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Salmon River Guide Blog includes: Current Fishing Conditions, Local News, Articles, Videos, Tips and Humor for Steelhead, King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Brown Trout Fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY.

I hope you find my Salmon River Guide Blog entertainingly informative or mildly educational. Sharing all this Detailed info. with you has been a pleasure!
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Winter Steelhead Fishing Pulaski NY

Winter Steelhead Fishing Pulaski NY

Winter Steelhead Fishing Pulaski NY.Winter is one of the Best Times for February Steelhead fishing Pulaski NY. With only a few Winter, February steelhead anglers fishing Pulaski NY. It opens up additional Winter Steelhead fishing opportunities. With Ton’s of options...

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Steelhead fishing Salmon River NY.

Steelhead fishing Salmon River NY.

Steelhead Fishing Salmon River NY. Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River NY is Superb! We have Steelhead fishing from the Lower Salmon River to the Upper Salmon River NY. With all the Salmon and Brown Trout eggs in the Salmon River. It continues to bring in fresh...

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Fall Steelhead fishing Pulaski NY.

Fall Steelhead fishing Pulaski NY.

Fall Steelhead Fishing Pulaski NY. Fall Steelhead fishing Pulaski NY is One of the Best Times for Steelhead. Your Fall Steelhead fishing is starting right on schedule in Pulaski NY. The Best place to go Fall Steelhead fishing now is in the Lower Salmon River.Nice Push...

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Enjoy my Salmon River Guide Blog fishing Humor, Fun Fishing Story and Expert Fish Fighting Article for Steelhead and Salmon fishing in Pulaski NY.

Salmon River Guide Blog – Fishing HUMOR.

Salmon River Guide Blog. If your driving here and you see this sign, your going to the WRONG Salmon River Joke.

If your driving here and you see this sign, your going to the WRONG Salmon River.

Salmon River guide blog drift boat steelhead fishing with Jen who is very cold in Pulaski NY.

Jen decided to spend some “Quality Steelhead Fishing Time” with her boyfriend. While he fished off the Salmon River guide drift boat for steelhead during a cold Winters day.

These Salmon are BIG Fish! – So don’t bring your lil and or old nets when fishing the Salmon River.

Up here, if you Salmon fish here long enough, you will see anglers using a small or old net. The netter usually takes 20 swipes at the Salmon before they get it into the net. And that’s ONLY if they don’t fall in the water while trying. – sound familiar?
Then, the nets are soooo small and our Salmon are sooooo BIG. That normally they can only fit the head of the fish in the net.
Then, sometimes the Salmon will break the old mess netting and fall completely thru it back into the water. Losing it and then you get to listen to the angler LOUDLY curse out his fishing buddy. For ——– it all up! – Sorry, this site is rated PG.

Or, what I find even funnier. When they do finally scoop up that Salmon and are as proud as a peacock! Due to the weight of the fish, the net handle breaks in two. Losing it and then you get to listen to the angler LOUDLY curse out his fishing buddy. For ——– it all up!
Never a dull moment on this river!
(This Salmon River Guide was new once too and the above was written in fun. I use (linked) Cumming Nets for our Monster sized Salmon)

Fly Fishing for a World Record Monster 20lb. Brown Trout?

At one point during the fly fishing day Bill said, Hey Randy, come here quick. I see a BIG Monster Brown Trout. I walked over and peered into the crystal clear water and looked at what Bill was excitedly pointing at. Look at the size of that one! Bill yelled!
I said, Hmmmm, Bill I don’t see it.
Right there, right off the tip of my fly rod, don’t you see it? It’s a Monster 20lb. Brown Trout, could be a NEW WORLD RECORD!
As Bill was pointing at it with his fly rod. I noticed his hands were trembling with excitement. At the possibility of bragging rights to his fishing buddies for years to come. If he was able to catch it?

I said, O, now I see it, yes, that is one of the largest Brown Trout I have ever seen! Could be a NEW Fly Fishing WORLD RECORD! That would be a real nice wall hanger! Bragging rights for years. Boy, wont your fly fishing buddies be jealous!

Both Chris and I started to snicker. Because what Bill was pointing at was a very dead, severely decaying and Brown in color King Salmon. Just laying happily on the bottom of the pool.

We both egged him on and suggested he make a cast for that MONST’A Brown Trout. But shortly there after we explained to him what he was really seeing. His face turned a little red and we all laughed. Of course we were laughing with him and not at him. How long you been fly fishing this river Bill? Had your eye’s checked lately Bill?

Countless people have been guided by me and most (excluding Bill) have gone on to live normal lives. Be careful out there or YOU could be this Salmon River guides next “Fish Tale”.

Salmon River Guide Blog – FUN FISHING STORY – Jud and his girlfriend Theresa had a few Steelhead fishing goals for today.

1. An introduction to the Salmon River NY.
2. Have some fishing fun.
3. Stay warm on the drift boat.
4. Learn the basics of fishing for Steelhead. This was Theresa’s first time ever fishing in her entire life!
5. Catch some fish.
Did we succeeded on all of the above Salmon River Guide goals?

Theresa with a (lake effect) snow covered hat and a great smile, while fishing with this Salmon River blog guide in Pulaski NY.

Theresa with a (lake effect) snow covered hat and a great smile, while fishing the Salmon River.

Theresa’s first question was, Randy, how will I know when I get a Steelhead on? Jud and myself both said in unison, you’ll know.

Theresa is hooked up to her first steelhead off the Salmon River guide blogs fishing drift boat in Pulaski NY.

Shortly there after she was tight to her first fish – Steelhead EVER!
She yelled WOW! – Oh SH-T! – What is happening! – What do I do! As the drag started to scream The Fisherman’s National Anthem. And her Steelhead made an Incredible, Heart Stopping, Adrenaline Rush, Bullet Run!
She did a great job of fighting the fish, BUT did she land it?

Theresa lands a 16 lb. Salmon River NY Steelhead from the salmon river guide blog drift boat!
WOW! A 16 lb. Salmon River Steelhead!
 Theresa yells out VICTORY after landing her Salmon River steelhead off the guide drift boat!

 Theresa yells out VICTORY!! Throwing her arms in the air to make a cheerleader V. Her boyfriend Jud was tickled pink and very proud of her Steelhead fishing success. I think Jud has found a new Steelhead fishing buddy.

Jud mumbles under his breath, beginner’s luckToday’s tally – We hit Steelhead in 1 out of 3 spots, playing with 5. Another memorable day of many.
“On the Salmon River, Where memories are made.”  Sincerely, Salmon River blog guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Guide Blog – ARTICLE – Expert Fish Fighting Techniques for Steelhead or Salmon: These may surprise you!

Salmon River Guide Blog Fishing Report ARTICLE on Expert Fish Fighting Techniques for Steelhead or Salmon intro. pic.

The first thing I did upon hooking up was to immediately get even or below the Steelhead. This tires the Salmon or Steelhead out sooner by knocking it off balance. And causing it to work harder to stay upright. It also vastly cuts down on the length of the fight. So its better for you and the fish!

I see 95% of the angler’s on the Salmon River never really load their rod properly when fighting a Steelhead or Salmon. Most angler’s only pull back 1/4 to 1/2 way back. In this Salmon River guide photo, I am about 1/2 of the way back with the rod. Before I stop pulling back, the rod is pointed directly behind me. With the rod horizontal and next to my ear. The butt (very bottom) of the rod is pointed at the far bank. It’s Salmon River guide hammer time!

Fishing guide Randy Jones is hooked up to a steelhead in Pulaski NY.

This is an example on how many Steelhead and Salmon are lost with the rod tip up. (If snag’s or strong current’s are around you then this would be the correct way.) Notice the splash? Miss Steelhead did not like it when I pulled her head out of the water. Many Salmon River fish are lost-broken off at this point.

When fighting your Salmon or Steelhead try holding your rod upside down with rod tip in the water or just above it. (Example – next pic.)

The fish will normally, slowly and quietly come in without much fuss. By keeping it’s head under the water the fish feel’s much more comfortable and tends not to freak out. This at times can also be used as a stalling tactic. You will notice some of the more experienced Salmon River anglers inverting their fishing rod shortly after the hook up. This greatly increases the odds for your Steelhead or Salmon to remain in the hole-pool and not speed off down river. It also helps by hopefully controlling the fish’s attitude by keeping your Salmon or Steelhead from thrashing around and breaking off.

Fishing guide Randy Jones is playing a steelhead with spin or fly rod up side down - tip.
The funniest thing about this fish picture and the above photo was as I was playing this Salmon River Steelhead.

Anytime I had my rod tip up I lost total control over this Steelhead. It pretty much went anywhere it wanted to. This Steelhead had a VERY negative reaction to me pulling its head out of the Salmon River water. It also took much longer to tire it out. But, as soon as I put the tip low (down and dirty) or in the water. The Steelhead came straight in at me, with in reason. While keeping its head sub-surface. This lower rod position combined with standing below your Steelhead or Salmon. Will put approx. 3 times more pressure on the fish when it is within 60 feet or so. Tiring it out sooner and gaining much more control over your Salmon River Steelhead or Salmon.

If you listen to your Steelhead or Salmon, it will pretty much tell you at what angle to hold your rod. When the fish is on the other side of the Salmon River, I always hold my tip high. If I held it low then the full amount of the Salmon Rivers current would put an awful lot of additional pressure on my line and leader – tippet as it bow’s. Many times resulting in breaking the fish off. If my Steelhead is approx. from the middle of the Salmon River towards me. Then I always hold my rod tip just off the surface of the water down low or IN the water. (Providing I don’t have any real fast currents or snags.)

In Closing: When Reeling in the Fish with your Rod Tip Up. There are 2 things wrong with this sentence.

#1. I will always hold my rod upside down with the tip in the water when bringing in a steelhead. Fish don’t breath air and with your tip up. The fish feel’s as if your trying to pull it’s head out of the water. (which you are.) This creates a havoc, wrecking ball of nerves that many times ends with Fish Off. I breathe air. So if you put my head under the water you can be assured I would not be happy. (Same with the fish.) By holding your rod upside down with the rod tip in the water or just above it. The fish will normally slowly and quietly (within reason) come in without much fuss.

#2 Whenever targeting large species of fish the rod becomes a flexible lever. We never reel the fish in; we PULL the fish in. The reel is only used to recover slack line. Pull with rod tip low, reel-down. Now combine #1 with #2 and by George, you’ve got it!

A lil 6lb Steelhead landed by Randy Jones while fishing in Pulaski NY.

Nice lil 6lb Female Steelhead along with my Elmer Fud Hat. Whirrs that cwazy wabbit!
Thanks for stopping in, Salmon River Blog Guide Randy Jones.

Complementary Salmon River Guide Blog – Steelhead Stalling Tactic Tip’s.

80% of the time these Steelhead fish fighting techniques and stalling tactics will help. So don’t blame me if you hit the 20%!

Throwing your Salmon River Steelhead Slack:

We all love to see the somersaults, jumps, tail walks and torpedo runs the Steelhead make. But, 50% of the time that show ends with no curtain call or encore performance of a landed fish. This guide prefer’s, after hooking-up. If the steelhead decides to show its colors and race down stream where I can’t follow. To throw it slack. (Pull line fast off the fly reel or open your spinning bail A.S.A.P.)

If hook set is good, the Steelhead won’t throw it and the fish will normally quite down. The action your Steelhead takes is due to the pressure it feel’s. So by releasing the pressure on your Steelhead, it no longer feel’s threatened and will tend to stop on a dime. This allows you to regroup and take control. Throwing it slack is also a great way to stop it’s screaming run downstream into snags or deep water. (where you can’t go) Or at least slow your Steelhead down so you can catch up.

Another effect that throwing it slack has is from where you are standing. Your line (down stream) will form a bow in the water’s current back to the fish. The Steelhead will feel the pressure of the current against your bow’d line. And feel as if it is being pulled down river. This normally results in your Steelhead slowly swimming back up the Salmon River to where you had initially hooked it up. (These “happy fish” really do not want to leave that prime lye where you had hooked it up.) Then simply reel up your slack line and you’ll be surprised, when at times, your Steelhead will be back. Almost at your feet.

Walking your Salmon River fish:

Here’s another technique that has worked for this Salmon River Blog Guide. If I’m working a piece of fast, deep water that is not easily waded. Upon hooking-up, I immediately lighten up and only bend the tip of the rod slightly. Remember what I said earlier about pressure? With only a slight bend in the rod tip. The fish feels little to no pressure and maintains its position in the river. I then slowly move to a safer area and believe it or not, normally the fish will follow. Once I’m in a safe position, I give it to’em. It’s Miller Time!

I hope you found my Salmon River Guide Blog Article entertainingly informative or mildly educational. – This knowledge will definitely help put YOU into the 10% of the anglers that catch 90% of the fish, Here on the Salmon River. Best Fish’s, Salmon River Blog Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Guide Fishing Steelhead in Pulaski NY with a Very Happy Steelhead Guest.

Thumbs up from this Salmon River Guide with a Very Happy Steelhead Fishing Guest.

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams…… ………… we’ll mak’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeel
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