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Salmon River Fishing Report for Steelhead from this Drift Boat Fishing Report Guide in Pulaski NY.

Steelhead, King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Brown Trout.

I hope you find my fishing report’s, articles, tips and videos entertainingly informative or mildly educational.

The Steelhead Fishing of your Dreams….   ….We’ll Mak’m Reeeeeeeeeeeeel.

Better Steelhead and Brown Trout #’s around. King and Coho Salmon winding down on the Salmon River.

The Start of Steelhead season is looking good!
We are seeing more Steelhead presently, than the last 2 years at this same time.
But still to early to determine if this will be a banner year like our Salmon Season was. Or an ok Steelhead season.
Presently, If you can hook 1 or 2 Steelhead in a day you did good. 3-4 in a day, you did great!
Some Steelhead anglers are doing bigger #’s.
Things are looking Good, for your upcoming Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing adventures on the Salmon River.

At the mouth of the Salmon River the DSR Reports:
We’ve seen more Brown Trout all throughout this season than the last three years.
Oct. 21 – The Steelhead numbers were solid.
The majority of fish were seeing are steelhead. We are seeing mostly big 10 to 15 pd. class Steelhead. It’s an improvement over the past three years.”
Seeing some fresh Salmon on a daily basis.

Today’s Steelhead Tip.

With decent #’s of steelhead entering the river for late Oct. Might try coming up now thru end of Oct. before the Nov. crowds arrive. As I drifted the river, many Steelhead spots were wide open (mid-week). While other larger Steelhead spots, only had 1-2 anglers targeting Steelhead.
Where is the BEST place to fish? Anywhere I’m not! 😉

We will continue to see more Steelhead entering the Salmon River daily thru Dec.

The rest will enter when there biological clock tells them too. Or, when we have a higher water release from the dam. (What helps to cause a BIG RUN of Steelhead? Check out my Video below, for an Expert Explanation of this).

Weather Forecast Looks Good for a nice push of Steelhead to enter the Salmon River. As well as dropping a lot of leaves in the River with the high winds. Which is always good, unless your fishing today 😉
Monday night – A chance of showers between midnight and 2am, then rain after 2am. Low around 63. Southeast wind 16 to 18 mph, with gusts as high as 33 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New precipitation amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.
Tuesday – Rain, mainly before 1pm, then a chance of showers after 1pm. High near 70. Southwest wind 7 to 17 mph, with gusts as high as 36 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New precipitation amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

For the last week, we have seen steady #’s of Dime Bright fresh Steelhead entering and running the Salmon River.

1. Prime Time to fish their – Temporary Transitional Resting Spots. (Where the Steelhead rest for a very short time, while running the Salmon River during both low-light periods).
2. Good Time to fish their – Temporary Transitional Holding Locations. (Where the Steelhead hold mid-day, normally between 9:30 am. until 5:30 pm).
3. Super Time to fish their – Prime Fall Habitats. (Where the Steelhead hold for an extended period of time).
4. Great time to fish for Steelhead behind any spawning Salmon on the gravel. Or the closest deep water that has a major gravel influence around it.
5. Don’t forget to fish the AMAZING Salmon River HEAT! (Rapids)
6. Don’t waste your time fishing the Major Pools. (The Major Pools wont have Steelhead until the Water Temperature drops below 43 degrees).

These areas are covered more thoroughly towards the bottom of this Blog in my EXPERT and ADVANCED Tutorial Video’s @ Where is the BEST place to Fish on the Salmon River for Steelhead and Brown Trout?
Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
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Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Still a few fresh King and Coho Salmon entering and running the Salmon River.

This is great news! These Salmon will be our late spawner’s. Providing a smorgasbord of fresh eggs trickling down the river for your Steelhead. This makes it a lot easier to fool Steelhead with your egg sacks, beads, glow bugs and skein. Whether your fishing the bottom, under a strike indicator or under a float.
Presently, the Salmon River is a 5 Star Restaurant for your Steelhead. Top to Bottom of the River.

A few Salmon in the holes, with many on the gravel spawning. I’m hoping for a higher water release from the dam, to flush all the dead smelling Salmon down river TO YOUR SPOT. P-U! 😉

Most Salmon are getting old and beat up looking. We call them Zebras or Palominos. If they are a solid color, they are ok to eat. BUT, if they are all beat-up and moldy looking. I wouldn’t risk my health eating them. Could get ya sick!

The MAIN side effect of eating them is Genital Shrinkage! 😉 Unfortunately, I’ve experienced it. 😉

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Salmon River Fishing Report Guide fishing for Steelhead, King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Brown Trout.


(avg. 8 to 12 lbs.) – (Oct. thru April.) Our Steelhead are without a doubt. One of the hardest fighting and most acrobatic fish that swims in the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. Torpedo – Silver Bullet runs and changing direction in a blink of an eye. While taking your line 100 to 200 feet out in seconds. This well surely jump start your fishing heart! Tarpon jumps, like a rocket ship 3-4 feet in the air. Somersaulting like a jugglers baton back to earths atmosphere before splash down. Sounding like a cinder block with water spraying 20 feet in all directions. Steelhead Tail Walks across the pool for 40 to 60 feet, will live in your Salmon River memory forever!

Fishing Report Jeff lands a Incredible fly fishing steelhead!

Trophy Salmon River Steelhead are anxiously awaiting for your arrival!

Steelhead Open Dates:
Oct. 27, 30-31.
Nov. 2, 27-29.
Dec. 1, 4-5, 8, 13-15, 19-22, 25-29.
Jan. 1-4.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Local Salmon River Fishing News Updates.

Nice Salmon River Video! – One of the most successful Salmon fishing seasons in recent years nears end.

Salmon River D.E.C. EGG TAKE 2017.
Over 3.5 million Chinook salmon eggs have been harvested over the last week at the Salmon River Fish Hatchery, located in Altmar, NY.
The hatchery was going to start harvesting Coho salmon eggs this week but the water temperature is still too warm. Coho salmon are more water temperature dependent that Chinook.
We plan to move on to Coho Salmon next week!
You can come watch the egg take process next week in the mornings (roughly 9:30 AM to noon) Monday through Friday. To make sure the egg take is happening, you can call 315-298-5051.

2017 Salmon Run: It’s pretty much over on Salmon River, going strong elsewhere.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler



I can’t 😉

Salmon River Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Guide HUMOR ask's does Treasure have a fish on?
Mustad Hooks for fishing Steelhead or Salmon on the Salmon River.
Angler displays a nice rainbow trout in the fishing picture.
Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Fisherman loses 4 front teeth while doing Battle with a MONSTER King Salmon while fishing on the Salmon River NY.

Fisherman loses 4 front teeth while doing Battle with a MONSTER King Salmon while fishing on the Salmon River NY.

(Before and after his Dental Surgery)

He lost all four of his front teeth as a result of a King Salmon fishing related accident on the Salmon River.

When he was fishing the Salmon River the water level was way up. And had several heavy split shot sinkers on his line to get his bait down.

He hooked a “HUMONGOUS” King salmon. As he reeled in the Salmon and got it close to shore. Rodriguez’s line snapped and the sinkers on the line flew at his face. Hitting him squarely in the mouth.

“It completely knocked me out!” he said in an interview. “I fell in the water and all I remember was this old guy dragging me to land. If it hadn’t been for that old guy, “I would have been dead that day!”

He tried to get used to having no front teeth, but suffered silently, said his wife, Tracy. He was reluctant to smile.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

These Salmon are BIG Fish! – So don’t bring your lil and or old nets when fishing the Salmon River. 😉

Up here, if you Salmon fish here long enough, you will see anglers using a small or old net. The netter usually takes 20 swipes at the Salmon before they get it into the net. And that’s ONLY if they don’t fall in the water while trying. – sound familiar? 😉
Then, the nets are soooo small and our Salmon are sooooo BIG. That normally they can only fit the head of the fish in the net.
Then, sometimes the Salmon will break the old mess netting and fall completely thru it back into the water. Losing it and then you get to listen to the angler LOUDLY curse out his fishing buddy. For ——– it all up! – Sorry, this site is rated PG 😉

Or, what I find even funnier. When they do finally scoop up that Salmon and are as proud as a peacock! Due to the weight of the fish, the net handle breaks in two. Losing it and then you get to listen to the angler LOUDLY curse out his fishing buddy. For ——– it all up!
Never a dull moment on this river!
(This Salmon River Fishing Guide was new once too and the above was written in fun. I use (linked) Cumming Nets for our Monster sized Salmon)

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

FUN SALMON RIVER FISHING STORY. – Fishing Steelhead during the Fall, Winter and Spring off the drift boat in Pulaski NY.

Anton was my 1 guest fishing off the drift boat today on the Salmon River. He Hammered the Steelhead! Ye-haaaa!
It wasn’t long before Anton had his first Steelhead on for the day, of many. After the next 15 minutes of no Steelhead for us to play with. We decided to get out of the drift boat and wade fish this productive spot. 5-6 feet at a time. Working our 30 foot window of fishing opportunity. We picked away at them with 1 here and 1 there. After Anton and I had moved down approx. 100 feet from where we had started off the drift boat. We found a pod of Steelhead in this normally productive fishing area. I watched Anton’s fishing presentation thru out the day and suggested a few reminders and tips.

Try this, then like magic, “FISH ON” We both would chuckle. 🙂
At one point we were hitting Steelhead on almost every drift. WOW!

Then, all of a sudden nothing! We poked around for the next hour with not’a nibble. Looked at my watch and it was time to hit the drift boat ramp.
All the other drift boats and shore anglers were all smiles as we slowly drifted down the Salmon River past them, joking and laughing. It was nice to see everyone out enjoying this World Class fishery!

FUN SALMON RIVER FLY FISHING STORIES for Steelhead during the Fall, Winter and Spring off the drift boat.

Another one of many, Day for Kings!

Anton lands another Nice Silver Bullet Steelhead while fly fishing on the Salmon River.

Anton’s Nice Silver Bullet Steelhead!

Anton lands a 16 pound steelhead while fly fishing around the Salmon River!

Nice Spring 16 lb. Trophy Male Steelhead!

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Guest Fishing Report and Testimonial:

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge to make our trip an unbelievable experience for us. With me having 8 to 9 hookups, and my friend Tim with somewhere between 5 to 6 that is more fish on in a single day than some people have for an entire season. I’m a true believer in that hot spot on “Pucker Brush Creek 🙂

As a matter of fact Tim and I went back on our own the next day and the fish were there waiting for us just like you said they would be. Again we had a combined count of over 10 hookups and Tim had the hot hand that day with his 6 weight fly rod. Our only regret was that we did not have enough days left to explore some of the other high percentage areas you showed us as we had to go back to work sometime.

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?:) Tim and I have been coming up there for over 15 years, and yet we still learned a few valuable lessons from you, thanks again.
I would highly recommend you to anyone, beginner or experienced steelheader, it’s the combination of little things and techniques that make all the difference in the world. Feel free to pass on my contact information if you need any references for anglers, I would be more than happy to vouch for your professionalism, knowledge, and stream courtesy to fellow anglers anytime.
Thank You, Ted

Ted, Thanks for your many kind and generous words! My head almost didn’t fit thru the front door after that one 🙂 Randy

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Enjoy a fast forward fun drift boat fishing trip video down the Salmon River NY. Covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Splendor of our Fall and Winter Salmon and Steelhead fishing seasons.

😉 CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video. 😉

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

What helps to cause a BIG RUN of Steelhead? This might help plan your Salmon River fishing trip.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

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Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

When is the BEST time to fish for Steelhead?

Mid-week is always best, but not on or around a holiday).

There really isn’t any BEST for Steelhead, its all angler personal preference.

I start guiding for them at the end of Oct. Which usually means less anglers and normally less fish. Later in Nov. it means more anglers and more fish, so it all sort’a even out’s.

In Nov. we start to see more Steelhead and more anglers. It’s the busiest angler Mo.. Temps. aren’t to cold yet and its also when the steelhead fight the hardest. With speeding bullet runs, tail walks and somersaults.

In Dec. we start to see even more Steelhead and less anglers. Most folks are doing business and family holiday stuff. And its a lil colder = Less anglers = more opportunity for you.

The middle of the Winter can be magical with only the most die hard steelhead anglers out. During these colder Mo’s. = Less anglers = more opportunity for you.

Spring Steelhead (Feb., Mar. and April) it starts to warm and we see a few more anglers out. But not as many as Nov. The Steelhead’s appetites are on fire as they slowly drop back down the river to lake Ontario. Sight fishing is an optional treat.
(Salmon River NY fishing report).

Salmon River Brown Trout and Steelhead Fishing Seasons:

October 15 – November
Brown Trout. Like Salmon and Steelhead you measure these Fish by the pound and not by the inch. They have entered the river to spawn and will weight from 3-10 pounds. While they are not as numerous as the Salmon or the Steelhead, these are an optional Trophy of a Fishing life time.

October 20 – May 1
Steelhead 8-15 lbs. The Fall Steelhead is without a doubt, one of the hardest fighting Fish that swims in the Salmon River. They’ll take most of your line out in seconds, then jump start your heart with tail walking antics that will live in your memory forever.

Winter Steelhead Fishing.

This is one of my favorite fishing times of the year. With colder temperatures the crowds disappear. Steelhead continue to come into the river from the lake. A winter Drift Boat trip aboard our heated Drift Boat is a great way to learn the river and experience it’s beauty.

The end of February, March and April are great Steelhead Fishing days as new Fish move into and out of the river on a daily basis. As the river temperatures rise, so does the aggressiveness of the Steelhead. Often, sight fishing is possible as they move into the shallows.
We can Spin or Fly Fish for Steelhead either by wading or using the Drift Boat..

I invite you to join me and enjoy what is an unquestionably one of the finest fresh water fisheries in the eastern United States.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Where is the BEST place to Fish on the Salmon River for Steelhead and Brown Trout? Enjoy my Expert YouTube Fishing Tutorial Video’s for your Guaranteed BEST fishing opportunities.

3 Basic fishing ways to locate and target Your Salmon River Steelhead.

1. When the Steelhead are running the Salmon River. Fish there “Temporary Transitional Resting Spots” as they make there way up the Salmon River. Otherwise, you are fishing to Steelhead that are not stopping, decreasing your odds greatly. Tutorial Video on Temporary Transitional Resting Spots.

2. Once the Steelhead stop running the Salmon River to hold during the middle of the day. – (From approx. 9:30am. to 5:30pm.) Fish these “Prime Transitional Holding Spots”.
Tutorial Video on Prime Transitional Holding Spots.

3. Once the Steelhead have stopped running the Salmon River. And have found a spot that satisfies all their survival instincts. Fish these “Prime Holding Spots” – (Pools). Normally, the most fish and they aren’t going anywhere soon. Tutorial Video on Prime Holding Spots – Pools.

4 Advanced fishing ways to locate and target Your Salmon River Steelhead.

Tutorial Video on EXPERT Fish Locating Habitat. – (These are areas I look for on the Salmon River when guiding folks like yourself.)

4. Find a spot that is a combination of all 1 thru 3. (Or, a spot that has all 3 in close proximity. So you can jump around according to what the Steelhead are telling you to do.)

5. Combine 1 thru 4 and find a spot above a looong stretch of rapids. The fish get tired after running these Salmon River rapids and will hold here for an extended period of time.

6. Include 1 thru 5 and make sure that your spot has 98% of the Steelhead in a transitional stage. Move into it. (Funnel or Pinch point in the river.)

7. My #1 Spot! Combine 1 thru 6 and pick a spot that compresses and or concentrates them. On a dime, like a sardine can, trash can lid or the size of a Volkswagen beetle or bus. This cuts down on all the guess work. And it allows to to present your offering to all the Steelhead on every drift.

8. The VERY BEST place to Steelhead fish? Is anywhere I’m not! yukyuk

By utilizing the above. You will have the most Steelhead in front of you for the greatest period of time. In a concentrated area offering you the greatest opportunity to present your offering to ALL of them. Fish ON and ON and ON! Now you know what “This Salmon River Guide” look’s for normally.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Fishing Report Testimonial: 

Randy, You Rock!! Your writings resonate with so many. The humor, the professional P.O.V. and experience you share is invaluable. Hope to secure a spot with you soon. Jim
Thanks for your many kind and generous words Jim! Randy

Looking for a place to Stay in Pulaski NY?
Pulaski Condo Lodging Avaiable from Sept 15 thru Nov. 15. for Anglers.
Fully Furnished, 200 yards from the Ball Park, sleeps 4.
Phone – Laurdon Heights 315-450-4800.
(Salmon River NY fishing report).

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Steve’s Steelhead is bright fresh and why we call them Silver Bullets.
Guest Fishing Testimonial.

Randy: Just wanted to let you know that we all had a good time Fishing. And being Guided by you off the drift boat. We learned a lot too. Went back to where we fished yesterday and hooked a lot of fish! I hooked a bunch of kings (over 10) and I landed two steelhead. One of which was 30 inches and perfectly silver! Thanks for all your help! Steve Saliga

Steve’s Steelhead is as bright fresh as they get. Now you know why we call them Silver Bullets. Congrats Steve!
(Fishing Report)

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Thumbs up from this Salmon River NY Fishing Report Guide with a Very Happy Steelhead Guest, Banner.

Thumbs up from this Fishing Guide with a Very Happy Salmon River Steelhead Guest.

The Steelhead fishing of your dreams…… ………… we’ll mak’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeel
Randy Jones is a Salmon River NY fishing report drift boat guide fishing for Steelhead and Salmon in Pulaski NY - banner.

The Salmon River, where Memories are Made!

Join me for a guided drift boat fishing trip on the World Renowned Salmon River in Pulaski NY for hard fighting Salmon or Steelhead during the splendor of our Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. Enjoy learning Advanced fishing techniques and Exact fish habitats. I always enjoy sharing my wealth of knowledge with all my guest’s.

Randy Jones is a full-time professional Spin and Fly fishing guide with over 35 years of experience.
E-mail: – Phone #315-963-2065 – Booking Form on here.
$275 for 1 angler – Spin or Fly Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers –  Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
All Spin fishing equipment – All Orvis fly fishing equipment – All tackle provided. Please bring your own Lunch, Polarized Glass’s and Chest Waders.

Check out my Oct. 15 Blog, for more Good stuff! By Randy Jones.