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Salmon River Fishing Report for King Salmon and Coho Salmon from this Drift Boat Fishing Report Guide in Pulaski NY.

Steelhead, King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Brown Trout.

I hope you find my fishing report’s, articles, tips and videos entertainingly informative or mildly educational.

The Salmon and Steelhead Fishing of your Dreams….   ….We’ll Mak’m Reeeeeeeeeeeeel.

For this “early” in the Salmon River King and Coho Salmon fishing season. Over the last week on the Salmon River we received Very Normal low #’s of early season running King Salmon daily. (The exception to this was when 200 to 300 Salmon entered the Salmon River over a past weekend).
Presently, if you can hook up a couple in a day, you did good. Giving all anglers a small opportunity to get into some “early” season Salmon. We will see improved #’s of Salmon entering the Salmon River next week.

With the increased water flow last Holiday weekend, it was unfortunately a slow start and finish for most. Not many fish moving, more anglers than fish. That weekend is always a roll of the dice with a 50-50 shot. Sometimes its a winner and some times its a stinker. Some anglers hooked up, but few and far between.

Current Fish Movement Over All – During the AM and PM run its been mostly 1 here, none there, 2 over this away, none over that a way. Slow with small window of opportunity during both low-light periods for a short amount of time. There are a “few” Salmon in all the major holes on the Salmon River for your mid-day fishing. Not much moving mid-day. All very normal for this early.

If you live close by or you knew the Salmon River like the inside of your pocket, it might be worth a quick trip. Providing you set your expectation level on low with 1 or 2 hook-ups making a successful trip.

Lake Ontario King Salmon fishing continues to be on fire. The lake is loaded just out front of the Salmon River. Not many Salmon staging in the estuary presently, but that can change quickly.
FYI – Its very normal for these early season low #s to change over night to Good to Great #’s! You never know!

HOT OFF the PRESS! Immediate Sept. 9 – 10 Update to above. – More on this current Salmon movement below.

HOT OFF the PRESS! Sept. 11 Noon Update – To above and Below. –

What helps to bring more King and Coho Salmon into the Salmon River?

Cooler days and nights drop the Salmon River water temp. Higher water flows from the Dam or even run-off from rain. Extended low-light periods caused by storms. As the days grow shorter, it helps!
Will some Salmon React to this Sunday – Monday Weather Warning. YUP – There is a marginal risk of flooding from a period of moderate to heavy rainfall from late Sunday through Monday. Rainfall amounts of 1 to 2 inches are expected through Monday.

My King Salmon Crystal Ball fishing forecast. BIG RUN? – Look for some better #’s of King Salmon to reaction to the rain, thunder storms, low light, possible run-off and a possible higher water release this Monday and Tues. (Hint – sometimes a higher water release will follow after these storms.)

All Seasons Sports – Lake Ontario Report and Salmon River “Crystal Ball – Possible” Salmon fishing forecast. Guys the fishing does not get any better on Lake Ontario then it is right now. Historic good fishing. “I’ve never seen this many fish on a screen.” And it goes for miles and miles. 45 foot of water to 110 foot of water is absolutely STUFFED with salmon.. Kings and cohos. When they hit the river all hell is going to break loose. All strong East winds all this weekend and week starting today. 52 degrees tonight and 48 tomorrow night.. 2-3 inches of rain predicted for Sunday night into Monday. Nobody has a crystal ball to predict when these fish are going to run exactly but the script cannot be written any better than it is shaping up right now. Thanks to All Seasons Sports for the great report!

Sunday Night – Showers likely, mainly after 5am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 51. Southeast wind 6 to 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible.
Monday – Rain. High near 65. Breezy, with a southeast wind 20 to 23 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New precipitation amounts between three quarters and one inch possible.
Monday Night – Rain before midnight, then showers likely, mainly between midnight and 2am. Low around 61. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New precipitation amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.
Tuesday – A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 73. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Your 99% Guaranteed Future Salmon River King and Coho Salmon Fishing Report Forecast.

Every week from here on out, we normally will see increasing numbers of King and Coho Salmon (and a few steelhead and brown trout mixed in) entering and running the Salmon River.
Normally during Mid. Sept. you will start to see a probable average of 25 – 50 to 75 Salmon enter the Salmon River each day during both low-light periods.
Following week, normally, you’ll start to see a probable average of 50 – 75 to 100 Salmon each day.
Last week of Sept., normally on average 150 to 300 Salmon each day.
With a possible – hopeful MAJOR RUN of 1,000 to 3,000 King and Coho Salmon entering daily over a 1-3 day period from Late Sept. into early Oct.
(Disclaimer – Please note the # of times I said normally, probable, average, possible and hopeful and I left myself a way out with a 99% Guarantee – har har).

Today’s Salmon River King and Coho Salmon Fishing Tips.
1) Try early AM. or Late PM for hopefully 1 or 2 Salmon running up the Salmon River. Stopping along the way in there Temporary Transitional Holding Locations to rest briefly, before moving to the next.
2) Mid. morning (approx. 9:30am.) you could try the Prime Transitional Holding Spots where the King and Coho Salmon will rest all mid-day.
3) And then maybe a few drifts into a Prime Holding Location- (Pool), were 1 or 2 Salmon might be hanging out, for an extended period of time.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Salmon River Fishing Report HUMOR.

Today’s Short – Edited Salmon River Fishing Report. – You’d probably have more luck catching a fish while reading this. har har.

Todays King Salmon RED HOT TIP! (you owe me) 100% guaranteed to help you EASILY find a bunch of King Salmon! In the lower Salmon River, just walk along the bank and you will find a bunch of dead ones from the RED HOT August water temps. (very normal).

When fishing for King Salmon in August. By the time you land it, it will be fully cooked. Providing you with a nice shore lunch. – har har.
How can you easily tell if the King Salmon you landed came into the Salmon River in August. It will have a sunburn!

Be 1 of 1,400 cars parked on the Salmon River. – The morning car count conducted on 7 October 2017 yielded 1,398 vehicles at the access locations. Each year the effort increases during September with a peak in either the first or second week in October. My math – If there is an average of 2 people per car, that’s almost 3,000 anglers, 3 people per car and its 4,200 anglers. Many cars are not parked in the Salmon River access lots. So I’d easily say around 4,000 anglers, maybe more. Better get up here a week early to hold your parking spot and your favorite Rock! har har.

From Google Search – People also ask.
Are there salmon in the Salmon River? – Yes, but they will all be on the end of my line and not yours – yuk yuk.
How deep is the Salmon River? – Jump in, if you end up swimming, its over yer head deep.
Where is the best salmon fishing? – Anywhere I’m not fishing.-har har.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Lake Ontario and Salmon River King and Coho Salmon Fishing Report NEWS and HIGHLIGHTS.

Check out the NEW Completed Tail of the Schoolhouse Pool. – These structures and others are all part of Phase 1 of the Lake Ontario Natural Resource Damages funded river restoration projects. I walked in and studied these New and Very interesting changes, inch by inch, on both sides of the Salmon River. Heads up! – New dangerous stuff for wade anglers above, even with and below these 2 structures. In places – One step and its over your head deep with faster currents sucking you down river into even faster currents with deeper water. Some spots you can no longer cross. Please use caution! (I’d like to Thank Expert Salmon River Spey angler Paul Moore for all of the Photos!)

Hot off the Press! – Great News for your Salmon River King-Coho-Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing. RECORD BREAKING Fish numbers caught on Lake Ontario this Summer. – What happens on the Lake is often a very good indication of what will happen on the Salmon River.

Remember Last Year on this Date? – Sept. 8 2017 – Better than the last few years at this time. Best Labor day in many years. We have received better than the average #’s of King and Coho Salmon that would normally run during this past week. Biggest early push of Cohos that I can remember.

8/28 Salmon River King Salmon fishing report. – Approx. 200-300 Salmon entered over last weekend. –

Upstate NY angler wins $25,500 for biggest salmon: Fall LOC Derby on Lake Ontario. –

Salmon River Fisheries Management Plan August 10, 2018. – Lots of reading, but it’s a good read, if this interests you. –

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

TODAY’S VIDEO – Will 100% help you to catch more fish on the Salmon River!

Whether its a:
1. Temporary Transitional Resting Spot – Which is where the fish stops at temporarily while in a Transitional mode (running the Salmon River).
2. Prime Transitional Resting Area – Which is where the fish stops to rest mid day.
3. Prime Holding Location – Which is where the fish holds for an extended period of time on the Salmon River. Days, a month and for Steelhead and Brown Trout all Fall, Winter and into the Spring.

They ALL have 1 main and critically important thing in common. They all are Current Breaks.

A Current Break is a structural – change of water speed in the Salmon River.
The #1 determining factor on how long a fish will sit on these Current Breaks, is solely determined by the qaulity of the Current Break
Because all fish in the Salmon River use these C. B.’s to conserve energy and rest, then so should you when your fishing here.

The fish normally use the deepest water in the Salmon River and the current to navigate it. Its like a road map and rarely changes. By studying fish movement up the Salmon River it well also provide you with a detailed road map for your optional fishing locations and fishing strategies.
So any Current Break that is on this path is normally used by the fish. Whenever we have fish that are in a transitional stage running the Salmon River, then these locations should always be fished by you.

Todays Video is on Temporary Transitional Resting Current Breaks that all species of fish use for a very short amount of time while running up or down the Salmon River.

These special C.B.s are used in the exact same way by the fish as you or I would when climbing a long steep Mountain or 500 flights of stairs. We would take short lil breaks along our route, which is exactly what our Salmon River fish do when running it.

A prime example of this would be any long stretch of Salmon River rapids. These are like climbing a long flight of stairs to the fish. Stopping behind the boulders in the pockets to rest until they decide to continue on to the next pocket. The fish can sit in these Salmon River pockets for a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on how much energy they had just used to get there.

Remember what I said earlier about the quality of the C.B. determines the length of time a fish will hold on it? These Temp. Trans. Resting Spots do not provide a good enough current break for them to hold on it for an extended period of time. So they just use them temporarily while steadily transitioning up the Salmon River.

Typically, these areas are fished during low light periods, mornings and evenings. When the fish feel safer and we have fish running up the Salmon River. Or, all day if we have a lot of low-light, rainy, stormy weather or the water level in the Salmon River has come up. Once your run has ended, then your next strategy would be to fish the Prime Transitional Resting and Holding area’s where the fish will rest mid-day or the Prime Holding Locations (Pools) where they will sit for an extended period of time.

These other areas are covered more thoroughly towards the bottom of this Blog in. – Where is the BEST place to Fish on the Salmon River for Salmon, Steelhead and Brown Trout.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Enjoy my Salmon River fishing report Humorous Guide Fish Tails from Pulaski NY.

Jim was very excited to go King Salmon fly fishing today on the Salmon River.

He had been out celebrating the night before in anticipation of a great day of Salmon fly fishing. As we walked to the hopeful Salmon River honey hole. He told me he had tied on a brand new fly line late last night. And was interested to see how it performed. It cost him $69.

Shortly there after Jim was tight to a fresh run “honka” of a 30 lb. silver Salmon River King Salmon. As the King Salmon ran, he pulled with all his might. The fly rod was almost doubled over. When all of a sudden his backing knot separated from his brand new $69 fly line. “King Salmon attached to fly line” were last seen headed down the Salmon River at a fast rate of speed. I asked Jim what knot he had used to tie his fly line on with. And basically got a blank stare in return. His blood shot eyes and late night partying told me everything I needed to know. At days end I gave Jim a knot tying demonstration.
Moral of the story? Wait until you’ve HAD a good day of salmon fishing, before going out to celebrate it.

The Life of a Salmon River Drift Boat Steelhead Fishing Guide. 😉

Tim and Gert had a number of Steelhead fishing goals for the day. Besides the usual Salmon River fishing, drift boat and trying to hook into a few steelhead. They also wanted to spend a little time driving around and look at some of the local streams and creeks that hold steelhead. We visited about 7 different bodies of water which probably gave both of them a lifetime of additional area’s to steelhead fish.
The last 1/2 of the day sort of went like this on the Salmon River Drift Boat.
Do you see those tree’s and bushes on the bank?
Yes, Randy.
Those tree’s and bush’s are not going to move all morning. They wont jump out at you, I promise. So please don’t throw into them.
Ok, Randy.
Now, land it just short of those tree’s and bush’s.
Ok Randy.
Hey Gert, what are you doing stuck in all those tree’s I told you about? Hey Tim, what are doing stuck in all those bush’s I told you about?
Why me lord.
😉 😉
I need a day off BAD! 😉
We had a lot of laughs today. I got a big kick out of the fact that in a half a day of steelhead fishing off the Salmon River Guide drift boat we tied into 9 steelhead. The other big kicker was out of the 4 Salmon River spots we fished, we hit steelhead in every hole. We went 100% on all spots! Ye-Haaaa!

Both of my guest’s were some what new to Salmon River Steelhead.

Carl explained to me that after hooking up several steelhead in several different locations today that he now had the “Confidence” to fish the Salmon River on his own. I agreed and said that “Knowledge” is truly the only thing a Professional “full-time” guide can really ever guarantee. And with this knowledge of habitat, rigging, flies, bait, presentation comes confidence. With out saying it, Carl had just paid me one of the highest compliments a guide could ever ask for.

Paul on the other hand was an entirely different story. (Ahemmmm) After spending the morning talking and talking and then talking some more about “How To Run A Proper 100% Drift”. We moved to another Salmon River location. I watched Paul cast and hold his rod tip a few inch’s above the water’s level on his drift. I jokingly asked Paul if he had been listening to me at all during the morning or had he forgotten the hours of conversations we had had on Steelhead drift fishing. His explanation was pretty weak and he mentioned something about “Old Dogs”.

The first thing I “politely” mentioned was that in a 8 hour day of steelhead fishing. If you only are fishing 50% of your drift. Then that equates into only 4 hours of fishing. But, I would still be charging him for a full day. 😉

Anyway, after that I “politely” asked him to try running a drift with his rod tip high. This would give him more of a drag free drift and get his fly or bait to the bottom sooner. Cut down on drag, give him a better feel for the bottom and also he would be able to detect the subtle biters. (Pauses and hesitations) Most folks that steelhead fish the Salmon River are all waiting for the BIG BANG, YA WHO. I explained that 10% of the anglers that catch 90% of the Steelhead on the Salmon river are always trying to detect the pauses and hesitations on the drift. And by holding you tip high on the drift it would enable you to feel those.

His response was “Tip Who?”

I took a deep deep breath, lit up a smoke, took a deeeeeeeeeep drag deep into my lungs, put on a nicotine patch, put some chew between my gums and then pulled out a ball of cotton. 😉 I stuffed one piece into his left ear. Then politely 😉 repeated everything I had gone over in the morning, again. As soon as I stopped speaking, I stuffed another piece of cotton in his right ear. I figured this way it would all stay in his head and not spill out the other ear. It worked like a charm and soon after, a bright fresh Salmon River Steelhead came to Paul’s hand. – Ye-Haa!

I just looked in the mirror tonight and noticed a few more gray hairs. 😉

Be careful out there or YOU could be my next “Fish Tail” 😉

I hope you all enjoyed my Humorous Fish Tails, which were written in Good Humor Fishing Fun! 🙂

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Some Trophy Steelhead awaiting your arrival!

Salmon River Steelhead Salmon fishing bright fresh steelhead in Pulaski NY.
Salmon River steelhead salmon fishing with a Trophy 17.5 pound steelhead from Pulaski NY.
Dime bright fresh Salmon River Fall steelhead landed while Salmon River Steelhead Salmon fishing in Pulaski NY.

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Booking Form.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Salmon River NY Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Countdown Article.

In four days I will head north to the Salmon River in New York to try and catch salmon, steelhead, big brown trout or any combination of those three. I’ve already started packing: 8-weight rod and reel, waders, studded boots, lucky hat, beer, cigars, advil, camera. A year ago I went for the first time to the Salmon River and had some success, thanks to my friend Steve who brought me there and showed me how to catch – and land – fish that were larger than any fish I had ever seen, let alone hooked.

I caught only salmon last year. The serious anglers up there all want steelhead, and many of them don’t like hooking into salmon because it takes a long time to land one and that’s time that could be spent fishing for steelhead. Me? I think it will be quite a long time before I get tired of hooking a 25- or 30-pound Chinook Salmon and watching – and, more importantly, hearing – ninety feet of fly line leave my reel in a matter of seconds. That’s fun. Something that surprised me about my previous Salmon River trip there was how much fun it was to just watch other anglers catch and land fish. Something about seeing an 8-weight fly rod bent over in an upside down ‘U,’ accompanied by the sound of a screaming reel, whether it belongs to you or the guy next to you.
Credit –

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Will this years King and Coho Salmon Run be a Hero or a Zero on the Salmon River?

Lets take a look – by Salmon River Guide – Randy Jones.
A good indication for this years King and Coho Salmon Run on the Salmon River is to see how “most” of the Full-Time Charter Boat Capt’s. on Lake Ontario are doing this Summer.

GREAT Salmon River NEWS This Year!
From July 1 thru July 15 – My Capt. friends were all reporting: (with Picture proof on all)
This season has been one of the best continuous Brown Trout and Salmon bites I have ever seen!

Summer is here, and the lake is fishing phenomenally. It’s hard to believe but in a few short months the king and coho salmon of Lake Ontario will begin running our Salmon River once again.
That being said things are shaping up nicely and I expect to see another phenomenal year on the river.

Pretty much same story. Good numbers of kings coming over the rail daily. Well into double digits yet again

Crazy King Salmon Fishing! It is July and the Salmon bite is crazy good. It really can’t get any better.

Lake Ontario is giving up large numbers of plump brown trout and hard fighting chrome Chinooks in numbers we have not seen in a long time. While last year was nothing short of banner, this season is shaping up to be even better. The bite is Red Hot!

Salmon fishing has been nothing short of incredible!!

The trout and salmon fishing is off the chart on Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario is paved with Salmon this season! In a few months the Salmon River will also be paved with Salmon.

2017 DEC Lake Ontario Stats:
Chinook and coho salmon: Anglers reported a banner year for Chinook and coho salmon on the lake. The fishing quality for Chinooks in 2017 was the highest recorded in 30 years, primarily due to excellent fishing during July and August in all the regions.
Fishing quality for coho salmon was also superb, with 2017 being among the best in the 33 years surveyed and the highest since 2010.

From the Salmon River in Pulaski NY: The DEC stats for Salmon landed in 2018 was up substantially from 2017.
The Fall 2017 chinook king salmon egg collections at the DEC’s Salmon River fish hatchery exceeded targets and survival of Chinook salmon there has been good to date.

In Closing: The above “should” be a reflection for this years Salmon River King and Coho Salmon Runs.
But – No one can 100% predict or guarantee numbers.
It won’t be a ZERO. So Lets all hope for a HERO! Ye-Haa!

P.S. – No one can predict exactly when the BIG RUN of Salmon will happen.
So please stop emailing and calling me about – Randy, when is the BIG RUN going to happen! – yuk yuk 😉

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

When will the BIG RUN of King and Coho Salmon happen this year on the Salmon River?

When fishing for King and Coho Salmon on the Salmon River. There isn’t a Guarantee for when the BIG RUN of Salmon well happen. When looking at the past 40 years, it only “suggest’s” what Monthly time period is normally, but not always, the most consistent year after year for the BIG RUN or Bulk of King and Coho Salmon to enter the Salmon River.

Early to mid. Sept. Salmon fishing “usually” means less anglers and normally less fish.
But last year we had a early BIG RUN mid. Sept. with the balance of Salmon entering thru the rest of Sept. into Oct.

Normally, Prime Time is the last week of Sept. and first week of Oct. for the BIG RUN to happen.
But 2 years ago, the Bulk of Salmon came in later and mid. Oct. was great on the Salmon River!

Normally, the 2nd and 3rd week of Oct. your targeting all the King and Coho Salmon that have already entered and settled into their primary Fall Habitats. Top to Bottom of the Salmon River, spread out.

So its tuff to forecast, but late Sept. and early Oct. is over all. Normally the best most consistent 2 weeks for the BIG RUN of King and Coho Salmon to happen on the Salmon River. Don’t be surprised if there are a couple other anglers fishing during these 2 weeks. 😉

What helps to cause a BIG RUN of King and Coho Salmon?

This might help plan your Salmon River fishing trip.

Salmon River Guide fishing King Salmon and Coho Salmon during a BIG RUN in Pulaski NY YouTube Video.
Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

What’s the Forecast for this Salmon River Steelhead Season? I’m glad you asked! 😉

Last Spring there were more steelhead at the Altmar Hatchery than the last 5-6 years. They easily met their egg quota.
Last Salmon River Steelhead Season and Spring the Steelhead fishing was over-all pretty good, by most standards.

The DEC stats for Steelhead landed on the Salmon River in 2018 was up substantially from 2017.

We didnt see a bunch of dying steelhead daily, like we all did a few years ago. We saw very normal #’s of 1 or 2 per day on the Salmon River.
The DEC has been working hard for the last few years to try to correct the Vitamin B deficiency that the steelhead get from eating all those alewives in Lake Ontario.
Seems to be working!

We had a Very Large # of smaller Steelhead in the 5 to 8lb. range last Season. These will all be returning this year in the 10-12lb. range, with many larger! Ye-Haa!!

In Closing:
My Crystal Ball says it will be a Good Steelhead Season. Aren’t you glad you asked? 😉

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Enjoy a Scenic drift boat trip down the Salmon River.
Fun and Fast – Covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Fall and Winter.

Salmon River Drift boat guide fishing for Steelhead, King Salmon and Coho Salmon in Pulaski NY YouTube Video.

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Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
A 30 lb. Salmon River Guide King Salmon from Pulaski NY.

Fishing King Salmon avg. 10-20 lbs. (Sept.-Oct.)

Our tackle busting King Salmon are known for Rod Breaking EXPLODING fishing excitement! King Salmon will amaze you with their freight train runs on the Salmon River. Its like your hooked to the back of a bus, that isn’t stopping! There is no Nookie like a Chinookie! 😉

Salmon River guide 22 lb. Coho Salmon landed while fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski NY.

Fishing Coho Salmon avg. 8-12 lbs. (Sept.-Oct.)

Trying to harness the raw power of a zippy 12lb Coho Salmon screaming at high speeds. In 20 different directions will keep you on your fishing toes (and hopefully not on your fishing back!)
There is no HO like a Coho! 😉

Salmon River Guide fishing for Steelhead, King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Brown Trout.

Fishing Steelhead (avg. 8 to 12 lbs.) – (Nov. thru April.)

Our Steelhead are without a doubt. One of the hardest fighting and most acrobatic fish that swims in the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. Torpedo – Silver Bullet runs and changing direction in a blink of an eye. While taking your line 100 to 200 feet out in seconds. This well surely jump start your fishing heart! Tarpon jumps, like a rocket ship 3-4 feet in the air. Somersaulting like a jugglers baton back to earths atmosphere before splash down. Sounding like a cinder block with water spraying 20 feet in all directions. Steelhead Tail Walks across the pool for 40 to 60 feet, will live in your Salmon River memory forever!

Nice Brown Trout landed on the Salmon River, Pulaski NY.

Fishing Brown Trout. avg. 3-5 lbs.

You can catch these Brown Trout anytime while fishing for Steelhead. Like Salmon and Steelhead you measure our Brown Trout by the pound and not by the inch. While they are not as numerous as Salmon or Steelhead.

These are an optional Trophy of a Fishing life time!

Salmon River King and Coho Salmon, Brown Trout and Steelhead Fishing Seasons.

Sept. – Oct.
King and Coho Salmon. Every Fall the Salmon River sees epic runs of King Salmon and Coho Salmon from September through October when anglers can try their hand at some of the Largest freshwater game fish in the world. Our King Salmon range up to 30 pounds, with many Salmon pushing past 20 pounds. Our Coho Salmon average 8 to 12 pounds, with many larger.

Nov. Best – but also Year Round.
Brown Trout. They have entered the Salmon River to spawn in Nov. and will weight from 3-5 lbs. with some reaching 10 pounds!

October 20 – May 1.
Steelhead 8-15 lbs. The Fall Steelhead is without a doubt, one of the hardest fighting Fish that swims in the Salmon River. They’ll take most of your line out in seconds, then jump start your heart with tail walking antics that will live in your memory forever.

Winter Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River.

This is one of my favorite fishing times of the year. With colder temperatures the crowds disappear. Steelhead continue to come into the Salmon River from the lake. A Winter Drift Boat trip aboard our heated Drift Boat is a great way to learn the Salmon River and experience it’s beauty.

The end of February, March and April are great Steelhead Fishing days as new Fish move into and out of the Salmon River on a daily basis. As the river temperatures rise, so does the aggressiveness of the Steelhead. Often, sight fishing is possible as they move into the shallows.
We can Spin or Fly Fish for Steelhead either by wading or using the Drift Boat.

I invite you to join me and enjoy what is an unquestionably one of the finest fresh water fisheries in the eastern United States.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

When is the BEST time to fish for Salmon River Steelhead?

Mid-week is always best, but not on or around a holiday.

There really isn’t any BEST for Steelhead, as we always have them in the Salmon River from Oct. thru May. Its all angler personal preference.

I start guiding for them at the end of Oct. Which means Less Salmon River Anglers targeting Steelhead = more opportunity for you.

In Nov. we start to see more Steelhead and more Salmon River anglers. It’s the busiest angler Month. Temps. aren’t to cold yet and its also when the steelhead fight the hardest. With speeding bullet runs, tail walks and somersaults.

In Dec. we start to see even more Steelhead and less Salmon River anglers. Most folks are doing business and family holiday stuff. And its a lil colder = Less anglers = more opportunity for you.

The middle of the Winter can be magical with only the most die hard Salmon River Steelhead anglers out. During these colder Mo’s. = Less anglers = more opportunity for you.

Spring Steelhead. (Feb., Mar. and April.) With higher Spring “Run-off” water levels, this brings in the balance of our Steelhead. It starts to warm and we see a few more anglers out, but not as many as November. The Steelhead’s appetites are on fire as they slowly drop back down the Salmon River to lake Ontario. Sight fishing is an optional treat.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Where is the BEST place to Fish on the Salmon River for Salmon, Steelhead and Brown Trout? Enjoy my Expert YouTube Fishing Tutorial Video’s for your Guaranteed BEST fishing opportunities.

3 Basic fishing ways to locate and target Your Salmon River Salmon and Steelhead.

1. When the Salmon and steelhead are running the Salmon River. Fish there “Temporary Transitional Resting Spots” as they make there way up the Salmon River. Otherwise, you are fishing to Salmon or Steelhead that are not stopping, decreasing your odds greatly. Tutorial Video on Temporary Transitional Resting Spots.

2. Once the Steelhead or Salmon stop running the Salmon River to hold during the middle of the day. – (From approx. 9:30am. to 5:30pm.) Fish these “Prime Transitional Holding Spots”.
Tutorial Video on Prime Transitional Holding Spots.

3. Once the Salmon or steelhead have stopped running the Salmon River. And have found a spot that satisfies all their survival instincts. Fish these “Prime Holding Spots” – (Pools). Normally, the most fish and they aren’t going anywhere soon. Tutorial Video on Prime Holding Spots – Pools.

4 Advanced fishing ways to locate and target Your Salmon River Salmon and Steelhead.

Tutorial Video on EXPERT Fish Locating Habitat. – (These are areas I look for on the Salmon River when guiding folks like yourself.)

4. Find a spot that is a combination of all 1 thru 3. (Or, a spot that has all 3 in close proximity. So you can jump around according to what the Salmon or Steelhead are telling you to do.)

5. Combine 1 thru 4 and find a spot above a looong stretch of rapids. The fish get tired after running these Salmon River rapids and will hold here for an extended period of time.

6. Include 1 thru 5 and make sure that your spot has 98% of the Salmon or Steelhead in a transitional stage. Move into it. (Funnel or Pinch point in the river.)

7. My #1 Spot! Combine 1 thru 6 and pick a spot that compresses and or concentrates them. On a dime, like a sardine can, trash can lid or the size of a Volkswagen beetle or bus. This cuts down on all the guess work. And it allows to to present your offering to all the Steelhead and Salmon on every drift.

8. The VERY BEST place to Salmon or Steelhead fish? Is anywhere I’m not! yukyuk

By utilizing the above. You will have the most Steelhead or Salmon in front of you for the greatest period of time. In a concentrated area offering you the greatest opportunity to present your offering to ALL of them. Fish ON and ON and ON! Now you know what “This Salmon River Fishing Guide” look’s for normally.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Fishing Report Testimonial: 

Randy, Your fishing report’s Rock!! Your writings resonate with so many. The humor, the professional P.O.V. and experience you share is invaluable.
Hope to secure a spot with you soon. Jim – Thanks Jim! I hope other viewer’s feel the same. Best fish’s, Randy

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Clint fish's the Salmon River and lands a BIG 30 lb. King Salmon.

Clint’s Salmon River Pulaski NY King Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Testimonial.

Randy, even though there were relatively few King Salmon caught up and down the Salmon River by others. Due to low water and Salmon volumes, it was amazing how effective our group was. I did not see anyone even come close to the amount of King Salmon we handled and, in many cases, landed on the Salmon River. Thanks for your patience and consistent sharing of techniques. Bottom line; best guide, best location, best dates, best gear,—big fish! See you next year if not before in Pulaski NY. Thanks! Clint Woods
Clint lands a beauty King Salmon of approx. 30 lb’s. Steelhead too! Congrats!

Clint fish's in Pulaski NY and lands a steelhead on the Salmon River.
Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Thumbs up from this Salmon River NY Fishing Report Guide with a Very Happy Steelhead Guest, Banner.

Thumbs up from this Fishing Guide with a Very Happy Salmon River Steelhead Guest.

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams…… ………… we’ll mak’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeel
Randy Jones is a Salmon River NY fishing report drift boat guide fishing for Steelhead and Salmon in Pulaski NY - banner.

The Salmon River, where Memories are Made!

Join me for a guided drift boat fishing trip on the World Renowned Salmon River in Pulaski NY for hard fighting Salmon or Steelhead during the splendor of our Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. Enjoy learning Advanced fishing techniques and Exact fish habitats. I always enjoy sharing my wealth of knowledge with all my guest’s.

Randy Jones is a full-time professional Spin and Fly fishing guide with over 35 years of experience.
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