About Guide Randy Jones the Yankee Angler fishing the Salmon River Pulaski NY.

Meet the Salmon River Fishing Guide Business Owner in Pulaski NY.

What did this Salmon River fishing report video guide catch all his Steelhead, Brown Trout, Coho Salmon and King Salmon on in Pulaski NY? Experience!

Established in 1980

I started off guiding in VT. for Trout for 10 years. Then split my fishing season’s by guiding Here and Cape Cod for Stripers and Blues for 27 years.

I’m a full-time professional spin fly fishing guide with over 35 years of experience. I run drift boat trips on the World Class Salmon River in Pulaski NY for Steelhead, Brown Trout and Coho-Atlantic-King Salmon.

Author, Publisher, Professional sales and marketing of my vastly successful fishing guide business and local fishery.

About Yankee Angler - Salmon River guide Randy Jones fishing King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead and Brown Trout in Pulaski NY.

There is no Nookie like a Chinookie!
(Me and a King Salmon)

Fishing Testimonials for the Salmon River NY

About Yankee Angler – Bragging Rights – Professional Affiliations:

  • Distributed World Wide Books: Simon Gawesworth, Spey Casting, First and also Second Editions. Rich Murphy, Fly Fishing for Striped Bass. (More not listed here)
  • Covers, feature articles and guide profiles in. Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine, Fly Fishing in Saltwater Magazine, Albany, Syracuse, Utica and N.Y. Times Newspapers, N.Y. Sportsmen, N.Y. Fishing and Hunting and Salmon River Success Magazines. (Many more not listed here, some World Wide Distribution in different languages.)
  • Many World Wide Internet Fishing Sites and News Feeds.
  • Paid featured guest speaker at Sports Shows, Fresh and Saltwater fishing.
  • Guest speaker at most Trout Unlimited Chapters, fly tying, tackle and Orvis shops around New England and beyond.
  • I have had the pleasure of being interviewed. With some of the top fly fisherman, fly fishing Author’s of the World. (Lefty Kreh, more not listed here)
  • Represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor. Of their 2 1/2 day Cape Cod Saltwater Fly fishing Schools.

(P.S. I don’t discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! – yukyuk)

Salmon River NY Fishing Guide’s job is his life. (About Randy Jones the Yankee Angler.)

by Morgan Lyle For The Daily Gazette.
Big bright fresh Salmon River steelhead being held by my client.Reeeeeel hum-dinger of a Steelhead. Nice!

Want an idea of the demand for a good “Full-Time” steelhead and salmon fishing guide on the Salmon River?

“I have already had to start scheduling my days off. A year in advance, believe it or not” said Randy Jones, aka, “the Yankee Angler”. One of only a handful of “Full-Time” guides who take people fishing on the Salmon River NY. From the start of salmon season in September right through to the end of steelhead season in the spring.

There are good reasons to envy the lives of fishing guides. They make a living doing what the rest of us do for fun. Their workplace is a drift boat on a river, and their only boss is Mother Nature.

But most fishers also realize it can be a tough life. One that could burn a person out on fishing altogether. Jones used to work every weekend and holiday. Now, because his guide business is so successful and popular. He takes those days off and only works mid-week. He’s in bed every night at 8 and up every morning at 3.

All through the winter. Long before most people have clicked their remote car starters and sat down to a cup of coffee. He’s backing his boat-trailer into the inky river in the frigid dawn. With an anxious, bundled-up client dreaming of leaping silver.

Even at the slowest times of the year, Jones is competing with dozens or hundreds of anglers for fish. The Steelheads are tricky to find, difficult to fool and very challenging to land.

When he’s not out with clients (some of whom have precious little fishing experience). He’s working on his web site or lining up the speaking engagements at Trout Unlimited functions. And other gatherings that help promote his business and keep his schedule full.

So it was nice to learn that the daily grind hasn’t blunted Jones’ passion for the sport. When I asked him when would be a good time to get some pictures of him on the river. He said,”I’ve got a day off scheduled Wednesday. Let’s go out in the boat.”

Dime bright fresh Silver Bullet Steelhead from the Slam'n Salmon River NY.

Dime bright fresh Silver Bullet Steelhead!

“It takes an enormous amount of time and energy,” he said. “But what originally got me into the sport as an angler is still there. The love of being outdoors, the excitement of the fight, the challenge of it all. Basically just having a love of the sport that I haven’t lost after 35 years. And sharing that passion with others who have the same interest’s as I do.

Jones, 57, an Iowa native. Who lived and guided in Vermont and Cape Cod for 12 years before moving to Pulaski. May be one of the best-known of the hardy Salmon River guide corps. Randy has 35 plus years of experience as a fishing guide. Which has helped him to acquire a vast and diverse knowledge base. While he’s relaxed and good-natured with clients, as a good guide should be. He is also very much a hard-nosed businessman. Always on the lookout for an advantage or a new way to promote his name.

His Social Media sites offer expert informative articles. Based on Jones’ years of daily experience on the river. About flies, spin fishing, rigging, techniques and finding fish.

As free as he is with general advice. Jones keeps things like honey-holes and productive fly-patterns secret, to be shared only with his clients. He doesn’t waste a client’s time on a hole that was pounded the day before. And he watches each cast carefully. To make sure the sport has covered a good lie thoroughly before moving on.

Most of Jones’ clients seem to land fish. But of course, there is more value to fishing with a guide. Than simply being chauffeured to a good spot in a heated boat. You learn things it would have taken you years to learn by yourself. And you can come back confident and informed on your own.

What’s it like to be a fishing guide?

“It can be a variety of different things. From total satisfaction that you’ve taken someone with lots of experience to no experience. And brought their fishing ability level up to meet their expectations or above. The same way a teacher would feel when their students get an A on a test. To the thrill and the excitement of the fight. The rewards of running a profitable business. To sometimes the feeling of inadequacy when you have a slow day on the river,” he said.

His Salmon River Social Media Sites draw thousands of fishing visitors a day. They are worth a fishing visit:

Jones can be reached at (315) 963 – 2065. Along with his own business, he offers a referral service to 6 other local top guides. That he keeps busy while taking his client over flow. The Schenectady Gazette.,Schenectady, NY. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Enjoy a Scenic drift boat trip down the Salmon River.
Fun and Fast – Covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Fall and Winter.

Salmon River Drift boat guide fishing for Steelhead, King Salmon and Coho Salmon in Pulaski NY YouTube Video.

What helps to cause a BIG RUN of Steelhead or Salmon?
This might help plan your Salmon River fishing trip.

Salmon River Guide fishing Steelhead during a BIG RUN off the Drift Boat in Pulaski NY YouTube Video.
Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Fishing joke from this Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide in Pulaski NY.
Pulaski NY fishing Salmon River drift boat guide fishing joke from Pulaski NY.
What is it with you and fish, why cant you be normal joke.

About Yankee Angler – Randy Jones.

Feel free to contact my references regarding my presentations and experience.

Trout Unlimited Chapters: (P.S. I don’t discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! yuk-yuk! 😉

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Oysterville Yacht Club, MA.
Rochester Sportsman Show, NY  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s).
Albany Outdoors Show, NY  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s).
Wilmington Sportsman Show MA.  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s).
(More not listed here)

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Salmon River Guide Steelhead Testimonial:

Hi Randy, Thank you for a truly great outing. Basically, I knew nothing about Salmon River Steelhead. In previous trips I would usually end up somewhere in Altmar. Following other Steelhead fishermen around like a sheep. Now, I feel confident that I can approach the Salmon River with a strategy. And a technique that will at least afford me the opportunity to identify and access “Steelhead” water. And present my fly to Steelhead for as long and as naturally as possible. Additionally, we studied numerous slots and runs that I never would’ve even considered stumbling around on my own.
As I learned, it really is as precise as fitting a key into a lock.

I cannot stress enough how invaluable this guide experience was. From the stand point of a guy that lives a couple hours away. And simply cannot devote the time necessary to develop on my own a comfort level with such a complex Steelhead fishery. I hope you will be able to find some room for me in March. Thanks again. Andy Romanow
Andy fish’s over a mile of the Salmon River and is 3 for 6 on Steelhead for the day. All dime bright freshies! SUPER!

Andy fish’s over a mile of the Salmon River and is 3 for 6 on Steelhead.
Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Thumbs up from this Salmon River Fishing Guide with a Happy Salmon River Steelhead Guest in Pulaski NY.

Thumbs up from this Fishing Guide with a Very Happy Salmon River Steelhead Guest.

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams…… ………… we’ll mak’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeel
Randy Jones is a Salmon River guide who drift boat fish's for steelhead and salmon - The Yankee Angler banner.

The Salmon River, where Memories are Made!


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Randy Jones is a Full-Time Professional Drift Boat Spin - Fly fishing Guide with over 35 years of Experience.

Contact Info

Yankee Angler
Phone: 315-963-2065
cash, check
87 Clark Road
Mexico, NY 13114
Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY

Rates, Reservations and Deposits:

$275 for 1 angler $350 for 2 anglers Your reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a $100 check deposit (per day) within 7 days of booking to hold your date. Check Payable and Mailed to: Randy Jones 87 Clark Rd. Mexico, NY 13114  No credit cards being excepted at this time.