior. Best Regards,  Mike

Hi Mike, Presently, I'd recommend the lower river. Ball Park, down thru Town and below to the Black Hole (by the water treatment plant) and if you dont mind paying to fish, I'd recommend the DSR. Good Luck! Randy

The Steelhead and Salmon Fishing of your Dreams..........       .........we'll mak'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel,

MY NEW - Superbly Educational and Fun U-Tube Channel - - (And u thought i was jus fish'n all summer. ;)

Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide offers drift boat, wade, spin or fly fishing trips for salmon or steelhead w/over 30 yr's full time professional guide experience.
Phone #315 963 2065  Email:
$275 for 1 angler  Full Day Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers  Full Day Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.

Aug. 21, 2015 - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

The water level in the lower part of the Salmon River in Pulaski NY came up approx. 100 cfs. last night due to all the rain. Normally, you'll see a few Salmon enter and run the river. They should be cooked "well done" and "out of breath", by the time they hit the Ball Park during August. (yukyuk)
We should start getting reports of #'s of Salmon who entered and ran by later today or Sat. Normally, but not always, not enough Salmon to make a special trip up here this early, under these conditions....................
But, if I was to wet a line.... I'd fish from the Staircase down, before they get a sun burn ;)

Now, if the river was at flood stage or extremely high, then it might bring in a bunch as it did 7-10 years ago, early one Sept. I remember for a week, no one was fishing as the river was flooded. Then, the few locals (guides) that did fish after it receded kept quiet about the Thousands of Salmon that had entered, ran and spread out from the top of the Salmon River to the bottom. I found 1 out of the way pool that had at least 300 Bright Silver Kings in this Prime Holding Location that remained in it for the entire Month of Sept. Talk about fish in a barrel ;) I guided that spot almost everyday for the entire month of Sept. with hardly another sole around. This spot didnt have an official name, so I named it the Money Hole. I made so much Money by guiding my guests to those Fresh - Silver Salmon, in an out of the way place, for the entire Month, I thought the name was rather fitting :)
"geo.region" ="US-NY"
"geo.position" ="43.494271;-76.242644"
"geo.placename" ="PuckerBrushCreek-Money Hole-yukyuk!"

By the looks of the water gauge at the NORTH BRANCH SALMON RIVER AT REDFIELD NY its running reel good with last nights "flood warnings" and "heavy rain" we got. They had forecast up to approx. 2 1/2 inches in the Pulaski area and possibly 3-4 inches in the Tug Hill area. (Which is where we get most of our water from) This should continue to fill the reservoir's up nicely! I "expect" the normal scheduled water releases once the Salmon Season is truly upon us. I doubt we will see the 185cfs water releases like we did 1 year, while back, during Salmon Season.

Interesting "Very Positive" - Salmon River NY Read:

How to Use a GoPro to Take Fish-Friendly Photos:

Best Fish's,

MY NEW - Superbly Educational and Fun U-Tube Channel - - (And u thought i was jus fish'n all summer. ;)

Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide offers drift boat, wade, spin or fly fishing trips for salmon or steelhead w/over 30 yr's full time professional guide experience.
Phone #315 963 2065  Email:
$275 for 1 angler  Full Day Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers  Full Day Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.

August 17, 2015 - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

A single credible report of a few Salmon in the Estuary and a few Salmon spotted in the lower river came in recently. And I quote - "from 3 credible sources" to said, credible source. Sounds credible! (yuk-yuk)

August 10, 2015 - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

Our first King Salmon up the Salmon River in Pulaski NY is near. Time to double check all your knot's, bolts, screws, washers, drag's and all the rest of your stuff. These King Salmon are BIG and well put your gear, BUT mostly yourself... to the test.
They average 15 to 20 lb's. with some smaller but many larger!  I'm always amazed that an angler can simply walk to the rivers edge and pull out a 30 lb. Salmon.

On the Salmon River NY:
During our last high water period, I figured a few Salmon would enter the River. Which is normal. Haven't heard a word out of anyone. Time well tell..... Might be 1 or 2 lonely King Salmon in the deeper pools?
We have a few Bass, Brown Trout, Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon in the river presently. Mostly Bass.
In 2013 we had our first noticeable small run of approx. 40 King Salmon enter the Salmon River around August 7.

2013 Aug. 7th Mail Bag:
Randy, Went this AM fished above the (edited for content yukyuk)  till 8:30, saw three, hooked two, both broke me off. Joe

HI Joe, Thanks for the report! Waters so warm, they would have been fully cooked by the time you landed them. Would have made for a nice shore lunch. yukyuk Heard that there were more that ran from someone who stayed longer than yourself.  Another friend said he was in the lower river the day you were. He fished form 10:30 until 4pm and saw 6 fish. That low light and heavy steady rain certainly did the trick. Best Fish's, Randy

Another past year we had a flood in early Sept. and Thousands ran the river. Remember that last reeeelly good flood we had? Salmon were swimming in peoples basements and anglers were fishing in the parking lots off the Salmon River. We normally see a few here and there, run the river in August and then more and more into Sept. and Oct. Along with some Steelhead and Brown Trout.

Nice Family King Salmon, go'n on the dinner table. Congrats!

Possible Early Prediction for the Salmon River NY? - A Sampling of Lake Ontario Charter Boat Capt.'s Reports:
How's the salmon fishing compared to last year at this time?

I would say there are more this year. It improves everyday.
We have been getting a mix of year classes.
Kings and steelhead are here big time off the Salmon River.
An incredible day of fishing on the lake. It has been very good for a couple of weeks now but today, lots more fish. Big numbers of Salmon and Steelhead are now set up in front of the Salmon River over deep water.

After glancing at 15 Lake Ontario Charter Boat Capt.'s web pages, they all had a bunch of nice BIG King Salmon being held up for the camera. Also Browns and Steelhead.
The Capt.'s. are seeing more Salmon entering the Eastern Basin of Lake O. Pretty soon they'll be in the River! Ye-Haa!

Visit my Favorite Fishing Report Site (besides mine ;) for a nice condensed, variety sampling of what's happening on Lake Ontario Now and shortly, The Salmon River NY. - - (They found a niche in the market place and filled it Superbly!)

My Video Jokes for Today - - (Please U-Tube subscribe for future Videos) - FISH ON!

I'm the first person to EVER Bungee Jump off the Long Bridge over the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. Police were called and I was arrested ;) - - (Please U-Tube subscribe for future Videos) - FISH ON!

Amazing Steelhead Video! - - (Please U-Tube subscribe for future Videos)

MY NEW - Superbly Educational and Fun U-Tube Channel - - (And u thought i was jus fish'n all summer. ;)
Trophy King Salmon Some Trophy King Salmon with some very happy clients who caught these in late Sept. on the Slam'n Salmon River NY with Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones.
All the rest of the fish landed were released for your future fishing pleasure. It's nice to share! Congrats!!

My 2 girlfriends Heather and Treasure wore something very special for my first official report for all of you. Two incredible reason's you should use Mustad Hook's, the b est there is! SHARPEST Site on the Web
Hi randy, i was curious, is your mustad hooks rep available to meet.  =]  larry
Yes, you must drive a Bentley and own at least a 50 foot Bertram Yacht.  Randy
Superb Salmon and Steelhead fishing with drift boat guide on the Salmon River using a fly or spin rod Salmon and Steelhead drift boat guide fishing the salmon river pulaski ny
(Please dont tell my wife about my 2 girlfriends, she keeps it loaded! ;) (Joke credit Gregorio Chojna @
Join me for another fishing adventure abourd our heated drift boat on the Salmon River near Pulaski NY with a fishing guide

NEW - "Google Collections" @ Check'm out! It compartmentalizes everything I've posted over the many years into its own folder.

"Money may not buy happiness..... ....but it'll buy fishing gear, and that's sorta the same thing"

The Steelhead and Salmon Fishing of your Dreams..........       .........we'll mak'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel,

Time for a commercial Break ;)
Randy, Every time I go fishing, the optimist in me says "This might be the day."  Athletes pray for days like this, hoping they play in "the zone." I think fishermen do too. Surely, this is what keeps many of us thrashing the water with a piece of string. I can count on one hand the number of days when this has happened. Two of them have been with you. The first was two years ago today, Oct. 8, when I hooked 40 or 50 fish, including a 35 lb male king that now sits above my fireplace as an reminder of that one remarkable day of fishing. The other was last Friday. Not only did I land a pair of nice Kings, I also caught my first Cohos, a beautiful male brown and three fall-run steelhead -- my first grand slam on the Salmon River. All told, I had maybe 20 hookups, while my buddy Myles had almost as many and landed cohos, a brown and several steelhead. It wasn't as if this was a great day on the river. I saw many long faces and shaking heads as other anglers came up empty, lost lead and flies to the river bottom and called it quits by midday. The credit for my experience is all yours. I know there are many fishermen who can work the Salmon River and catch plenty of fish, especially when a run is on. I can do it on my own sometimes. But putting it all together when the fishing is slow as you did is a testimony to your skill, knowledge and hard work. Looking forward to my next trip with you and the chance to yell "Fish On"!
Regards, Jim
Jim, Thanks for your many kind and generous words! My head almost didn't fit thru the front door after that one :) Randy
Nice bright fresh steelhead. Congrats Jim!

Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide offers drift boat, wade, spin or fly fishing trips for salmon or steelhead w/over 30 yr's full time professional guide experince.
Phone #315 963 2065  Email:
$275 for 1 angler  Full Day Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers  Full Day Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.

August 1, 2015 - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

Welcome back everyone for a New Season here on the Slam'n Salmon River NY
We have a few Bass, Brown Trout, Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon in the river presently. Mostly Bass.
Latest Report from Lake Ontario, which is a "possible - lil early" prediction indicator for the Salmon River NY - My Lake Ontario Charter Boat Capt. friends are telling me plenty of the 2 year old Salmon (20 lb. and below) but the 3 year olds (25 to 30 PLUS lb's.) are not as abundant. Time well tell....
I laughed the other day when 1 Charter Boat Capt. said to a Wade Guide on the Salmon River, that this year, he might not have to chase them as far down or up the river if they are ONLY 20 lb's. (yuk-yuk)
One Capt. commented that the Salmon fishing on the lake is better than last year. After glancing at 6 friends Charter Boat Capt.'s web pages, they all had a bunch of nice BIG Salmon being held up for the camera. Browns, Coho's, Kings and Steelhead.
The Capt.'s. are seeing more Salmon entering the Eastern Basin of Lake O.
It's a start and LOTS more bigguns coming your way!

I think I hold the World Record for the most consecutive days of thinking about fishing the Salmon River.

Enjoy 262 Trophy Fish Photos from Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide w/over 30 years Guide Exp.#fish #flyfishing...

Posted by Guide Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Steelhead Fishing Report on Sunday, May 31, 2015

Interesting Mail Bag Q's from Drake: (Most Exciting species and time to target)
Hi Randy, I am looking to get into some some salmon/steelhead fishing this fall. I was checking out your website and it looked like something I definitely want to do. I am looking to book a trip for my self and a friend. We are both fairly experienced anglers, however we've never really fished for salmon/steelhead. What time of year would be best to book a trip? Also what type of trip would you recommend? Thanks, Drake

HI Drake, Super! All you need are chest waders plus fishing license.
Salmon - Best is last week Sept. and first week Oct. (Crowded) These dates book a year in advance for me with repeat clients, so nothing open. I could refer you to one of my endorsed guides who has more open dates if this interest's you?
You would send me a $100 check deposit to hold your date. Need lodging info?
Steelhead - Best is anywhere from Nov. all Winter into April. There really isn't any best time, jus personal preference. Mid-week is always best! (not on or around a holiday)

Randy, Do you think one is more exciting than the other? We both like to cast, and would love to hook into fish with a good fight. They both look like awesome fish, just wanted to see if you thought one was more fun. Drake

Drake, Great Q! King Salmon pull steady and HARD! Rod doubled over stuff. They are bigger than the steelhead and sometimes reach over 30 lbs..
For exciting, then Steelhead would be my top choice! They are visually exciting to watch and fight as they tend to rocket 4 feet out of the water, somersault a few times, re-enter earths atmosphere with a BIG splash down with water spraying 20 feet in all directions, maybe do a lil dance - tail walk across the pool for 30-40 feet with the sun reflecting off its silvery sides and zippy, speeding silver bullet runs with water spraying off there backs. In a blink of an eye these Chromers can be up, down, across the pool and hopefully you will still be on your feet and not on your back.
Pretty exciting stuff! Recommend Early Nov. thru Mid. Dec. for this type of fight. Winter and Spring they slow down a tad but are still good fight's.
Since your new and if you have the time, you could book 2 trips. One for King Salmon and a later date for Steelhead? Pretty amazing stuff!
I don't do weekends in Sept. Oct. and Nov. as I can easily book all my M thru Fri.'s 100 times over. (Need a couple days off ;)

Ever heard these?
W.C. Fields Quote: (you youngsters may need to google his name)
When he was asked what he spent all his money on?
Broads, Booze and Gambling, the rest I wasted.

W.C. Fields Quote on Death:
Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.

W.C. Fields Quote on Prejudice:
I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.

W.C. Fields Quote on Trust:
Trust everybody, but cut the cards yourself.

I finished working on a bunch of NEW "Google Collections" @
Check'm out! It compartmentalizes everything I've posted over the many years into its own folder.

You may have noticed I'm making some Educational and Fun Videos this summer with my new Go Pro. and started a NEW U-Tube page @ (And u thought i was jus fish'n all summer. ;)

"Money may not buy happiness..... ....but it'll buy fishing gear, and that's sorta the same thing"

May all your door knobs smell of BIG fish!
Best Steelhead and Salmon Fish's,

April 30, 2015

BEST KEPT fishing guide SECRET on the Salmon River Pulaski NY!
1. 1,000's of Steelhead leaving the hatchery NOW! Back into the river for you to catch! Add in ALL the ones that are already there, spells FISH ON for you !!!
2. Everything is 1 and 1/2 to 2 weeks behind normal with Winter still trying to hang on. This spells ample water and cold water temp's, keeping the steelhead in the river longer than the past few years.
3. Few anglers fishing means more steelhead fishing opportunities for you !!!
BIG Buck being weighed (15 lb.) in a secret location, har-har. (Do I win an award for being a blatant Spot Burner? ;) w/drift boat in background.
There is a drift boat seat reserved and waiting for you!
(Fish released into cooler ;)

Like being flown into the wilds of Alaska with know one else around!!!
100's of steelhead with only you and the sound of your spinning - center pin - fly reel drag singing the Fishermans National Anthem to keep you company.
Didnt see a single other angler all week! Jus like being flown into the wilds of Alaska, believe it or not.
The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......      ............ we'll make'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
Allen K. proudly displays another one of many Trophy Steelhead landed useing a float in several, beautiful, crystal clear water streams meandering thru upstate NY forests. Congrats! (Fish released into cooler ;)

Sometimes its nice jus to watch and admire these 20 steelhead in there natural environment without fishing for them. (Video Credit Allen K.)
We both felt privileged to have the opportunity to witness and experince something soooo incredible!

Today's Fishing Tip: Please re-read all of the below complementary fishing reports, Tips, Articles as they relate to Steelhead. They all have relevant info. that is still pertinent now :) (Such a nice guy - guide - yukyuk)
Or, for more fun fishing stuff, please see:
More Testimonial's with pictures @
For a great Fly, that works on all species over our entire 8 month BIG fish river season, please see (Simply adjust the size of your hook and materials used, depending on the species your are targeting)
For more helpful Tips and any Questions, please see:
There is a drift boat seat reserved and waiting....... This fish catching machine awaits you. (John Halnon Pro. Photo Credit's)
The Drift Boat allows you to Spin or Fly Fish a great deal of water for Salmon or Steelhead on the Salmon River NY. Often when the Steelhead or Salmon are scattered, this is a fabulous water chariot.
At 16 feet, this 285 pound guided drift boat is comfortable and a very stable platform . It is outfitted with a propane heater to keep you nice and toasty on even the coldest days.
While you can Spin or Fly fish from the drift boat, I will often stop to let clients wade and fish a particularly productive run on the Salmon River.
Another happy guest with a bright fresh steelhead caught while fishing off the drift boat on the Slam'n Salmon River. Congrats! (Released for your future fishing pleasure, it's nice to share :)
Our Salmon River Steelhead get this Big. My guest's played with 7 or 8 steelhead in this one lil spot useing a fly rod, in approx. 1 hour fishing time. Talk about EXCITING!!!!! (All released)
Tight to a Steelhead! Im hamming it up, ready with the net and my goofy hat. Fish ON, baby!

Out on my 16 foot heated drift boat enjoying a Steelhead filled day during the Winter on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY. 35 minutes drive North of Syracuse off the Interstate. Approx. 5-1/2 hour drive from the Boston area, approx. 4-1/2 hour's from N.Y. City. Steelhead average 8 to 12 lb's. We fish for them from Nov. all Winter into the first week of May approx. My personal favorite time to fish for Steelhead in order of preference, April, Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. and Nov. I have a BIG propane heater on the drift boat that I use during the Winter to help take the chill off. :) Works great! We also fish for (15-20 lb. average) King Salmon (8-12lb.average) Coho Salmon that run from Sept. until the end of Oct. Then we have Brown trout that average 3-5 lb's. with some reaching into the teens during Nov

Guest Testimonial:
Randy, Thanks for yet another great day on the river with my brother. There's a reason I've been fishing with you for the last 8 years and keep on coming back. You are simply the best guide on the river bar none. You should have heard my brother on the drive home telling me how much he learned from you yesterday. He really appreciated your time and patience and how you carefully explained the ins 'n outs of how to consistently catch salmon. He had not fished the river in over 10 years and, after setting up in the dark and receiving the Randy Jones crash course on salmon fishing, he proceeded to hook up on the SECOND CAST!! Then another 2 in the first 30 minutes of fishin'!! Yeehaa!! After years of fishing with you, my answer to how many hookups I had that day is always "I have no idea" or "I can't remember". Usually give up after reaching double digits...
"Stan the Man" with a nice Trophy King Salmon caught on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY.

Photo Collage of - One day in the Fall: (I'm taking Fall reservations now)

Jeff Pierce hit a "Rare" Grand Slam on the day this Steelhead photo was taken by me years ago. (Grand Slam = All by yourself in a single day you land a Brown Trout, Steelhead, Coho and King Salmon.) - Sorry, your Trophy Chubs dont count - yukyuk)
He also would have had a new line class record for this 22 pd. Coho he landed, but didnt have his I.G.F.A. hand book with him to know it qualified. (There is no HO like a Coho, did I jus say that? ;)
Another small (yukyuk) 21 lb. Coho landed by Jeff on this day. I think I need a bigger net!!
Nice Brownie for Geir Sivertzen - Mustad Scandinavian - Sales Manager
Group photo of Gier, Bob and Jeff with a Big Coho. Congrats!

Ron's Steelhead Fishing Report and Testimonial:
Amazing Steelhead and Salmon fishing reports from the drift boat with Salmon River NY Steelhead fly fishing guide Ron with a Trophy Steelhead Wall Mount'r. (Weighed 17.5 lb's) Congrats!
I will remember this day for the rest of my life!
It started out crisp and clear in the morning as we started our Drift Boat Trip down the river. My companions were Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones of Yankee Angler, and my best friend Jim Ciantar .
We stopped at a couple of holes to fish but with little success, and I mean little. The second place we stopped Jim and I teamed up to take six fish ranging from 3-6 inches long. We all got a pretty good chuckle out of that. However it gave Randy an opportunity to work on our techniques. The proper cast and drift is crucial when fishing the Salmon River. Randy is one of the finest teachers I have come across. He has an uncommon blend of humor, patience, and knowledge which is rare. He explained his tactics and why he uses them. Steelhead location and why they are there. Also seasonal changes regarding Steelhead location, all invaluable fishing information.
The third spot we hit was awesome. Which by the way, Randy was rushing to because he knew some Steelhead were there. Within a couple of minutes after dropping the Drift Boat anchor I hooked up with a real burner Steelhead, but lost him. The Fishing had been slow up to that point but Jim and I managed to hook up five more Steelhead in the next couple of hours. We worked the hole from both sides in and out of the Drift Boat. All the while Randy was coaching us on how to properly fish the hole and where the Steelhead lay up. Before we left that hole I managed to hook and land this 17.5 pound beautiful male steelie. (Who will spend the rest of his days on my wall) It has taken me nine years and a lot of time and money to get that fish. My first good steelhead. Truly a fish of a lifetime. Jim also hooked a nice silver bullet Steelhead about 12 pounds, but lost him at the net .
I have been fishing for a long time, and for many different species, from marlin to pan fish. In those years I have had some really great days. This certainly was one of the best. The combination of beautiful weather, great people, cooperative fish on a scenic river, well that is pretty hard to beat .
For those of you just getting started in salmon and steelhead fishing, do yourself a favor. Hire a Guide. It does not have to take nine years like it took me. I highly recommend Randy, he is a true professional and a real good guy.
Ron Scheer, Vernon C.T.
Drift boat steelhead and salmon fishing report guide on the Salmon River, NY
My guest Ron w/a Reeeel Burning Trophy 17.5 lb.Steelhead Hum Dinger Honk'a. Congrats Ron! Ron, Thanks for your report, kind and generous words! Boy, I'll have a hard time fitting my head thru the front door after that one ;) Randy

Hi Randy, I used everything I learned from you to help me catch this beautiful fish. It was great! A trophy! I released it after a few quick pictures. You taught me well, Randy. Thank you! Tommy
Congrats Tom, on that Nice approx. 16 lb. male Steelhead you caught recently! Great C and R handling!

A Superb edited sampling of some of my past weekly Spin or Fly - Steelhead, Salmon and Brown Trout - Drift Boat or Wade Guide Fishing Reports from the Salmon River in Pulaski NY:
Mon. - 2 new anglers, averaged a doz. Steelhead off the guide drift boat.
- 2 very experienced expert S.R. anglers, hit 21, yes, that was 21 Steelhead off the drift boat!
- Over a dozen Steelhead played with off the drift boat.
- Over 17 Steelhead hooked up off the guide drift boat!
Another week - I had 2 clients who fished two days in a row off the drift boat. Tues. they played with 18 Steelhead and Wed. they tangled with 15 Steelhead.
My guest's have continued to find around a dozen Steelhead each day to play with, almost every trip. Sometimes, even a few more! Same as last year. These are VERY strong averages and not the norm if you look at the last 10-15 years :)

Drift Boat Guide Steelhead Fishing Report

We continue to see reeeeel good Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River, NY. This past week we averaged between 12 and 16 Steelhead per day. Ye-haa! I'd obviously recommend coming up! Besides anglers with drift boat guides, Im also seeing plenty of shore angler's finding a good number of fish also. That's always nice to see! Every spot that myself and other's are fishing, are with Steelhead. We still have Steelhead in transition, so those spots are still producing nicely.

Brown Trout Guided Fishing Report

Wed. - My guest's from Tues. joined me again today for another incredible guided fishing experience. At times we had a dozen 2-4  lb. Browns within a 10 by 10 foot area of the water. Sighted over 75 - 85 Browns over the course of the day with not another sole around. LOADED!! :) Incredible opportunity ALL day. I hope you all have the chance to some day experience this truly magnificent fishery! Today we felt as though we were in Alaska, and NOT around one of the most popular fishing area's in the country! The fish we played with and landed were WAY to many to try to keep track off. Don't ya just hate when THAT happens? :)ALL of these fish are just waiting here for YOUR, perfectly cast bait or fly. :)

Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fly Fishing Report:

Wed. Dozen Steelhead played with off the guided drift boat!
Another approx. Dozen Steelies played with off the drift boat!
16 Steelhead off the drift boat!

Drift Boat Steelhead Guide Fishing Report:

Monday - Played with about 12-13 steelhead off the guided drift boat. Good numbers all over the place. East to West, North to South. :)
- Played with 7 or 8 Steelhead off the drift boat! Hit them in 2 out of 3 spots. Learned over 3 miles of some of the best chrome hold'n territory on the river.
Wednesday - 5 Steelies with one guest off the drift boat. Ye-haa! It's hammer time.
Thursday - 6 Steelies with my one guest off the guided drift boat. Same as yesterday. Did one more fish today and cemented in presentation, presentation, presentation! :)

Want to do some Salmon fish'n next Sept. Oct? Hows bout Steelhead'n in Nov. Dec. Give me a ring!
Hope you enjoyed todays fishing report, Thanks for stopping in!
The Local Economy and myself, Thanks You for your Patronage!
May all your door knobs smell of "BIG" Steelhead!
Best Fish's,

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Come wade or drift boat the world-renowned Salmon River, NY, for hard fighting salmon and steelhead during the splendor of the Fall, Winter and Spring  seasons. Whether it's steelhead or salmon that you're after, I am dedicated to introducing both new anglers and experienced anglers to the exciting world of freshwater fly/spin fishing. For novices, I place emphasis on fly-spin fishing skills and supplement the day with knots, fly-bait selection, fish habitats and prey species. For the more experienced sportsman, I'll work with you to hone your skills. I guarantee a rewarding experience.

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......      ............ we'll make it reeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide offers drift boat, wade, spin or fly fishing trips for salmon or steelhead w/over 30 yr.'s full time professional guide experince.
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$350 for 2 anglers  Full Day Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.

April 20, 2015  - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

Pulaski "State of the Lake, D.E.C." meeting discussions about the Salmon River, Salmon and Steelhead highlights:

Presently, we have steelhead in all stages of the spawn. Pre spawn, spawn and post spawn. We have some fresh steelhead entering and running the river to find a mate and spawn. Some are in the holes, pairing up, to prepare to spawn. We have some steelhead actively spawning. And finally, steelhead that have successfully spawned and are dropping back down the river to the lake. We call'm drop back steelhead. They slowly move down the river, stopping along the way to rest and eat. These are some hungry fish! Its a perfect time to throw jus about anything at'm.
We will see more drop backs as the season progress's all the way into normally approx. the first week of May.
What makes this time of the year interesting, is that you will have steelhead in every type of habitat that the Salmon River provides. Spreading them out.
You'll also find some steelhead in the other Lake Ontario Tributaries presently.
Anton with a nice steelhead. Congrats! (Released, its nice to share, the gift that keeps on giving)

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Well, we have finally made it to our Maple Syrup Temp. time of the fishing year. Below freezing in the morning and above freezing during the day. Ye-Haa!

It is now safe for all you fair weather anglers to take your winter skirts off (har-har) and come up fish'n. The steelhead are here... now all we need is you!
Lot's of anglers out enjoying the steelhead fishing. Every angler Ive spoken too as I drift by them in the drift boat has had a big smile and having a blast! All hoping for that magical, heart throbbing, adrenaline rush pull!
As I drifted by 1 angler we exchanged pleasantries, he excitedly said he was 1 for 3 (landing 1 steelhead and lost the other 2) from a popular spot useing a float. He had just arrived in this new spot and was excited to try and catch some more. I fish'd him good luck and after floating down river 200 feet, I heard someone holler behind me. I looked back and he was tight to a steelhead, rod bent and waving to me. I gave him a congratulatory holler back and all was well with the world. ;)
Lately on the river myself and others have been finding no fish in some spot's (or they jus weren't intrested in what we were throwing), 1 or 2 in others and a bunch in smoothers.
Some darker, older and some dime bright fresh! We not only have all the steelhead that have been entering, running and holding in the river since Sept. but also some fresh ones around. They are sneaking there way up the river. Spreading out and holding in every prime lye in the river presently. Throw in a few drop back steelhead presently and the entire river is coming alive.

We interrupt this program to bring you.................
Fishing report Pulaski NY. Fish report guide has steelhead salmon off drift boat in Pulaski NY Now back to our regularly scheduled programing............. ;)
Another Trophy steelhead. Congrats! (Released, for your fishing pleasure)

Pairing up to increase your catch rate:
March is a special steelhead month. Steelhead are now paring up in the holes. 1 female steelhead could have 1 to 5 bucks hanging around her. So, todays tip is normally where you find 1 steelhead, you'll normally find 1 or 2, maybe more steelhead on the exact same drift. This is when you glue your feet to the rocks your standing on and vary the distance of your casts - drift's by a foot or two until you feel you've covered it thoroughly. Todays second tip is if you land a female and release her back into the hole then those bucks will continue to hang around her. Providing you with more steelhead opportunities. If you remove there girlfriend or fight it way down stream, those bucks no longer have a reason to hang around any longer. Decreasing your odds.
This is very similar to last call at the bar. Once that last ugly girl leaves, you know longer have a reason to hang around any longer - yukyuk.

Fish Tail's:
Fishing Guide
5 Below Zero
- Steelhead Fish'n - (Why me lord ;)
When I met my guest's in the morning, I "kindly" begged them to take their $100 deposit back. I tried to hand them a crisp $100 bill to NOT go out into the extreme cold.
They told me they would have none of that and that they were going fishing and I WAS going to take them out and guide them. (Errrrrrrrrr, Brrrrrrrrrrr)
My guests were commercial fisherman and used to the cold. (I had my skirt on..... ;)
Super fishing reports from a drift boat guide With the sunrise came hopes for a good day on the river.
Catching Steelhead and Salmon with drift boat guide in NY This picture was taken when it was 5 below 0 outside that day. No wind and plenty of sunshine. It's funny how a "Fish On!" can warm you right up! My guest's were 100% on hooking up in every spot we fished off the drift boat.
We lost 2 fish today that were BIG Steelhead! One had to be about 20 lb's and the other was a solid 16 lb'r. Both were lost due to my guests fishing inexperience. - yukyuk ;)
Drift boat fishing report for steelhead and salmon with guide on the Salmon River Pulaski NY
      Todd with a bright fresh steelhead                                       What a fatty!

Only 2 steelhead were kept for the dinner table. (This was back when there was a 3 steelhead, per person, per day limit - Now its 1 steelhead, per person, per day with a size restriction. This has helped tremendously in providing you ALL with better steelhead fishing.)
Thanks go out to the D.E.C. and all of their support group's !!
The rest were released, never taken out of the water for a picture due to the extreme cold and not wanting their gills to freeze which would have killed them.
As it turns out, it turned into a beautiful sunny day with no wind and got up to a toasty 5 degrees above 0. My guest's got to play with OVER 20 Steelhead. It was one of our best days ever. Congrats again!

New World Record Fish caught in the Salmon River NY! :O
Very rare! Only a few run the river every 50 years or so.............They migrate up through the N.Y. Thruway using an easy pass. ;)
The D.E.C. are looking for the above individual's for leg pulling offenses.

I'm very lucky, to do what I enjoy and share it with all of you.
Fresh steelhead with guide Randy Jones
The adrenaline was over flowing at warp speeeeeeeed. :)
Mark picks up a freshie that had just made it into this spot over the last few days useing a fly rod in 1,800 cfs. I might add, it was his first steelhead ever! What a beauty! Congrats Mark! (Fish released)
Marks Testimonial: Thanks Randy, I had a great day and learned a lot about Winter Steelhead - looking forward to our next trip, Mark

Todays Humor

Countless people have been guided by me and most have gone on to live normal lives ;)

Hears a "clean" joke my sister just sent me:
Men's Minds Just Work Differently
A caring husband sees his wife is busy in the kitchen and offers to help.
Drift boat fishing guide has Pulaski NY fish report for steelhead or salmon
He: “My dear, what can I do to help you?”
She: “Take this bag of potatoes, peel half of them, and put them in the big pot to cook.”

Want to do some Salmon fish'n next Sept. Oct? Hows about Steelhead in Nov. Dec. Give me a ring!
Hope you enjoyed todays fishing report, Thanks for stopping in!
The Local Economy and myself, Thanks You for your Patronage!
May all your door knobs smell of "BIG" Steelhead!
Best Fish's,

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......      ............ we'll make it reeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide offers drift boat, wade, spin or fly fishing trips for salmon or steelhead w/over 30 yr.'s full time professional guide experince.
Phone #315 963 2065  E-mail:
$275 for 1 angler  Full Day Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers  Full Day Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.

March 5, 2015  - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

Plenty of great steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Pulaski Altmar NY. I'm noticing a few more angler's out on the river, which is always nice to see. Most folks are tangling with a few. Sometimes more and sometimes less, as usual.
I'm happy to report that our snow base is in great shape! Perfect set up for Spring Steelhead fish'n.
Warning - Lot's of Dangerous Shelf Ice! Its going to start melting soon and its over your head deep with current in many area's! NO fish is worth it!!

Winter Solitude
Steelhead guide has Pulaski NY fish report for steelhead off fishing report drift boat in Pulaski NY What a beauty steelhead. Congrats Nick!

Todays Tunes -
Enjoy, while you do your virtual fishing on here.
Motörhead - Whorehouse Blues -
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride and Joy -
Mary Had A Little Lamb -
PSY - HANGOVER feat. Snoop Dogg M/V - - (Those werrrrrr the days! ;)

Questions pertaining to our Salmon and Steelhead fishing in the Salmon River NY will be asked and answered @ the Pulaski "State of the Lake - D.E.C." meeting scheduled - If your around, stop in. I find them very interesting! I'll update you all.... once the meetings discussions are made public.

Brief excerpt from a recent article:
DEC is currently treating Pacific salmon eggs at the Salmon River Hatchery to counter the thiamine deficiency and promote their survival.
Without the egg treatment, the viability of the eggs and the survival of newly hatched fry is poor, which can lead to loss of year-classes of returning spawners a few years down the road.
According to a recent DEC news release on this situation, DEC fisheries staff have taken additional steps to make sure they collect enough steelhead eggs at the Salmon River Hatchery.
They are also injecting thiamine in adult fish that return to the hatchery before releasing them.
Mus be lunch time ;)

Habitat - Reading Water - Current Breaks
One of the most important aspects of Habitat is to figure out the relationship between all of the different water levels and all of the individual and different current break's. How each current break effect's the water movement and then how the fish relate to each current break. By having a clear and precise understanding of this allows the knowledgeable angler to understand our quarries weakness and then exploit them. Basically, where do they hold at all of the different water levels on this river to help you catch them.

The reason a current break is so important to the fish is that it decreases the amount of energy they need to expend to maintain it's position in the river, creek or stream. If they have to expend to much energy they will die. You can see how these current breaks can be the difference between life or death for a fish and why it is critical for them to use them and for us, the angler, to understand this relationship.

The fish change their lies every time there is a major change in water flow in most holes. Due to the effects that the current break has or does not have on this new flow of water. They will also change their preferences due to time of year, fishing pressure, temperature of water and their biological clock to name just a few. Their change could be as little as moving from the head of the hole (heads of holes are current breaks) to the middle of the hole where the current is not as strong. Or from the tail (higher water flows - the tail is a current break) to the middle of the pool when the water drop's. During real high water sometimes the hole (current break)  itself provides little to no protection from the current and you will find the fish moving to the seam of the hole. (A seam - where the faster water meets the slower water.) Seam's are another current break that the fish love to use. During extreme water flows they could even position themselves directly along the bank of the river.

We have low water current breaks, medium, high and flood water current breaks. Many times a current break is not large enough to effect the high water and the fish's relationship to it becomes useless. Just the opposite can be said for larger current breaks during low water. A prime example of this would be ----  hole. During low water this large hole is normally not used by the fish because the water moves so slowly above it that there is no current for the fish to need it. But, during high water when the current is really moving, this spot is used by the fish because it provides shelter (a current break) for the fish to conserve their energy as they move up or down the river. So, we have high water spots (current breaks) that we only fish during high water and low water spot's that we only fish during low water.
So the trick is to know when each spot (or part of the spot)  is productive (when the fish will use them) and only fish these area's during the correct water flow.  We have different current breaks that the Steelhead use in the Fall (more aerated moving water) compared to the Winter (less aerated moving water).
We have different current breaks that the fish use while they are moving up or down (in transition) the river that are different than where they would want to stay for an extended period of time. You have heard me talk about these spots as transitional holding and prime holding. During their spawn their current breaks change again.

The small island you stand on to fish the hole in low water is now the current break for the fish in much higher water flows. The small boulder on the bottom of the river holds fish behind it in low water flows but becomes almost useless during high water.

Transitional Holding Water is structure or current breaks that the fish use while in a transitional mode while moving up or down river to rest for awhile. The length of time any species of fish will hold on these current breaks is determined by the quality of the current break and what the fish had to go through to get to it. (There are other factors also) Fish normally use the depth of water and the current to navigate. So any current break that is on this path is normally used. Whenever we have fish that are in transition then these locations should always be fished.

Prime Holding Water:
They have reached a place in the river (current break) where all of their survival instincts are satisfied. (We need the same things they do to survive.)
A prime holding lye consists of:
1. Depth of water for safety from predators.
2. A good enough current break to decrease the amount of energy they need to expand to maintain this position.
3. Enough food.
These "happy fish" will not move from these positions unless one of a number of things happen.
 I hope you found todays tip entertainingly informative or mildly educational.

This is what it looks like outside my office window right now. Heavy Lake effect snow blowing sideways. (Minus thumb holding piece of white paper ;)

Wade Anglers - Covering, working your water, window of opportunity:
I chucked the other day when I told my clients that we were going to fish this productive spot quickly. We were only going to look for some McDonalds fish. Fast and easy!
We spent 5 minutes covering the head of the hole off the drift boat. Then I'd move the drift boat 20 feet down river, re-anchor and we would cover the gut (deepest) of the pool for 5 minutes. Then I'd move the drift boat a third time, 20 feet down river to work the tail of this spot.  
Each time I moved the drift boat it allowed us to fish fresh water (covering, working your water). Also, my guest's had about a 15 foot window of opportunity to fish for each 5 minute period. (covering, working your water)
Moral of the story? If your a wade angler cover, work your water, window of opportunity. Then take 3 or 4 steps down river and repeat this sequence over the entire "prime" fish holding habitat area.
Todays Test: This one spot had 3 main, basic and "prime" current breaks, can you name them? If not, please re-read this paragraph as you just read what they were and please pay more attention next time!- yukyuk

Guiding DaveSub- freezing temp's, swimming in 32 degree water and near death experiences. ;) :)
Monster steelhead trout caught from the drift boat with a Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead fishing report guide                                      
Dave hamming it up on a Lake Enhanced snowy day. (Abominable snowman imitation? - looks bout right ;)

Guiding Dave brought found memories of our best day of Steelheading. Last March we started out the morning fishing through the slush. I think it was Pucker Brush Creek South #3.5%? Anyway, by days end we had landed 10 out of 22 fresh run Steelhead!
Today was a combination of re-learning, (it only took him all morning - yukyuk) , fishing, catching and having a lot of laughs.
I kept reminding Dave to cast @ 12 O'clock and that 12 O'clock was straight across the river and not up river! I think he must a been on West coast time, forgot to turn his clock back, uses a digital watch, uses a sun dial or flunked "when the big hand is on the 12." ;)
Dave hooked an even combination of fresh and older Steelhead off the .com drift boat today.
Dave took a nice fall into the water (we call it a Salmon River Baptism and I "proudly" get mine every single year) while he fought it. He managed to keep his tip up and was rewarded with the below steelhead. Congrats Dave!  
Nice steelhead trout caught from the drift boat with a Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead fishing report guide

Dave joined me again, for another incredible non-stop adventure filled day aboard the .com drift boat. Where do I begin........
Well, how about the very first cast of the morning resulting in a steelhead! We had a fresh 25 lb. King Salmon on,  that took us under a log jam and broke us off. Then a Brown was an unexpected treat. It was a female and full of eggs.
Dave was in Chrome heaven by landing 6 out of 12 steelhead - Ya-hoo! We spent 6 hours working just one hole. I guess all that learn'n yesterday,  paid off  for today's feast of jumps, runs, bent rods and scream'in reel's.
Hog steelhead trout caught from the drift boat with a Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead fishing report guide
The other highlight (?) of the day will be one I will not forget nor hope to repeat anytime soon. Remember the old saying, up a creek with out a paddle? How about up a creek with out 2 paddles.
There is a spot in the river called the trestle hole. You drift and drop through a slot of fast white water rapids before digging heavy on your oars to miss an intimidating 20 foot high by 6 foot wide cement pillar dead ahead. As we made the drop I was on my second BIG dig on the wooden oars when snap went my left oar blade.
With the white water rapids taking control of our fate,  I YELLED (politely-yukyuk) hold on, were going to hit the trestle! I noticed a slight jump in Dave's normally calm disposition. (I've never seen 300 pounds suddenly jump-jolt that high out of the drift boat chair - yukyuk)
With about 1 second before impact!!  I jumped into a phone booth, spun and turned into "Super Guide Man." I used my right wooden oar blade to fend off and break the impact of an aluminum boat crunching into a solid pillar of  "I hope my life insurance policy is paid up" cement.
Yup, you guessed it, there went my second wooden oar blade with a snap. Whew! I dropped anchor and retrieved the broken blades from the water. The balance of the boat ride down was one of positioning the drift boat at the top of the runs and then drifting with the current w/ my anchor slightly tapping bottom and me poling the boat with my 10 foot net handle safely to the ramp.
Today was just another dull day in this never ending boring virtual ho-hum adventure aboard the .com drift boat. ;)
P.S. I no longer use wooden oar blades. I went to those nice expensive light high modular graphite ones, in case you were worried about your next drift boat trip with me ;)

After yesterday's steelhead guide drift boat trip, I was not sure if Dave was going to be a willing participant for another adventure aboard the .com drift boat with new oars.
He came along with me at 6:00 A.M. with out much fuss. We left earlier than planned after yesterdays success's. We wanted to lock-up the HOT spot by getting there early and staking our claim to some PRIME  Chrome hold'n real-estate! It worked in spades as Dave out did himself from the previous 2 days of steelhead fishing. He was 5 for 13 today! We lost most fish to the strong currents, my bad knots, rubber hooks (har-har) and log jams, but enjoyed the incredible fight of these magnificent fish.
Dave only fell in once today, but boy was it a good one. He went up to his ears while fighting a Steelhead in the 32 degree water. He came out of it sounding like a choir boy, but with the biggest grin from ear to ear.
Dave said he'd do it all over again, if it meant landing the below Trophy Steelhead.

That's steelhead fishing for ya, it can be addicting. Why else would people brave sub- freezing temp's, swimming in 32 degree water and near death experiences. ;)
(P.S. All fish released)

Guide's job is his life
by Morgan Lyle For The Daily Gazette

Want an idea of the demand for a good "Full-Time" steelhead and salmon fishing guide on the Salmon River?

"I have already had to start scheduling my days off, a year in advance, believe it or not," said Randy Jones, aka, "the Yankee Angler," one of only a handful of "Full-Time" guides who take people fishing on the Lake Ontario tributary from the start of salmon season in September right through to the end of steelhead season in the spring.

There are good reasons to envy the lives of fishing guides. They make a living doing what the rest of us do for fun. Their workplace is a drift boat on a river, and their only boss is Mother Nature.

But most fishers also realize it can be a tough life, one that could burn a person out on fishing altogether. Jones used to work every weekend and holiday. Now, because his guide business is so successful and popular he takes those days off and only works mid-week. He's in bed every night at 8 and up every morning at 3.

All through the winter, long before most people have clicked their remote car starters and sat down to a cup of coffee, he's backing his boat-trailer into the inky river in the frigid dawn, with an anxious, bundled-up client dreaming of leaping silver.

Even at the slowest times of the year, Jones is competing with dozens or hundreds of anglers for fish. The Steelheads are tricky to find, difficult to fool and very challenging to land.

When he's not out with clients (some of whom have precious little fishing experience), he's working on his web site or lining up the speaking engagements at Trout Unlimited functions and other gatherings that help promote his business and keep his schedule full.

So it was nice to learn that the daily grind hasn't blunted Jones' passion for the sport. When I asked him when would be a good time to get some pictures of him on the river, he said,"I've got a day off scheduled Wednesday. Let's go out in the boat."

"It takes an enormous amount of time and energy," he said. "But what originally got me into the sport as an angler is still there, the  love of being outdoors, the excitement of the fight, the challenge of it all. Basically just having a love of the sport that I haven't lost after 30 years and sharing that passion with others who have the same interest's as I do.

Least we feel to sorry for the man, let's remember that during the four months of the year he's not guiding on the Salmon River, Jones takes people sight-fishing for striped bass on the sunny, sandy flats of Monomoy Island on Cape Cod.

"From a marketing and sales point of view, it's been an invaluable geographical placement. I market and promote myself all over New England and beyond, and a lot of my clients who fish here on the Salmon River go down to the cape with me," he said. "Both fisheries are at their prime at opposite ends of the year, so it allows me to run my profitable business on a year-round, full-time basis."

Jones, 55, an Iowa native who lived and guided in Vermont for 12 years before moving to Pulaski, may be one of the best-known of the hardy Salmon River guide corps. Randy has 30 plus years of experience as a fishing guide, which has helped him to acquire a vast and diverse knowledge base. While he's relaxed and good-natured with clients, as a good guide should be, he is also very much a hard-nosed businessman, always on the lookout for an advantage or a new way to promote his name.

His Web site ( draws thousands of visitors a day. It's worth a visit: The site offers informative articles, based on Jones' years of daily experience on the river, about flies, spin fishing, rigging, techniques and finding fish.

As free as he is with general advice, Jones keeps things like honey-holes and productive fly-patterns secret, to be shared only with his clients. He doesn't waste a client's time on a hole that was pounded the day before, and he watches each cast carefully, to make sure the sport has covered a good lie thoroughly before moving on.

Most of Jones' clients seem to land fish. But of course, there is more value to fishing with a guide than simply being chauffeured to a good spot in a heated boat. You learn things it would have taken you years to learn by yourself, and you can come back confident and informed on your own.

What's it like to be a guide? "It can be a variety of different things, from total satisfaction that you've taken someone with lots of experience to no experience and brought their fishing ability level up to meet their expectations or above, the same way a teacher would feel when their students get an A on a test, to the thrill and the excitement of the fight, to the rewards of running a profitable business, to sometimes the feeling of inadequacy when you have a slow day on the river," he said.

Jones can be reached at (315) 963-2065. Along with his own business, he offers a referral service to 6 other local top guides that he keeps busy while taking his client over flow.

Fishing Salmon River Pulaski NY
Tight to a Steelhead!                                       (John Halnon - Professional photographer credit)
The Schenectady Gazette.,Schenectady, NY. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Today's Guide Humor
I bought a Zebra, named him spot.

Soooo, this morn'n I head's outside to clean the fresh "Lake Effect" snow off both drift boats. I put's on my snow boot's expecting the 5-8 inch's which was forecast. (Jus a dust'n around these here parts ;)  I get's 50 feet out into it and realize my boots are no longer visible?
So.......  I head's back in and put's on my deeper snow boots. There an old pair of neoprene chest waders I cut off at the knees. I get's another 150 feet out by the boats and realize the snow is up to my thigh's and my deep snow boot's are no longer visible?
So..............  I head's back in a second time and put's on my Winter chest waders, extreme cold Winter parka, arctic mitt's that come up to my elbows and full face fleece mask w/gator.      
And.........All was well in the world............ ;)

Jim was very excited to go Salmon fishing today. He had been out celebrating the night before in anticipation of a great day of fishing. As we walked to the hopeful honey hole he told me he had tied on a brand new fly line late last night and was interested to see how it performed. It cost him $69. Shortly there after Jim was tight to a fresh run "honka" of a 30 lb. silver Salmon River King Salmon. As the fish ran, he pulled with all his might. The rod was almost doubled over when all of a sudden his backing knot separated from his brand new $ fly line. "Fish attached to fly line" were last seen headed down river. I asked Jim what knot he had used to tie his line on with and basically got a blank stare in return. His blood shot eyes and late night partying told me everything I needed to know. At days end I gave Jim a knot tying demonstration.
Moral of the story?
Wait until you've HAD a good day of fishing, before going out to celebrate it.

My good friend and one of the best wade guides on the river ;) Joey K. (May he rest in peace) told me a story about a Salmon trip. His client was catching his fair share, when his client's glasses went into the drink. They didn't know at the time a friend of theirs was fishing the hole below them and caught a Salmon with eyeglasses in its mouth. Salmon was released and glasses were kept. The next day he told Joey of his experience. Joey told him his client had lost a pair yesterday: hence glasses were returned to a very happy angler.

Just another day at the office:
The Moon lit our travels to the hopeful honey hole under the cover of dark. The sun rose to an inspiring orange and pink sky with an encore of Geese trumpeting over head. The thunder shouted, Fish On! A rainbow the color of our quarry, shown majestically over the meadow. The pouring rain, sleet, hail, sun, snow and a bone chilling west wind off the lake were are travel companions today.
(Boy, I should be a writer - NOT!!)

From the Mail Bag: Mike's Testimonial, picture and fishing report:
Hi Randy, No amount of words can express my gratitude for a very enjoyable fishing trip filled with patience and the knowledge gained of the fish and river habitat.
My son Mike Jr. was extremely happy even though he was not able to land that big steelhead in the second hole we fished. I think the cold weather got to him a little, but he was happy all the same. After our drift trip ended, my son and I went back to the first hole we fished in the morning and he landed on his first cast a gorgeous 32 inch male steelhead that was a nice silver/chrome. I watched in amazement as he was flawlessly doing everything you taught him during our trip....from the cast placement, drift technique, to playing the fish into the calmer water. We fished that hole for an hour and had 5 more hook ups with 2 more steelhead landed (25 inches and 30 inches...I didn't have a way to weigh them), all of which were very bright colored. Everything was hooked in the far side of the honey hole, except one fish that was in close to us in the fast water.We moved to the second hole we had fished with you and played with another 3 steelhead over a 30 minute period, but didn't land them. Over the course of the day we played with 16 steelhead! As darkness closed in, it was time to go home to get warm and dry.
You are truly in a class of your own with knowledge and patience. I am looking forward to our April trip for my father's 75th birthday...Thanks again for everything. Mike Greer

HI Mike, Thanks very much for your kind and generous words. I had a blast! Glad you went back to where you knew the water the best and had much success! That's about the highest form of an unspoken compliment that any guide could ask for :) We will try to leave a few steelhead in the river for your return trip here in April ;)

Anytime Randy! Not sure if you want this picture, but here it is with my son tight on that nice steelhead from the drift boat down by the ink well. See you in April, Mike
Fish ON!! With Mike Jr.
Mike, nice photo! Ill use it on my next update. Due to the popularity of my fishing report page, I cropped and edited it a lil so as not to advertise the spot.
Don't want to be called a spot burner or bring anymore attention to it in case its one of YOUR favorite spots - such a nice guy-guide :)

Water Ramblings:
With Spring and warmer temp's jus around the corner. Expect our usual higher water releases from the dam and natural run-off. You may want to subscribe to this water line - water flow update, like I do every Spring. Set your threshold at your choosing, receive email updates once it hits your cfs (cubic feet per second) setting. It's always nice for me to get these "heads up" email updates @ 3am. before I plan the day's strategies. Know one likes surprises when trying to cross or access your favorite honey hole in the river.
FYI - This year I set mine @ 1,000 and hourly. So every hour of everyday its over 1,000 cfs, I get an email. Kind of a pain, but..... better safe..... than sorry.
Water Alert subscription link - RIVER AT PINEVILLE NY&type_cd=ST&nws=&intro=1&title=Parameters&parms=00060:591:02,
Using USGS Mobile Water Data -

This is what last years email water alert looked like.
From: USGS WaterAlert <>
Subject: WaterAlert 04250200 1080 cfs, 'SALMON RIVER AT PINEVILLE NY'
Date: Mar 30, 2014 4:32 AM
Streamflow of 1080 cfs exceeds subscriber threshold of 1000 at 2014-03-30 03:15:00 EST
Notification interval, no more often than: Hourly

Thanks to all of you who have spent your hard earned fishing $$ up here. The local economy and myself, Thanks you ALL!
Thanks for stopping in and spending your valuable internet fishing time here.

May all your door knobs smell of "BIG" Steelhead!
Best Fish's,

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......      ............we'll make it reeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide offers drift boat, wade, spin or fly fishing trips for salmon or steelhead w/over 30 yr.'s full time professional guide experince.
Phone #315 963 2065  E-mail:
$275 for 1 angler - Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers -  Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.

February 18, 2015  - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

It's prime time for some Winter steelhead fishing action on the Salmon River Pulaski NY. Few anglers fishing, which opens up additional opportunities for you.
Ton's of options on where to wet a line. All Winter Prime Habitats are producing Steelhead, top to bottom of river. ( Even I..... could probably catch one..... ;)
The drift boat - wade fishing for steelhead continues to remain excellent for some, ok for others and slow for some others.
We will continue to see more Steelhead enter, run, spread out and hold in the river as the season progress's.
Give your favorite fishing buddy or guide a ring. The steelhead (8 to 12 lb. average) are here and just waiting for you.
Looks like some snow and cold temp's in the forecast. How unusual ;) If your coming up, bring a shovel and sleep in ;)
Heard you guys on the East coast got'a coupl'a dustings recently ;) - (It's nice to share.... ;)

Winter Solitude
Drift boat fishing Pulaski NY Nice Steelhead. Congrats Mark!!

Todays Tune - Toots & Maytals - Louie Louie -

Advantages of fishing after a loooong cold spell:
Wicked cold temps have kept many a steelhead angler away, providing you presently with numerous unpressured steelhead.

Would you believe I wrote this many flies ago in 99? Boy, how time fly's!
Complementary guide steelhead stalling tactic's tip's:
80% of the time these fish fighting techniques and stalling tactics will help. So don't blame me if you hit the 20%!
Throwing Slack:
We all love to see the somersaults, jumps; tail walks and torpedo runs they make. But, 50% of the time the show ends with no curtain call or encore performance. I prefer, after hooking-up, if it decides to show its colors and race down stream where I can't follow, to throw it slack. (Pull line off the reel A.S.A.P.) If hook set is good, it won't throw it and they normally quite down. The action it takes is due to the pressure it feel's. So by releasing the pressure it no longer feel's threatened and will tend to stop on a dime. This allows you to regroup and take control. (With spinning rods, this has the same effect by opening the bail) Throwing it slack is also a great way to stop it's screaming run downstream into snags, deep water, (where you can't go) or at least slow it down so you can catch up.
Another effect that throwing it slack has is from where you are standing, your line (down stream) will form a bow in the water's current back to the fish. The fish will feel the pressure of the current against your bow'd line and feel as if it is being pulled down river. This normally results in the fish slowly swimming back up river to where you had initially hooked it up. (These "happy fish" really do not want to leave that prime lye where you had hooked it up) Then simply reel up your slack line and you'll be surprised when at times the fish will be back, almost at your feet.
Walking the dog:
Here's another technique that has worked for me. If I'm working a piece of fast, deep water that is not easily waded. Upon hooking-up, I immediately lighten up and only bend the tip of the rod slightly. Remember what I said earlier about pressure? With only a slight bend in the rod tip, the fish feels little to no pressure and maintains its position in the river. I then slowly move to a safer area and believe it or not, normally it will follow. Once I'm in a safe position, I give it to'em. It's miller time!

Jud and his girlfriend Theresa had a few goals for today:
1. An introduction to the Salmon River.
2. Have fun
3. Stay warm
4. Learn the basics of fishing for Steelhead.
5. Catch fish
We succeeded on all of the above goals.
Theresa's first question was, Randy, how will I know when I get one on? Jud and myself both said in unison, you'll know.
Shortly there after she was tight to a Steelhead. She yelled, WOW, oh SH-T, what is happening, what do I do. (yukyuk, or something to that effect) As her line came tight, rod started to throb, drag started to sing and her fish made a mad dash for freedom.
She did a great job of fighting the fish and was rewarded with the below landed Steelie.
Fishing steelhead Salmon River Pulaski NY Fish steelhead Pulaski NY
Theresa with a (lake effect) snow covered hat and a great smile. Theresa battling her first ever fish in her whole life. What a way to break her in on a great big ol Steelhead.
Monster 16 lb. steelhead landed on the Salmon River Pulaski NY off drift boat with fishing guide and author Randy Jones WOW! A 16 approx. lb. steelhead! I think she will be back ;) - (Fish released)
Fishing steelhead on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY
Teresa yells out VICTORY!! throwing her arms in the air. Her boyfriend Jud was tickled pink and very proud of her success. I think Jud has found a new fishing buddy.
Jud mumbles under his breath, beginner's luck. yukyuk

We hit fish in 1 out of 3 spots. Today's tally was 1 for 5. Another memorable day of many. "The Salmon River, Where memories are made"

Today's Guide Humor
I think I hold the current record for most consecutive days-years thinking about fishing on the Salmon River NY.

Randy, I had a lot of 2's yesterday while fishing on the river,  0 for 2 I was, it was 2 cold, 2 wet (baptized myself in 10 degree weather) and 2 hard to walk cause everything was Ice.  Still , Beat the hell out of work. May all your flies get bitten! John
Hi John,  Thanks for the chuckle, you've made the web site again!! Maybe I should just ask you to write them for me!  Congrats!  Randy
My buddy Mark getting photo bombed.

From the Mail Bag:
Randy, I found a book called Fly Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead of the Great Lakes, by Kenn Filkins, to be very instructive (but not quite as helpful as your web site, of course).
Who would have thought that less than two years ago I had never fly fished for steelhead or salmon. This year, by contrast, I've had seven great days of steelhead fishing and my confidence (if not my skill) is growing by leaps and bounds as is my interest in the sport.
Thanks again for all of your help these past two years.  I look forward to more instruction next year. Mark
Mark, I could not be happier for you! The fish gods have been smiling down upon you for sometime now. Randy

Hi Randy, was wondering if you could give me some fly rod/reel equipment recommendations without me having to rob a bank to purchase stuff. Would be looking for a 9 foot, 9 weight outfit.
A place near me has some St. Croix rods with lifetime warrantees for between 150 and 200 bucks but as far as reels go, I have no clue. Would like to keep the reel under 200 bucks. Perhaps I will see you this summer. Thanks Dave
Hi Dave, Great rod for the bucks! Buy it!! Try an Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor 9-10 reel. Its one of the most reasonably priced L-A reels out there. I have used several for many years, on a year round basis for steelhead, Salmon and Striped Bass. If you buy a lighter weight rod for Steelhead, then use it on that rod also. All of my 5, 6, 7 weight Steelhead rods all have 9-10 reels on them. Why buy another reel when the larger reel picks up more line, better drag, etc. Who cares if it does not balance with the rod perfectly. The fish dont seem to mind!
Hope this helps, Randy
(   For free technical information call 1-800-235-9763)

Winter Spin Tip for the Day:
When spin fishing in the winter time, being able to see your line while on your drift and using a mono that is soft becomes critical. Having these two advantages well increase your catch rate.
1. Being able to see you line:
Since overcast, dark days are the norm on the river during the Winter time. A clear mono is hard to follow and even see on some days. A brighter mono will help you visually detect the pauses and hesitations of those light biters.
If fishing around other anglers in a popular spot, they can see it too, which helps.
2. Using a soft mono:
A stiff mono is almost impossible to use during the winter time because it maintains to much memory. Coils, knots and tangles are the result and when it's cold, it's no fun to be untangling knots instead of fishing. It's imperative to find a good soft mono for winter Steelhead fishing with a spin rod.
The mono I use and am very happy with is Ande Envy Premium Mono . It is  pre-tested to assure it won't "over test" its IGFA weight class. It is common knowledge that most folks who are going for a IGFA record on mono use Ande.

It is specifically formulated to be softer and has super knot strength.
My guest's and I have enjoyed using the "Envy Green" Ande for many years.
Ande Monofilment  -  Summer or Winter, fresh or saltwater, Ande has a superior line of mono to satisfy all my spin fishing needs. Call (561) 842-2474. Please visit

I believe in providing my guests with only the finest fishing equipment and accessories available.
Orvis -  The best in fly fishing clothing, equipment and accessories. Need I  say more?   For free technical information call 1-800-235-9763.
Mustad Hooks - Whether its fresh or saltwater, their hooks are super strong and razor sharp. I've tried them all. Their quality is unsurpassable!
Mustad Signature series - S71S-SS  or C70S-D or C47S-D
Salmon River, Pulaski, NY
. - Mustad Signature Series Hooks - CO68 Wet/Nymph Caddis - 2x Heavy / 2x Short - I tie all my Flies on these hooks.
Water Gremlin - I use Water Gremlin split shot in various sizes to do the job. Easy to add or subtract for the perfect drift, whether I'm spin, float or fly fishing for Salmon or Steelhead on the Salmon River Pulaski NY.
Cortland Running Line
- My #1 choice when drift fishing with a fly rod on the Salmon River Pulaski NY. Cortland specializes in Fly Fishing running lines in all different diameters that I need for different Salmon River NY conditions and species of fish. Visit:
Cumming Nets
- I know a lot of Guides on the Salmon River NY and Cape Cod. All agree that Cumming Nets are quality tools. They have a wide variety of choices for all species of fish and fishing styles. Call (810) 736-0130.
Penn Reels -
Shimano Reels -
Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon -

Creeks, Streams and Rivers - Winter into Spring
Bright fresh Spring Steelhead (Client - Dick Koelling photo credit)
Typically, the other “best time” to fish for steelhead is just around the corner. End of Feb., March and all of April can be “prime time” for steelhead as there is not only leftover winter steelhead, but also fresh runs of springtime fish. Winter thaws and early spring rains generate runs of steelhead. The water temperature will rise along with their metabolic rate, so they will be much more apt to move for a fly or bait. Normally, the whole river, creeks and streams are alive because you're fishing transitional areas and holding-resting points. When the Salmon River is running high due to run-off, its prime time to walk the many miles of streams and creeks in the area. Ever try to land a 10-pound Steelie in a small creek? It’s not easy, but lots of fun! Once ice-out has happened in the smaller tributaries that run into Lake Ontario north and south of the Salmon River, it’s a great time to explore!

Imagine walking up a small stream 20 feet wide, light colored bottom, crystal clear water, through the forest and seeing 10-20 Steelhead, 8-12 pound average in one to four feet of water and not seeing a single other person all day. Sound like Alaska? Nope, believe it or not there are several areas not far from here where this is possible. Many of the creeks and streams feeding into Lake Ontario have steelies in them, but only a few that I’ve found are hidden away in a beautiful pristine environment without any or many other anglers.
Anton with a nice BIG Buck (approx. 16 lb's.) landed in April. One of my favorite Spring Steelhead photos. Congrats!
The Spring Steelhead dropback season is fast approaching, and dates are going fast. Get in on the awesome fishing from March till normally, the end of April. If you want the date of your choosing, please call or email me.
315-963-2065 - Email Best!

Seeking advice on a Salmon River NY Guide:

Posted by Jim R. on Sunday, October 31, 1999 Recommend Randy Jones for first time visit to Salmon River NY. Was out with him on Oct. 28th. Hard working, knowledgeable, friendly. He spends much time on the water, will get you into salmon and steelhead.

Posted by Glenn D. on Monday, November 1, 1999 I second the information from Jim. I was out with Randy on Oct.16. He gives 110% to make your Steelhead Fishing trip successful.

Posted by Ken L. on Monday, November 1, 1999 I second what the other people have said - go w/ Randy Jones. I have used him the last two years and find him to be the best Salmon River Guide by far. HOWEVER, I do tie better flies than him, according to the Steelhead and Cohos we caught together last week (ha ha Randy!!). You will learn a lot from Randy and catch fish as well. Enjoy!

New York Fishing Message Board Posted by Ross on November 09, 1999 
Steelhead fished last Thursday with Randy Jones on the Salmon River. We had hook-ups on Steelhead all day long. This was very exciting Fly Fishing for these beasts, many took me deep into my backing. We landed 3 steelhead with one being in the 17 pound range. Randy is a hard-working guide who can put you onto fish. I highly recommend him if you are new to steelhead fishing. He loves to teach and share his vast knowledge of the Salmon River.

That's great Ross! I'm glad to hear that you had a successful Trip with Randy. He is truly a great guide, teacher and person. You just gotta love those steelie's. Fishing with him back in September I landed 2 coho's that would have broken the current IGFA fly rod tippet records for 8lb and 12lb. He really put us into fish and taught our guest a great deal. Jeff Pierce (Jeff P. is now the Sales Manager @ for Foreign accounts)

Thanks to all of you who have spent your hard earned fishing $$ up here. The local economy and myself, Thanks you ALL!
Thanks for stopping in and spending your valuable internet fishing time here.

May all your door knobs smell of "BIG" Steelhead!
Best Fish's,

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......      ............we'll make it reeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide offers drift boat, wade, spin or fly fishing trips for salmon or steelhead w/over 30 yr.'s full time professional guide experince.
Phone #315 963 2065  E-mail:
$275 for 1 angler - Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers -  Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.

1/24/15 - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

Presently on the Salmon River Pulaski NY we are seeing Steelhead that are 50% darker - older and 50% bright - fresh. Suggest Mid. to Lower River for the dumb fresh ones ;) and upper river for all the Steelhead that normally have a P.H.D. in what's reeeeel or not ;)
A good # of fresh Steelhead are holding Mid. to Lower River and some of these are making their way up river. Next high water period will cause more of these to push up river as well as more fresh steelhead to enter and run the river. Ye-Haaa!
This will continue all Winter into the Spring.
We also have a good number of steelhead in the upper river. ALL Prime Winter Habitat's are producing, so we have steelhead top to bottom of the river.

We interrupt this program to bring you.....

Todays Tunes - Enjoy, while you do your virtual fishing on here.
I Got The Funky Steelhead Feelin' - James Brown -
The Big Payback -
Back Door Santa - B.B.King -

Why do Steelhead roll?
No one knows for sure, not even fish biologist's. I've heard there has never been a study done. 1 fish biologist says the females roll to loosen there skein as there body is going thru a change as the eggs develop. Ever stretch in the morning after a sound sleep?
Another seasoned expert steelhead angler says, they are jus looking around while another say's these are fish on the move and finally another says they are jus happy fish.

Who knows for sure.... but, what it does tell you is you have a presence of fish. Which all anglers are happy to see and gives you an indication on where you might try fishing.

Another critical thing that most anglers dont realize (because they dont know there habitat or cant see the bottom) is that normally there is a current break below these rolling fish. Could be a depression or big boulder. Regardless, it pays to remember where these rolling fish are at so in future trips, even if they are not rolling, you will know there is a structural change in the river bottom that holds fish that you should target.

In closing - Why do fish roll? Who really cares. But, what you should care about is they are plainly showing you where to target. I use them as an indicator.
There is a structural or current change (current break) in the rivers bottom that they use to hold whether in a transitional holding state or prime holding lye.
By paying close attention to mother natures signature clues, you'll be on your way to "FISH ON!!

For Advanced Anglers eyes only ;) - Pressured Steelhead and Salmon, how to read them and where to fish:
Normally where most anglers are fishing means its a good spot. BUT, due to the education level of the fish, anglers standing to deep, anglers incorrect rigging or presentation, will cause them to move.
Would you want to be hit in the head all day by a baseball bat, be annoyed with trash being thrown in your face, Or get a sharp stick poked in your butt all day? (yukyuk) Its VERY common under these conditions for fish to be pushed and move.

Here is what I do:
First light Ill fish the best spot with everyone else. Everyone is hooking up, then you see less and less fish being played as a lull in the action takes place. (In my book, All lull's are positive, providing you can read and under stand how to correct them. I do it almost daily!)
(While its still up, please see below - 12/13/14 - Lull in the Steelhead Action: for more tips on this)
The trick is to correctly interpret this lull and know that many times the fish have been pushed or moved from the BEST spot in the hole where most anglers are hammering it, to another location close by. This is when I make my habitat change!

I may fish the far side of the hole on the seam where know one is fishing or maybe the tail out where know one is fishing when I see crowds of anglers fishing with lil to show for their efforts in the normally best spot.
In closing, many times pressured Steelhead and Salmon move and change where they hold and so should you.
By paying close attention to mother natures signature clues and angler fishing pressure, you'll be on your way to "MORE FISH ON!!

If your in the Killington Vt. area this Winter, check out my good  friend and Salmon River Guides shop on the access road. Dave Manning owns and operates "Black Dog Sports" @
I am a proud wearer or his companies Summer and Winter clothing and highly endorse his Ski Snow board Shop and his Fishing Guide Expertise.

Below are a few tips on making your trip here fun, safe, enjoyable and hopefully memorable in many ways.
Fishing in Jan. and Feb.? Are you Nuts? -Yup:
Nice looking January Female Steelhead with a happy husband and wife. Super and Congrats! (Fish was C.R. into cooler - yukyuk)
Slush - Planning your fishing day around it:
No, it's not the stuff you put in a cone and eat but rather a Winter occurrence that causes certain area's of the river to be unfishable.
Knowing current water -air temp., current water and future water flow level's, tonight's predicted low air temp. with tomorrow's highs will help you decide where to begin your day of fishing.
Water temps. are 34 deg. up top and the flow is 285 cfs. Evening lows are swinging around 5 deg. and daytime highs are around 32 deg. (No heavy snow is forecast)
The Key here is the nighttime low. Normally if the low is below 20 deg. you will have slush from Pineville down. If the low is only 20 deg. then you may not have any slush the entire length of the river.
When slush is present at these air temp's then normally by 10-11 A.M. the lower part of the river will clear out and make fishing possible. If you're ever not sure, than do what I sometimes do and go to the short bridge in town and have a look for yourself, before planning your day. (Bring a flashlight ;)
If air temp's do not rise above 20 for the daytime high then you may have slush down river all day.
Nice colored up February Steelhead. Notice the bump on the lower jaw, red rosy cheeks and red stripe down its side. That tells you its a male. What a beauty! Congrats!! (Caught and Released for you)

If I'm planning to start my fishing at dawn, then I'll start up top. And then later possibly move down river once the slush has had a chance to clear. If certain areas of the river are slushed up and you are the first to arrive after it has cleared than the chances of hooking-up are good.
You will be the first angler fishing to fresh fish that have not been disturbed or pressured.

This same condition occurs on the smaller creeks and streams around the Salmon River in the Winter. Many an early A.M. trip has ended with a return trip when slush was not considered. I will always check air temp's the day before I plan fishing the creeks.
Often, I will arrive at 10 A.M. and fish while the last balance of slush is clearing and getting first shot at the prime spots.            Fish-on!

Slush Trick:
NY Salmon River Fish Guide Pulaski NY
The last time Chris was out with me was in Feb. They played with something like 20 Steelhead that day. We fished 2 different spots (hit Steelhead in both) in the upper Salmon River while we waited for the slush to clear down river.
Then hammered them again once the slush had cleared in the lower river (every hole) It was stupid with fish!
Guide Drift Boat Fish
At the last hole of the day Chris picked up a Honk'a Steelhead. Approx. 16 lb. range!
A lot of the time you can start up high on the Salmon River and around 10 am. approx. the slush tends to clear in the lower Salmon River and optional Lake Ontario Tributaries. (Weather, Temp's and water flow will dictate when and if the slush will clear)

If you wanted to fish during the Prime Time during the Winter than here are a few things I would consider. (Work and family schedule must be flexible)
1.  3 day warming trend. If there is run-off expect fresh fish in the lower end!
2.  Drop in water level or rise. Or a steady barometric pressure. Sometimes a steady flow that the fish have been accustomed too, combined with a steady barometric pressure is best! No matter, the fish are always here!
3.  Fish around a holiday, not on it.
4.  Mid-week 
Another Male steelhead. Congrats! (C and R)

If you arrive and the air temp's are in the low 20’s for the high, then here are a few tip's to staying warm and catching some fish!
1. If there is sun and no wind. It is actually very pleasant under these conditions.
2. Only fish the most productive part of the day. Normally this occurs during the warmest part. 4 hr's is sufficient between 11-3.
3. Fish spots where the sun is shinning on you, instead of fishing spots where you are in the shadow of a cliff or tree's.
Another client with a Female Steelhead. Both smil'n! (C and R)

4. Where dark clothing so the suns warm rays can be absorbed into your clothing.
5. Use a spinning rod. I'm a fly addict, but when it's cold, I love my spinning rod! Hands can stay warm in gloves, guides ice up less frequently, my fly is in the water more due to the mechanical nature of a spinning rod which allows me more chances of hooking up.
6. By yourself a pair of fleece wind blocker fingerless gloves with a pull over mitt. I'm out in this weather a lot, and these gloves are all I wear, they are the best! I also reeely enjoy wool gloves with a pull over mitten. Even if wet, they still insulate. I normally carry 2-3 extra pairs of gloves as I hate wet-cold hands in the Winter time.
7. Put heat pads in your gloves and underneath your arch in wader boots. These are sold at most tackle shops in the area.
8. Treat yourself to a pair of 4-5 mil neoprene boot foot waders preferably with a polypropylene wool insert that wraps your feet or a Thinsulate rating of approx. 1200 in the boot. You work hard so you deserve it - right? Make sure they are 1-2 sizes bigger than normal as air circulation is key to keeping warm. My feet and body actually perspire on even the coldest of days and when standing in the freezing water all day! If you walk any great distances then these are not the best as you will perspire like crazy and then be damp all day. A lot of us full-time Winter guides use Cabelas 5 mil. 1,200 thinsulate boot foots (hunting?) waders that used to sell for around $200.
9. Wear high tech. under garments that insulate as well as breath. I use Orvis and have found them to work great!
10. Being in a drift boat with a big heater is always a treat.
11. You all know about eating right. Stay away from things that take along time to digest. I find a nice pasta dish works for me. A good breakfast and lunch are also an important ingredient to staying warm in the afternoon.
12. I find that when my toes and fingers start to sting, it's time to actively start moving them and think of warmer places. Going for a quick walk along the river is one of the best ways to get that feeling back. The trick is to never let your feet go numb. It can take all night to get the feeling back into them. If they start to sting, then thats your clue to take some kind of action. With stocking foot waders, where your laces lose or what I call sloppy.
13. Take breaks to your car or local restaurant to warm up.
I think it was a toasty -2 degrees outside when this picture was taken. Approx. 16 lb. Steelhead kept for Ken's dinner table. Congrats Ken!
(FYI - If this fish was to be released, then it would have NEVER been held out of the water for a photo. Probably a picture in the net totally submerged. The gills will freeze, there by wasting a valuable resource that ALL TRUE Steelhead anglers cherish!)

14. Keep moving from spot to spot only hitting the most productive areas in each hole.
15. Start the morning off with a nice long walk to one of your favorite spots. There is nothing like a little exercise to warm you up. This warmth will also stick with you for awhile.
16. Make sure you have on some good solid spikes, chains or korkers on your wading boots to keep you steady on your feet while on ice or slippery rocks. Felt is not enough.
Hope this helps a lil, Randy

Ramblings: Cold Feet Tips:
Mail Bag:
Randy, We have stocking foot breathable waders w/ slip on boots. Well these work ok in the Winter? Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,
Your wader set up will work. Its how most anglers do it. But, your feet well get cold. The heater in the drift boat really only works for hands, face and upper body.
What we normally do is where your laces lose or a sloppy fit w/ boots, so you can wiggle your toes around. This helps the blood to get to your feet. With laces tight, I think it may cut down on blood flow to the feet a lil.
This helps with circulation and also gives you a lil air to insulate you from the colder air or water temp's.
Feet will still get cold.
The trick is - when you start to feel your feet sting, we normally take a lil break and go for a short energetic walk on a trail to help get the blood circulation back.
The trick is not to let your feet go numb. Then it might take all night to get the feeling back in them. (Long time ago - I even fell into the Winter water once. My feet went numb and I couldn't feel them or the river bottom)
All part of the fun in the Winter time! yuk-yuk :)
No extra charge :)

If you have a lil extra $ myself and most Winter guides use the Cabelas 5 mils. boot foot (boots attached) with a thinsulate value of approx. 1,200. On there website (hunting?) they sell for around $200.
Buy them 1 or 2 sizes bigger then normal so that you have that sloppy fit. This gives you an air pocket to help insulate even more..

I have these and my feet and entire body actually perspire on even the coldest of days or 32 degree water temp's. And thats just sitting in my drift boat or hardly moving much. These are not good if you normally walk any distance as you will perspire like crazy.
Some anglers use a breathable top w/ a knee high heavy insulated rubber boot attached.  These are good if you do long hikes into your favorite spots.

Otherwise you will be fine with what you have. Some anglers love to add the heater pads they make for gloves and or under your arch's.
These are sold at most tackle shops in the area. Whitakers has'm - (Check out there daily fishing reports while your there. My #1 shop)

The BIGGEST mistake I see.... is anglers wearing SO many pairs of thick socks, that it has the opposite effect of keeping there feet warm. To tight a fit - No circulation and no air. (You want a sloppy fit, with whatever type of waders you have during the Winter)

Old Fly Trick:
One of the tricks I sometimes do, that was taught to me by Jim Rusher (Past owner of Whitakers and now a Spey Fishing Guide here and in Canada for Atlantics @ is to tie a size 10 Stone on a size 8 hook.
It makes no difference to the fish, and gives you a bigger hook gap. All the better to hold them.

Lil stone that hatched on the snow. This is one of mother natures signature clues for you. Normally, when it gets around freezing, you'll see millions of these along the rivers snowy edge hatching. I wonder what the fish could be eating?

Complementary Winter - Matching the Hatch Tip

A lil fly - spin fishing tip if your new to Winter Steelhead fishing. During the Winter time (normally) when ever it gets above freezing, look at the banks of the river and try to imitate what you see hatching on the snow.
This was taken when it was above freezing, on the river bank, along with a thousand other of the same insect.

This is called (a family member of) a black stone fly and is probably the #1 insect imitation used by most experienced spin - fly anglers, and rightly so. (Some call'm stones, black stones, lil stones or lil black Winter stones) Sometimes you will notice thousands upon thousands of these on the snowy river bank. This aquatic insect is one of the most abundant. There are also other insect's in different stages of their lives that Steelhead key on too. (That's another article:)

Today's Guide Humor and Fishing Tip:
A few of us guides and shore anglers have certain spot's we enjoy fishing. Sometimes we will get on our spots early, to guarantee a large presence of steelhead for our guest's.
It's always funny when your on your spot in the dark and then at first light a shore angler show's up, pretends to be your best fishing buddy in the whole world and then asks you what time did you get there. There are always two different answers to choose from, both are "polite" lies.
If you tell them the truth, then they will be on that same spot 1/2 hour earlier than you said, tomorrow, beating you to the spot.
Sooo, here is how you always reply when this happens to you.
1. You either say you just got there, when in reality you've been on that spot for over an hour in the dark. Guaranteeing that you will still beat that angler tomorrow to the same spot, that he wants to beat you too.
2. Or, you say we have been on this spot since 4 am. Then tomorrow, your not even going to be fishing. But you can get a  good chuckle over your mornings coffee, knowing that that poor angler was sitting on that spot in the dark, in the snow, in the cold at 3:30 am. yukyuk
Sooo, the moral of the story is when your asked what time did you get there, you always "politely" lie! They really are not your best fishing buddy in the whole world and are only trying to beat you to the same spot tomorrow.
An example of this happened to me recently.
We got on our spot before legal fishing time (1/2 hour before sunrise)  to guarantee a good presence of steelhead for my guest's.
At first light a shore angler arrived, we exchanged pleasantries and he politely asked us what time did we get there. I "politely" lied and said we just got here. He loudly replied, DAM! I knew I should have gotten here a 1/2 hour earlier.
I laughed to myself after his Q, my "polite lie" reply and his comment. And its why I humorously wrote - Today's Guide Humor and Fishing Tip  ;)

More Salmon River drift boat guide Humor:
First person on the spot gets it. I've been beat'n to special spots by seconds.
The funniest one was when I was floating down the river in the dark in the drift boat. Relaxed, enjoying the early morning stars and the tranquility of it all. I notice a shore angler walking on the trail leading to the spot I had hoped to get for my guest's.
(Sometimes where these steelhead lay is as exact as fitting a key into a lock)
I can see the angler walking thru the woods with a flashlight as it moves to the rhythm of his stride. I start to get nervous and push the boat faster and faster.
He hears me coming....  down thru the rapids, as the bottom of my drift boat slaps the water.........

I can see the rhythm of the walking angler's flashlight speed up as he increases his pace. It almost look's like a strobe light thru the Winters wooded darkness, he is walking sooooo fast.  Im pushing the boat fast'rrrrrrr...........

Its a race to the finish!
He lands on the spot seconds before me. First person on the spot..... gets it.
Turns out we were both guides and knew each other well. We both laughed out loud until our stomach's hurt at what had just transpired.
He was nice enouph to share his clients spot with my guest's and everyone caught some fish.

Anywaaaaays, thats my story for today and Im sticking with it. No fish were hurt in the writing of this report. Im a trained professional, so please do not try this at home ;)
Now get back to work before the boss catch's you on here. (Unless of course, you ARE the boss, then stay as long as you want)
Hello to all the armed forces that read my reports from around the world. Fishing you a safe stay and return home. Thanks for your service!
Thats it for this week's Rambling's...... I think I covered all the important stuff.
May all your door knobs smell of "BIG" Steelhead!

The Spring dropback season is fast approaching, and dates are going fast! Get in on the awesome fishing from mid March till normally, the end of April. If you want the date of your choosing, please call or email us today!!

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......      ............ we'll make it reeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide offers drift boat, wade, spin or fly fishing trips for salmon or steelhead w/over 30  yr.'s full time professional guide experince.
Phone #315 963 2065  E-mail:
$275 for 1 angler - Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers -  Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.

1/13/15 - Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Guide Report Update:

Boy, my 2 paragraph sprint turned into the Boston Marathon. Bad habit of writing more than what your butt can handle - yukyuk
Fresh Steelhead abound on the Salmon River Pulaski NY. These are the ones that came in with our last few high water periods. Add in ALL the ones that have been entering the Salmon River since Sept. and we have Steelhead top to bottom of the Salmon River NY. Older and fresher.
Since my last report we have built up on our snow base with a lot and water content in it. We recieved some heavy rain awhile back that soaked into the snow and then froze. This will all help with our Spring flows, providing you all with ample opportunity this Spring. Ye-Haa!
You might enjoy viewing one of my newest Sites @ Enjoy!

This is my favorite time to fish. Why?
Less anglers fishing means more opportunity for you!
There is NO guess work on where the most steelhead are at.
The steelhead bite has improved. These steelhead average 8 to 12 lb's with some smaller but MANY LARGER. Ye-Haa!
Steelhead fishing you ALL the best of Luck!
My ol buddy "Pro. Angler" Jeff Pierces incredible Steelhead. Congrats! (Jeff works @

Thanks for the memories Joe -
Enjoy, while you do your virtual fishing on here.
Hitchcock Railway -
Black Eyed Blues -
Feelin' Alright -
Delta Lady -
You can leave your hat on -

What will they think of next? Inflatable drift boats??? Saw my first one the other day on the Salmon River.
If I owned one I would have a BIG sign on it. NO Korkers or Spikes allowed ;) I wonder how many 1,000's of spikes and korker scrapes it could handle, everyday, year round from clients getting in and out.
I wouldn't want to try putting a heater in it during the Winter time.
I'd only use it on nice days with lil wind. Even a 300-400 pd. metal drift boat gets blown around reel good in a strong wind and gust's. Hey look, its not a plane or a bird, its a drift boat with guide and clients flying over your head.

Fran Verdoliva: Bringing ethical fishing to the Salmon River (CNY Conservation Hero) -
Congrats Again, Fran!!!
If any of you are up at the Hatchery and you see Multi-Award Winning Fran V. Ask him for an Autograph ;)

Ramblings from the Row'rs Seat:
A guide friend told me recently that before it snowed he filled his drift boat to the brim with trash he had picked up from Pineville down to 2A. Super!
I was at a few popular spot's myself the other day and picked up a bunch of trash. Thanks to those of you who pick up OTHERS trash also!
Once,  I filled my drift boat 5 feet high on all sides from the transom to the bow with trash bags on a river clean up with friends. Had to stand up while rowing to be able to see down river.
Next time I stop in Jersey, Im going to dump all MY frigg'n trash in YOUR front yard and see how YOU like it. (Just kidding Jersey. Why is it that Jersey (Jokingly) usually gets the brunt of this stuff? - yukyuk)

Warning - Dangerous Shelf Ice
With cold temp's comes shelf ice. Sometimes anglers will stand on it to fish a productive spot. The trick is knowing it is thick enouph to support your weight and MOST important is knowing the depth of water underneath it. No sense in taking any stupid risk's.
I've heard some nasty stories when the water underneath an angler was over there head deep and they broke thru. 
I'm talking from experince. We will save THAT story for another day - yukyuk

Dead Batteries - Winter Tip:
I see this happen a lot with my guest's who bring a camera on there trip. Dead Batteries. I've never had a problem with this as Ive learned to keep my camera or cell phone in an inside pocket of my jacket which is on the inside of my waders. Your body heat keeps your batteries in working order all day, even on the coldest. The other major advantage to this and another tip, you should ALWAYS carry your camera on you. This speeds up the picture taking process, especially if you had to chase your steelhead down river, which helps insure a healthy steelhead being released.

What makes an experienced steelhead angler? The ability to evaluate a situation and adjust your presentation, rigging or habitat to maximize your catch.

Typical Winter Holding Water

From the Mail Bag:

Hi Randy, Could you list the typical winter holding water in the river? Thanks, Joe

Sure Joe, that’s an easy one. Any water that is moving slowly and is deep. Any and ALL of the larger pools on the Salmon River are with Winter Steelhead presently.

The main thing I stress with my guest's are to look for current breaks. These come in many forms.
The below 2 current breaks are my number one area's to fish for steelhead when they are holding during the winter time.
1. The deepest part of any hole. (Ever heard of the hole within the hole?)
2. The tails of a hole.
(If the deepest part of the hole is in the tail of the hole, then keep THAT spot to yourself. This type of structural habitat act's like a magnet to these metal heads)

Whenever you have 2-3-4-5 types of current break's in one spot, stay put and fish it!
I have a favorite spot I like to fish that has 4 current breaks working for it.
The first is a shallow gravel bar that cross's the river. (Similar to a rip in the Saltwater) The second is a trough (or run) that sits behind and down stream of this shallow gravel bar. The 3rd is a hole that sits in the middle of the trough (or run) and the fourth is the seam. The seam is what is between the fast water and frog water. It is also directly over the hole in the trough. Pheeeeew! (That's 4 current breaks in one)
The below  is imperative to successfully fishing the Salmon River:
I figure any spot that has 2 current breaks working for it, is better than an area that only has one. This hole had a perfect seam (were the fast water meets the slow water) running down the middle of it. The seam would be one current break and the hole is the other.
Besides the hole and seam that Warren is fishing. To the right of Warren is the head of the hole and fishing the drop holds steelhead and is another current break.
Nice Pic. of the "current break" seam. (Where the fast water meets the slow water.) Combine a seam and deep water during the Winter and chances are good, you''ll come up with some silver.
Andy is fishing the deepest part of the Tail of the hole. Another great current break where the water moves slower.
Warren and Andy have 6 current breaks in this 1 spot. The seam, hole, head of the hole, hole within the hole, deepest part of the tail and the very tail (where the current break is water moving from faster to slower)
Another critically important Current Break: It can be and is something as simple as a 6-12 inch drop in the river bottom.
Combine any of the above and your in the right spot.

The above and more are all different types of “Current Break” habitat I look for when targeting Steelhead. Some are only transitional current break lies while others are only Fall Holding or Winter holding current break lyes.
Whether the water level is high, medium or low, also determines what current breaks the fish will be useing and where you should be targeting.

When I go fishing, I take all this and more into consideration. Hope this helps in your search for the sometimes elusive Silver Bullet during the Winter time.

Andy and Warrens Testimonial:
Hi Randy, By the way, both Warren and I had a fantastic time and look forward to Steelhead fishing with you the next time. Your attentiveness, knowledge, instructional skills, and good humor really make fishing with you a blast. And we even caught some Steelhead! Thanks again...Andy and Warren

Mail Bag:
Randy, Your insight to the Salmon River is excellent. Take care and keep up the good work. The area needs more guides like you. You give the area a good name. Thanks and Tightlines. Bob

Bob, after that..... Im having trouble getting my head thru the front door! - yukyuk
Thanks very much for your kind words. It makes me very happy that you enjoy my website. It's a fun hobby and marketing tool. I enjoy doing it, so it's normally not to much like work.  Also, when I was just starting to (fly-spin)  fish, I never hired a guide due to always being short of cash and always being on a tight budget. I pretty much was self taught and would have shaved 5 or more years off the learning curve by hiring one. So I think it's a nice way to offer suggestion's and tip's to those that can use them, without the cost. I wish when I was new to the sport that I had been able to access something like what I do.
It also provides folks with a virtual link to one of their great passions in life along with a little hopeful entertainment.

Fish Tails:
I made the mistake one day of calling my guest's landed 4 lb. Brown Trout "a nice lil brown". My client's eyes got real big, he had a very surprised look on his face as his jaw dropped. What do you mean Randy! This is the BIGGEST Brown trout I have ever caught in my entire life! I apologized and said what a big beautiful Brown trout it is. :) I guess on this river after awhile, a 3 to 6 lb. fish looks on the smaller side after you get so used to seeing the average fish weight in at 10 to 20 lb's. I'll never make that mistake again. Ever heard of open mouth and insert foot? :)

I wanted a spot that had a presence of steelhead, was easy to fish, safe and would normally have no other anglers present. This was their first time fishing the Salmon River.
I put Jeff in a spot where their weren't any trees or bush's on the fair bank that he might accidentally cast into. Wouldn't you know it, he found every tree and bush to cast into, that I didn't even know existed? (I have a few more gray hairs after that trip)
I eventually, humorously, had to give him a "Time Out".
Lot's of steelhead were played with and a few nice ones coming to net. Pictures taken, all fish released for your future fishing pleasure. Another rewarding day of many.

Todays Guide Humor:
When I spend ALL DAY filling out a nice lengthy fishing report for ALL of you and I get no (love) +1's, likes, comments, reviews or shares on my Social Media Sites ;)

Having some guide fun with John who is an ol' client and buddy of mine on the Salmon River NY with a lil steelhead.
Hi Randy; Well you did it again, only this time a little better. The day was a good one, the knowledge you taught us allowed us to catch and land many Steelhead. We went 2 for 6 on Steelhead fishing on our own..Skip was the first to hook up and he landed a nice female Steelie.It gave him quite the fight, and if I must say I did a great job of netting it .We left the first spot you showed us and went to another one and it was my turn. I hookedup three times with one nice female coming to the net. She was almost as big as the male I caught the day before with you.
Once again you came through  for us. We now have the confidence to find the fish and catch them on our own, Skip and John
Ive seen how you fish. I'd recommend going to McDonalds and ordering a fish sandwich :) Or, take up golf, you might catch more :)
Lot's of room at those round circular cement pools at the Hatchery :)

Seaguar Fluorocarbon - (See Grand Max.w/red label) Sea. gets its strength and flexibility from two exclusive unique floro. resin's in patented double structure technology. Enouph of that tecno stuff
If you want to use the exact same leader - tippet material that I do for steelhead, then this is the exclusive floro. I use in the Winter time. I think it is also the most expensive. I get paid to guide anglers like yourself and feel its my responsibility to offer you the best shot at catching fish. Thats why I only use the best materials, etc.. made, simple. It is not brittle in the Winter time like some other really good floro.'s are. The diameter beat's ALL other's for its strength (Except for Orvis Mirage). As Ive always said, anytime you can disguise what your fly, bait, etc.. is tied too, any species of fish, anywhere in the world, the odds are pretty good that you will play with a few more. If you want to use the same floro. as most of the world's TOP guides, then Seaguar is the ticket.

Their Grand Max (Red Label) is, if not the BEST, at the very top of the line for top shelf fluorocarbon lines. This is not my opinion, but comes from "Unbiased" scientific study, research from laboratories who have compared it with all of the other top fluorocarbons in the market place concerning breaking strength, visibility in the water and more. (Compare Seaguar's diameter and breaking point  (pound test) with your favorite Floro. and you will see what I mean)

 I could type all day long on the advantages you'll have, type all day long about all of the experiment's Ive run. All day long about, well, you get my drift. I only use the best materials, etc.. in my guide business.
In many many cases, this one product can make the difference between no fish and a dozen. Been there, done that, I've bought the T-shirt. I like my side of the fence better than the other side. We have all been on the other side, but no more, with Seaguar Fluorocarbon :)

May all your door knobs smell of "BIG Happy New Year" Steelhead

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......      ............ we'll make it reeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide offers drift boat, wade, spin or fly fishing trips for salmon or steelhead w/over 30  yr.'s full time professional guide experince.
Phone #315 963 2065  E-mail:
$275 for 1 angler - Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers -  Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders. 
Fishing Salmon River Pulaski NY. Fish guide has Pulaski NY fish report for steelhead or salmon fishing off drift boat Jen decided to spend some "quality time" with her boyfriend while he fished here for steelhead during the Winter.  (yukyuk)
Getting into the Holiday Spirit with a nice Steelhead. The primary goal today was to wear the Santa Hat. To be able to receive the distinguished honor of wearing it, you had to land a Steelhead. Congrats! (All Fish Released)

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It has 71 photo's of all the trophy fish you can catch up here over our 8 month BIG fish river season.

If you like what I'm doing, please share it with your fishing friends. (Links back to me or sharing my content with other's from your page, is always Welcome!) Thanks to ALL of you who have a link back to me from your site!

If you like fishing for steelhead during the Winter, please stop back.

• Winter Steelhead On The Salmon River
 By Randy Jones - The Salmon River is located in Pulaski, New York on Lake Ontario's Eastern Shore. Its reputation for large runs of fish of incredible average size is unsurpassed by any other fishery in New England.

• Gearing Up For Winter Steelhead
 By Randy Jones - The Fall Steelhead comes into the river for one reason.

• Angling Tactics For Winter Steelhead
 By Randy Jones - Besides all the other pieces of the puzzle we have covered and will cover, hopefully these tips will help you to be more in tune with your fishing. Putting all of this together consistently will put you into the 10% of anglers that catch 90% of the fish!

• Factors To Consider When Fishing For Salmon River Steelhead during the Fall, Winter and Spring.
 By Randy Jones

More Steelhead Rambling's for your complimentary viewing pleasure coming this season:

Fly Presentation Technique, Detecting the Take and Proper Weighting
The Perfect Drift -  Drift Fishing Correctly with Fly Rod:
Visual and non-visual characteristics of line:
Common causes to common concerns:
My 3 main suggestions:
Fishing in Jan. and Feb.? Are you nuts? -Yup: 
Slush - Planning your fishing day around it:
Pressured Fish:
Creeks, Streams, Rivers, Diversions and Brooks: Winter into Spring
Fish Fighting Techniques: I guarantee you'll learn some new stuff, and may not want to try. If you're afraid to experiment and try something new, then  please, do not read on.
If I only had 1 fly to use all season that works for all species of fish that run the Salmon River, this would be it
Winter tying tips:

Clint's Testimonial with Pic's:
Randy, Thanks for the great photo of the HOG you and I landed. This year was particularly enjoyable for me. Even though there were relatively few fish caught up and down the river by others, due to low water and fish volumes, it was amazing how effective our group was.
I did not see anyone even come close to the amount of fish we handled and, in many cases, landed. As a bonus, I certainly learned a lot about handling a fly rod in just a couple of days, something relatively new for me. Thanks for your patience and consistent sharing of techniques.
Bottom line; best guide, best location, best dates, best gear,---big fish! I am thinking we need to rebook out at least until I will be too old to move--the only excuse not to be out on the river with "The Man". See you next year if not before on the Salmon River. Thanks! Clint Woods
Clint with a Trophy King Salmon of approx. 30 lb's. caught on the Salmon River Pulaski NY while wade fishing with a fly rod that's headed for the smoker. Congrats!!
Clint with a Bright fresh Chromer landed with a fly rod while wading the Slam'n Salmon River. C and R into cooler ;)  Congrats!
More Testimonial's with pictures @

Nice King Salmon caught on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY.

Current Local Fishing News
, Photo's, Articles, Humor and Tips. One stop.....  cover's 90% of what's current and important to your fishing interest's.
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"Kids" what is lake effect snow video.
Arctic Extreme Performance Undersuit. (I bought one and it work's great! Lil pricey @ $300) I have recieved no compensation for endorsing there product, jus felt like sharing some warm stuff!
You C and R guy's will enjoy this humorous article.  As I was admiring the iridescent green dorsal, contrasting rosy cheeks and with silver mercury lateral lines, the Captain of the boat smacked the creature in between the eyes with a bloodied  and crude ax handle. THUD!! again. “There, I got ‘em. Now he won’t slip outta yer hands.” HOLY SH T!! REALLY?!!??
BIG King Salmon Fishing Fail Video,  Wait for it ;)
Funny Doritos Video Ad,  Three Guys Go Fishing
Off topic, but a fun talking dog video who wants, gets a kitty. Starring Clyde.

My niece Kate say's, The fish's are thiiiiiiiiis..... BIG!

The below fish calendar was put together by a good friend, mentor, 15 year local guide Jeff Pierce.

Coho Salmon landed on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY with a fishing report drift boat guide
Jeff P. with a bright fresh (unofficial record for pound test of leader used) Coho, caught and released while wading the Salmon River NY with a fly rod. - (There's no Hoe, like a Coho! Did I jus say that?)
To read this amazing story that I (guided them) was apart of: For a great Coho Fly, please see Jeff's streamer and tying instructions. This is what he caught the above Coho on.

The following are general and depend on temps and water levels:
June - August
Skamania (a summer run strain of Steelhead)
Atlantic Salmon in small numbers
Chinook also start to show as early as July on high water but number's grow with good water conditions in late August.

Chinook and Coho start coming in in good numbers
Steelhead start coming in in decent numbers
A few Browns start showing

This is the prime month for Chinook. They come in in large numbers now.
Coho are also coming in in good numbers.
Steelhead really begin showing in good numbers now
Browns also start coming in in decent numbers but Nov. is peak for them.

Most of the Chinook are dead or near dead but a few fresh stragglers do come in. While the Coho run is over for the most part, they remain in decent shape and hold up longer than the Chinook. This is a great time for Steelheaders as the Salmon crowds are gone and the numbers of Steelhead are normally good.
The Brown fishing is also pretty good, although not as good as tribs more to the west.

Dec - Feb.
This is obviously the coldest period. The fishing can be great for Steelhead depending on water temps and levels. You are best off fishing from late morning through the afternoon at this time of year as the suns rays help to warm the water slightly, making the fish a bit more active. Browns are often caught this time of year as well.

March - April
The water starts warming and the Steelhead start coming in in greater numbers. The spawn begins as the temps rise and often a small run of Browns come in to feed on bait fish and Steelhead & Sucker eggs. Don't be surprised if you hook a Chrome freight train that takes you for a ride. There are SPRING run Chinook in small numbers that show up at this time. If only the State would process some of these fish to build the spring numbers.

This is a GREAT time to target drop-back Steelhead. These are spawned out Steelhead who are now eating everything in sight as they work their way back to the lake. The numbers of fish caught in a day at this time of year can be amazing. The first Skamania and Atlantic's can be caught at this time      as well.
Hope this helps a bit . . .Jeff

Salmon River Pulaski New York

The Salmon River, located in Oswego County, stretches 17 miles from the Lighthouse Hill Reservoir in Altmar to where it empties into Lake Ontario at Port Ontario. There are 12 miles of Public Fishing Rights along the river. The Salmon River offers some of the finest sportfishing in the country. Two  major fish records have been set in the Salmon River: the Great Lakes record Chinook salmon (47 lbs. 13 oz.) and the world record Coho salmon (333 lbs 4 oz.).

General Fishing Information
Chinook and Coho Salmon
Maturing Chinook and Coho salmon returning to the Salmon River usually begin to stage off the Salmon River mouth in late August. Chinook (or King) salmon are the main attraction this time of year. The fish range in size from 15-30 lbs., averaging around 18 lbs. The Great Lakes record Chinook salmon, caught in the Salmon River, weighed 47 lbs. 13 oz. Coho salmon are generally smaller and range in size from 3 to 10 lbs., averaging around 8 lbs. The world record Coho salmon, caught in the Salmon River, weighed 33 lbs. 4 oz. Trolling in the estuary with spoons, dodgers/flies, cut-bait and plugs works well for these staging fish. Salmon usually begin entering the Salmon River around Labor Day.

Once salmon enter the river they are no longer actively feeding. Despite this, they do exhibit behaviors that make them vulnerable to traditional sportfishing techniques. One of these behaviors is aggression, or territoriality, and the other is their attraction to fish eggs or egg shaped lures. The peak of the spawning run usually doesn't occur until the latter half of September and the first half of October. Fish are generally spread throughout the river depending on the spawning stage they are in. Some fish will be making their way upriver (often referred to as running), holding in deeper pools and actively spawning. Fish engaged in the first two activities can be caught on egg sacs, egg imitating flies or plastics and streamers. Fish that are spawning, especially the males, can become very aggressive and will strike gaudy streamers swung past their spawning redds.

The Salmon River offers the opportunity to fish for two strains of steelhead, the Washington strain and the Skamania strain. The Washington, or winter run,  begin entering the Salmon River in late October and continue through Spring. They feed aggressively on the abundant salmon eggs in the Fall, thus making it a very good time to go steelhead fishing. Using egg sacs or egg imitating flies and plastics are your best options. Fish that entered the river in the fall will hold over in the deeper pools of the river throughout the winter. Fishing the deeper pools with egg sacs, egg imitating flies or nymphs works well this time of year. Warming periods during the winter may bring new fish into the river. Spawning usually takes place during mid-March and through early April. After spawning the fish begin to drop back to Lake Ontario. These fish can be very aggressive. These fish feed heavily because they are hungry and finished spawning. They can be caught on plugs, spinners, flies, egg sacs and night  crawlers. Summer run skamania steelhead begin entering the river around June. They tend to run during periods of increased flow. Your best chance to encounter fish is after a heavy rain or planned water release from the hydro plant. The fish remain in the river until they spawn the following spring.

Atlantic Salmon
Atlantic salmon were native to Lake Ontario. They are fall spawners and start their spawning run as early as July. Atlantic salmon can range from 5 to 20 lbs. Fishing techniques are similar to steelhead fishing methods.

Brown Trout
Brown trout enter the river from mid-September to mid-November. Brown trout are also on a spawning run, but will feed heavily on salmon eggs. It can be difficult to target brown trout, but one option is fishing down stream from actively spawning salmon with egg sacs and egg imitating flies and plastics. Brown trout range from 2 to 20 lbs.

Fisheries Management
The five major game fish are Chinook and Coho salmon, Atlantic salmon (or landlocked salmon), brown trout, and steelhead. Smallmouth bass are also found in the river. The Salmon River is stocked yearly with around 300,000 Chinook salmon, 80,000 Coho salmon, 120,000 Washington strain steelhead, 40,000 skamania strain steelhead and 30,000 Atlantic salmon. Natural reproduction does take place in the Salmon River but to what extent this adds to the fishery is not known. The Salmon River is an important part of the Lake Ontario salmon and trout fishery. Some of the returning salmon and steelhead to the Salmon River make their way to the Salmon River Fish Hatchery. These fish are then used for egg collection and the resulting fish are stocked into many Lake Ontario tributaries, along with the Salmon River. A total of 1.76 million Chinook salmon are stocked annually by NYSDEC into Lake Ontario.

This could be you! Ye-Haaaa!
Pulaski NY This is one of my all time favorite Spring steelhead photo's. Anton with a Trophy 16 lb. approx. Spring Steelhead Big'ol Buck. Congrats!! (Released)

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......      ............ we'll make it reeeeeeeeeeeeeel

Enjoy Incredible Fishing for Trophy Salmon, Steelhead and Brown Trout with Salmon River NY Drift Boat Guide useing Spin or Fly Rods
Enjoy wade or drift boat fishing on the world renowned Salmon River in Pulaski NY for hard fighting salmon or steelhead during the splendor of the fall, winter and spring seasons.
Whether it's trophy sized steelhead or salmon that you're after, I am dedicated to introducing both new and experienced anglers to the exciting world of freshwater fishing. For novices, I place emphasis on Fly/Spin fishing skill and supplement the day with knots, fly/bait selection, fish habitats, and prey species. For the more experienced sportsman, I'll work with you to hone your fishing skills. I guarantee a rewarding experience.
I have a firm belief 100 % of my energy and time should be focused on you and helping you attain your goals, during our time together and not fishing along side you.
I am a thoroughly proficient and professional year-round fly/spin fishing guide with 30 + years of fresh and salt water experience.

Outstanding Guided Drift Boat Fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY for Steelhead, Brown Trout or Salmon
September through April
The Salmon River is located in Pulaski NY on Lake Ontario's eastern shore, 30 miles north of Syracuse. Its reputation for large runs of Salmon - Steelhead and incredible average size of all species is unsurpassed by any other fishery in New England.
Fishing report Guide enjoys useing the drift boat for Steelhead and Salmon

September 1 - October 31 -
Tackle busting King Salmon averaging 10-20 lbs. will amaze you with their freight train runs. Trying to harness the raw power of a 12 lb Coho Salmon running in 20 different directions in a blink of an eye will keep you on your toes (and hopefully not on your back!)

October 15 - November
- Brown Trout. Like Salmon and Steelhead you measure these Fish by the pound and not by the inch.Drift Boat fishing report Guide offers NY Steelhead They have entered the river to spawn and will weight from 3-10 pounds. While they are not as numerous as the Salmon or the Steelhead, these are an optional trophy of a Fishing life time.

October 20 - May 1 - Steelhead 8-15 lbs.
The Fall Steelhead is without a doubt, one of the hardest fighting Fish that swims in the Salmon River NY. They'll take you into your backing in seconds, then jump start your heart with tail walking antics that will live in your memory forever.

Winter - This is one of my favorite Drift Boat Guide Fishing times of the year. With colder temperatures the crowds disappear. Steelhead continue to come into the river from the lake. A winter Drift Boat trip aboard our heated Drift Boat is a great way to learn the river and experience it's beauty. The end of February, March and April are great Steelhead Fishing days as new Fish move into and out of the river on a daily basis. As the Salmon River temperatures rise, so does the aggressiveness of the Steelhead. Often, sight fishing is possible as they move into the shallows.
We can Spin or Fly Fish for Salmon or Steelhead either by wading or using the Drift Boat.

I invite you to join me and enjoy what is an unquestionably one of the finest fresh water fisheries in the eastern United States.

Quality Fishing Testimonial for the Salmon River NY catching Steelhead or Salmon with Drift Boat Guide
It may be difficult to understand the term World Class Fishing until you have been there. But perhaps this will help!
Superb Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River NY Randy, Thank you for several memorable trips this year on the Salmon River NY. The highlight of the year was definitely the outing on the Salmon River during September with my son for salmon. Never have I experienced such numbers of large and aggressive Salmon in all my 45 years of fishing. I estimate we had over 60 hook-ups on King Salmon and caught and released 12, two of which were between 30 and 35 pounds. Close behind was the spring drift boat trip for Steelhead on the remote stretch of Pucker-brush Creek. Seeing over 2 dozen Steelhead off the drift boat in a one mile stretch, with no one else around, reminded me of Alaska. After those experiences, I decided traveling to the Northwest Territories for lake trout and grayling or to Labrador for brook trout are a thing of the past and I will concentrate on the quality of fishing available in New York State. If you ever need a recommendation, I would be pleased to provide one. Dick Koelling
Note: If you don't recognize "Pucker-Brush Creek", it's one of many of my secret creeks where Steelhead abound in a beautiful , pristine environment without many or even any other anglers.

Enjoy Superb Trophy Steelhead Trout Fishing off the Drift Boat with Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Fishing Guide
The Guide Drift Boat allows you to Spin or Fly Fish a great deal of water for Salmon or Steelhead on the Salmon River NY. Often when the Steelhead or Salmon are scattered this is a fabulous water chariot.

Amazing Fishing Reports for Salmon and Steelhead from this Drift Boat guide working the Salmon River in Pulaski NY

Pulaski NY Salmon River

Drift Boat fishing reports Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Drift Boat Salmon River NY fishing reports (Congrats on that Nice URL, errr, I mean Steelhead! ;)

At 16 feet, this 285 pound guide drift boat is comfortable and a very stable platform . It is outfitted with a propane heater to keep you nice and toasty on even the coldest days. While you can Spin or Fly fish from the drift boat, I will often stop to let clients wade and fish a particularly productive run on the Salmon River NY. When the Steelhead or Salmon are concentrated in particular locations wading is the preferred option. At
other times a drift boat is the only way to get to the fish. While I will give booking anglers a recommendation, you may want to experience one method over another.

A past trip:
My 2 guest's experienced their first time Steelhead fishing. They came back amazed at the numbers of fish we played with but most importantly, the knowledge they gained.
For them, the fish were second to achieving a rock solid Steelhead fishing foundation on which to build. That was their main goal, to which we succeeded! I think we played with about 10-11 Steelies for the day. Just icing on the cake. :)

My slowest past trip:
My 2 guest's were very experienced. We had three or four on and off reeeel quick. One that pulled hard and fast before breaking off. And landed One. Ouch! Never know :)

Another past trip:
Hit Steelhead in 3 out of 5 spots today. Played with about 8 total for the day. The 2 spots we didn't hit any fish in were only fished for about 5-10 minutes.
Im sure there were fish there, and we would have found some if we had stayed longer, but we were only looking for some McDonald's fish. (Fast and easy:)

And yet another past trip:
My guest's decided to fish a 1/2 day instead of our full day because of the impending weather forecast. They got out of town before it really hit, which made me feel better. In our 1/2 days fishing we tangled with 5 Steelhead. Not bad!
We went on a Nantucket sleigh ride. We gave chase in the boat and were surrounded with a very narrow river, fast water, log jam's, fish running under the boat in about every direction, boulders, fish moving from one side of the boat to the other, my oar blades, rapids, tree's, you name it.
We had to zig and zag our way through this obstacle course with a mad and dashing Steelhead on. Pheeew! Finally that steelhead had had enough and gave up. It was netted nicely off the side of the drift boat as we slowly drifted down the river in its currents.
Talk about a Chinese fire drill!
It would have been a hilarious show to watch as I tried to run the oar's, anchor, missing all the obstacles, reminding my guest about the over hanging tree branches and net while keeping everyone safe and upright in the boat all at once. :)
What a fight, what an adrenaline rush, DAM, I love this job!

Guest testimonial:
Randy, We would like to thank you for the two outstanding days of guiding. We hooked and landed more fish in the first day with you than in our 5 years of fishing the Salmon river combined. Many guides are eager to display their knowledge but few are as willing to share their knowledge as you were. The things you taught us about the Salmon river were invaluable. Upon returning home, fellow fishing friends asked us about our guided days with you. Our opinion was that we probably learned in 2 days what it would have taken us 10 years to learn on our own. We feel that if you enjoy salmon or steelhead fishing then you owe it to yourself to at least spend a day guided by Randy Jones. We will never forget those two days and look forward to joining you again. Thank you and tight lines, Michelle, Joe and Jerry

Steelhead Salmon guide fishing reports on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY off the drift boat for Steelhead Bright fresh Spring Steelhead (Client - Dick Koelling photo credit)

Thanks for stopping in and spending your valuable internet fishing time here :)  I'm flattered as usual!
Hope your all enjoying this great fishing!
By Randy Jones By Randy Jones

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Outstanding Steelhead Salmon guide offers fishing reports on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY off the drift boat for Steelhead Author Randy Jones (Photo courtesy of  fishing catalogue)
Funny Steelhead Salmon guide offers great fishing reports on the Salmon River NY from the drift boat
Randy Jones is a full-time professional fly/spin fishing guide with over 30 years of experience. He has represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Saltwater Fly fishing schools.
During the summer, Randy can be found wade guiding the S.E. (and beyond) Cape Cod area's, where sight casting on the flats to trophy Striped Bass is his specialty.
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Fishing reports for the Salmon River "The Salmon River, where Memories are Made"

RATES: SALMON RIVER Sept. to May - Wade or Drift Boat
One Angler:.....$275
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Orvis Fly Equipment - Spin rods and all Tackle provided
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Fly Fishing reports for Salmon
RATES: CAPE COD May - August  - Wade flats, beaches, bays and ocean islands.
One angler -  $275
Two anglers -$350
Orvis equipment -Spin rods and all tackle provided
Cape Cod Hm: (508)  Pulaski Hm: 315-963-2065

Salmon or Steelhead Fishing Reports
Hamming it up while "sightfishing" to Stripers on the Monomoy flats while tight to a keep'a!
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