Salmon River Fishing Report, Pulaski NY Fishing Report for Steelhead and Salmon.

Salmon River Fishing Report for Salmon and Steelhead from this Drift Boat Fishing Report Guide in Pulaski NY.

Steelhead, King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Brown Trout.

I hope you find my Salmon River fishing report, articles, tips and videos entertainingly informative or mildly educational.

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Join this Salmon River fishing report guide for a drift boat fishing trip on the World Renowned Salmon River in Pulaski NY for hard fighting Salmon or Steelhead during the splendor of our Fall, Winter and Spring fishing seasons. Enjoy learning Advanced fishing techniques for Spin Fishing, Fly Fishing or Float Fishing and Exact Salmon River fish habitats. I always enjoy sharing my wealth of fishing knowledge with all my guest’s.

Sincerely, Salmon River fishing report guide, Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler

Salmon River Fishing Report for Steelhead and Salmon – Sept. through April.

Enjoy a Scenic drift boat trip down the Salmon River.
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What helps to cause a BIG RUN of Steelhead or Salmon?
This might help plan your Salmon River fishing trip.

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Past Salmon River Fishing Reports – BONUS Steelhead Content from Pulaski NY – (Nov. thru April).

Salmon River Fishing Reports – Nov. 1. We continue to have some fresh steelhead entering and running the Salmon River in Pulaski NY daily. Spreading out Top to Bottom of the Salmon River.
Some anglers fishing for Steelhead having no luck, some having some luck and a few doing ok to reeeel good.

Matt and Vinny found 8 or 9 Ballistic Missile Salmon River Steelhead. Hardly anyone out fishing. Tons of Prime opportunity (spots) to fish. One of the many reasons for our success today. Today started off sloooow, but then we found 4 steelhead almost in a row, in a lil hot spot, before it died on us. On to the next spot, we changed strategy. Worked it for a lil, got used to the proper presentation and it wasn’t long until my 2 guest’s had another 4 or 5 on. Ye-Haa! We were 100% on finding steelhead in every spot today! Ye-Haa!
Steelhead fishing you ALL the best of Luck! Salmon River fishing reports Guide Randy Jones. After 35+ years of guiding, nothing reeeeeeelly ever changes that much.

Salmon River Fishing Reports – Nov. 2. Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY has been slow to ok with a few reeeel good days. Some fish in all the spots, some being very fussy. Most anglers having a slow go of it, but not all. Seeing numerous jumps, tail walks and speeding bullet runs from our Steelhead of late! Perfect Presentation, Rigging and Habitat for this water flow and temperature of water is crucial for success.

Latest Movement of Steelhead. Recently, the lower river received better #’s of fresh Steelhead over an approx. 4 day period. After that, the middle of the river was fishing better. With better #’s, as these Dime Bright Chromers transitioned (ran) up the Salmon River. Now, upper river has seen some of those freshies. Besides the ones that came in during the 1,800 cfs and the others that have been trickling in daily. These are adding to our #’s, top to bottom of the Salmon River, with more to come – Ye-Haa! We have an additional 75cfs of run off, added to our flow of 335cfs presently. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to induce a nice push of fresh steelhead.

This was Joe’s first time fishing for Steelhead. He was 4 (landed) for 9 (Steelhead on) off the drift boat. We fished 3 different spots and found Steelhead in all. As a drift boat-wade guide, I love it when I’m 100% on my spots! Congrats Joe!

Saw 2 wade anglers hauling 2, 1/2 dead and severely rotting King Salmon out of the Salmon River on a stringer. Didn’t have the heart to tell them they could get very sick if they ate them. Besides the side effect of genital shrinkage – yuk yuk. Thanks for viewing my Salmon River Fishing Reports!

Salmon River Fly Fishing Report – Nov. 3.

Experienced Steelhead fly fishing anglers who are working hard and covering water on the Salmon River have been the most successful. As usual, presentation, fly fishing the right spot’s effectively with fish that want to cooperate and are not too fussy. Fly rigging for education level of fish, experiment with what flies your throwing and move around. Some spot’s we are having to work for them. Making each steelhead all the more rewarding. While other spot’s it’s almost been to easy. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a truthful fly fishing report, if I didn’t add that some Salmon River spots left us wanting…….

My 1 guest Ken was fly fishing today and tangled with 2 steelhead in 2 out of 4 spots. We had 4 good Salmon River spots that should have produced more Steelhead then what we found. Guess ya never know, sometimes its like a box of chocolates out here. See ya next week, Salmon River fly fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 12. 

This last week I was noticing Steelhead in every single Prime (exact as fitting a key into a lock) Salmon River Fall Habitat for this water temp., water flow and stage of their life.
Offering Opportunity with a presence of Chrome. Ye-Haa! Most steelhead anglers are presently, having a slow go of it. But not all. As everyday pass’s, we are seeing more steelhead enter and run the Salmon River. We will have more around when you get up here. Most of the Steelhead I’m finding are Transitioning up the river and then holding in their Prime Fall Lyes – hint. Few in their middle of the day resting spots, while transitioning up the Salmon River – hint.

My 2 guest’s experienced their first time Steelhead fishing. They came back amazed at the numbers of fish we played with but most importantly, the knowledge they gained. For them, the fish were second to achieving a rock solid Salmon River Steelhead fishing foundation on which to build. That was their main goal, to which we succeeded! I think we played with about 10-11 Steelies for the day. Just icing on the cake. Sincerely, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 16. Some spots they are packed in like sardines, while other spots they are spread out a lil. I’m seeing about 75% bright silver steelhead and approx. 25% darker steelhead. They darken a tad once they have been in the Salmon River 2 weeks. That’s how you can tell how fresh or old they are. Noticed MOST of the bank anglers having success in ALL the normal spots. Bent rods, scream’n reels, smiles and laughter abound! It’s always nice to share the fish, water and see other’s out enjoying this incredible Salmon River fishery w/ success! I’d recommend coming up!

Hit Steelhead in 3 out of 5 Salmon River spots today. Played with about 8 total for the day. The 2 spots we didn’t hit any fish in were only fished for about 5-10 minutes. Im sure there were fish there, and we would have found some if we had stayed longer, but we were only looking for some McDonald’s fish. Fast and easy.

Lil Salmon River fishing report Guide Tip. – I’ve been predominately fishing Habitat that is a “Combination” of Temporary Transitional Resting (like pockets in the rapids), Prime Transitional Holding (where they rest mid. day) and Prime Fall Holding, where they will sit for an extended period of time with great result’s! Thanks for stopping by, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Here is a more Expert Video Description of the above Salmon and Steelhead fishing Locations on the Salmon River.

1. When the Salmon and steelhead are running the Salmon River. Fish there “Temporary Transitional Resting Spots” as they make there way up the Salmon River. Otherwise, you are fishing to Salmon or Steelhead that are not stopping, decreasing your odds greatly. Tutorial Video on Temporary Transitional Resting Spots.

2. Once the Steelhead or Salmon stop running the Salmon River to hold during the middle of the day. – (From approx. 9:30am. to 5:30pm.) Fish these “Prime Transitional Holding Spots”. Tutorial Video on Prime Transitional Holding Spots.

3. Tutorial Video on EXPERT Fish Locating Habitat. – (These are areas I look for on the Salmon River when guiding folks like yourself.)

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 19.

Recommend targeting there Prime Transitional Holding spots, Prime Fall Holding spots. Water temp. is approx. 40 degrees, so you know what that means. Look for Steelhead to be transitioning from there Prime Fall Holding Habitat into there Prime Winter Holding Habitat. Lately, some days have been better than others. Barometric pressure has been the culprit on some of the sloooower days. (Ya, thats it, I’m blaming the weather! – yukyuk) Anglers are finding the steelhead fishing presently either challenging, tuff, ok, not bad, pretty good to AMAZING! (Do you like how I covered my butt with that one? – yukyuk)

A guide friend w/ 1 client hit approx. 8 Salmon River Steelhead using Eggs. My other guide friends 2 clients played w/ approx. 10 Steelhead using fly rods. On another day, this same guides clients played with 3 steelhead with a storm front moving thru. I also noticed Steelhead being played with above and below where we were. I’d guess approx. 50 or more Steelhead in our general area. Also saw numerous Steelhead in certain high viz. transitional resting area’s mid-afternoon, as we slowly drifted by them in the Salmon River drift boat.

My guest’s decided to fish a 1/2 day instead of our full day on the Salmon River because of the impending weather forecast. They got out of town before it really hit, which made me feel better. In our 1/2 days fishing we tangled with 5 Steelhead. Not bad! We went on a Nantucket sleigh ride. We gave chase in the drift boat and were surrounded with a very narrow river, fast water, log jam’s, fish running under the boat in about every direction, boulders, fish moving from one side of the drift boat to the other, my oar blades, rapids, tree’s, you name it. We had to zig and zag our way through this obstacle course with a mad and dashing Steelhead on. Pheeew! Finally that steelhead had had enough and gave up. It was netted nicely off the side of the drift boat as we slowly drifted down the Salmon River.
Talk about a Chinese fire drill!
It would have been a hilarious show to watch as I tried to run the oar’s, anchor, missing all the obstacles, reminding my guest about the over hanging tree branches and net while keeping everyone safe and upright in the boat all at once. What a fight, what an adrenaline rush, DAM, I love this job! Best fish’s, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 21.

I hear and see the Steelhead fishing has been slooow and challenging for most (not all) on the Salmon River. We have Steelhead top to bottom of the Salmon River in ALL Prime Fall Holding and some of there Prime Transitional Holding Habitat’s. We will continue to see more fresh Steelhead enter, run and spread out on the Salmon River everyday. Every normal type of habitat for this time of year, fish’s life cycle, water flow, current breaks, food sources, water temperature is with Steelhead and some Brown Trout. There literally is no bad place to fish presently, providing you are in the correct Habitat. Having the correct Habitat, Rigging and most importantly Presentation. Will help in your Steelhead quest. Providing you with many fine Salmon River fishing opportunities presently and ALL Winter into the Spring!

My 2 Salmon River guest’s were very experienced. We had three or four on and off reeeel quick. One that pulled hard and fast before breaking off. And landed One. Ouch! Never know. Tight lines, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 22. Arnold’s first time fishing for Steelhead on the Salmon River. 1 and 1/2 landed for 3 steelhead played with. (How do you land 1/2 a fish?) Fish was at net, after several looooong reel scream’n runs and jumps and was tired and ready to be netted. Arnold got a lil excited (and rightly so) and reeled the weight inside of the rod tip, getting it stuck while the fish made 1 last dash for freedom and broke off. Next fish we landed! I joked with my Arnold that since he landed his first Salmon River Steelhead that he lost his cherry and he probably didn’t realize at his age, he could lose it a second time in his life. I hope you enjoyed today’s Salmon River Fishing report!

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 23.

Ron and his Brother Dave are very Experienced. 7 steelhead, fished 2 Salmon River spots, 2 in the first spot and finished strong with 5 in last spot. It was interesting how we fished 2 entirely different habitats (current breaks) that were right next to each other and are effected positively or negatively by water temp. Which helped explain to us where the highest concentrations of steelhead would be at, presently. We were 100% on hitting Steelhead in each Salmon River spot today! Ye-Haa!

Today’s Steelhead Fishing Tip. –  Look for more fish to transition from Fall to Winter habitats as the water temp’s drop. Spreading them out, putting 1/2 the fish in Fall Habitats and the other 1/2 in Winter habitats. Just like one year when the Salmon River’s water temp. hovered around 43 degrees for an approx. 1 month period. We continue to have a number of steelhead in a Transitional stage (running the river), so their middle of the day resting spots will continue to produce. Best Steelhead fish’s, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 24. 

Ron and his Brother Dave from yesterday, joined me for another “Day for Kings!” We fished a secluded spot that allowed my friends to play with 8 steelhead. We would work this area, covering ONLY the most productive Prime part or parts. And then we would move the drift boat down the Salmon River 30 feet and re-work the next part of this productive steelhead hold’n location. Then we would move back up and repeat this entire sequence. Worked like a charm as there were steelhead holding thru out and every time we moved, we would tangle with some more! Ye-Haa! Had to work for’m, most came easy, but only by covering our water thoroughly and with perfect presentations by my friends.

Next spot fish’s great in 750 cfs, but not 350 cfs. First time fishing it this season with this new and exciting 750 cfs flow. Figured there should be a at least 1 or 2 (maybe more) in this Salmon River spot. We hit it fast and hard as we were only looking for some McDonald’s fish, fast and easy. Dave found 1 hard fighting Chromer right off the bat! Last spot of the day we fished for a very short time and didn’t find any steelhead.
Found 9 total for the day! Ye-Haa! Guess we jus got lucky! Ron and Dave’s Testimonial. Randy, Was great fishing buddy!! We both had a good time. Want to keep this going on a yearly basis. Want to book April 12th, Oct 4 and 5th, Nov 15 and 16th. Please let me know if I can have these Salmon River dates!! Ron Hi Ron, I’m sorry, but all your preferred dates are already booked. Ill send you the few I still have open. Thanks for your kind words! I had a blast! Randy. Stop back tomorrow for more Salmon River Fishing Report’s.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 25. Approx. % of Steelhead we are visually seeing, counting and catching in each type of Habitat, over most of the Salmon River, almost daily. 15% of the steelhead are hold’n in the Prime Winter Spots, while 85% are still in the Prime Fall Area’s hold’n. Spread out! These %’s will change as the water temperature drops. So approx. 90% are spread out and in both Prime Fall and Prime Winter Holding Locations, while we have approx. 10% in a transitional state, running the Salmon River. So those Prime Transitional Holding spots are still producing and worth a few cast’s. These Prime Transitional Holding spots normally will produce well into Dec. After that, I normally do best by sticking to the Prime Winter holding locations.
90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the anglers. 90% of the fish go through 10% of the Salmon River. As Lou Tabory once said, there is a lot of empty water out there.

What’s interesting about the above %’s presently. – Due to the Salmon River water temp., these Steelhead are spread out and holding in BOTH Prime Holding locations. If the water was warmer, they would ALL be in a Prime Fall Holding location. If the water was colder, they would ALL be in a Prime Winter Holding area. Being that they are in both, means they are less concentrated and more spread out. Sometimes causing you to play with less fish and or having to cover and work all of these Prime Salmon River Holding locations. That’s what we have been doing successfully. See ya later for more Salmon River fishing report’s.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 26.

Perfect Water Temperature time to re-use this golden oldy TIP from the Salmon River fishing report Archives. – This is a great example of what happened to me one Nov. when the water temp’s were dropping and the Steelhead were moving from there Prime Fall Holding Habitat into there Prime Winter Holding Habitat’s. Hope it helps!
For the first 2 hour’s skunk, nothing, nada, not even a sucker in this Prime Fall Holding spot where the Salmon River steelhead had been LOADED the day before.
I looked towards the heavens and asked the Lord, Why ME?
I was getting nervous. I knew that most of these Steelhead were residents who had set up shop in this prime lye. But, where were they?
We pulled the drift boat anchor and left this Prime Fall Holding spot and slide down the Salmon River approx. 50 feet into a Prime Winter Holding spot.
Was I right????? We HAMMERED over – (I’m leaving #’s out cause you wouldn’t believe it!) Steelhead! Dam, I love this job!
I was happy it only took me 2 hours of sweat’n bullet’s to figure this one out. **I also found it interesting that with just a couple of degrees drop in the water temp. from the previous day, it had caused 100% of them to move. Stop back for more Salmon River fishing report’s.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 27. Salmon River Water Ramblings: Water is up to 750 cfs. This new and exciting flow has many positive qualities. Spreads the fish out, so they are not as pressured and spreads the anglers out. It also opens up new waters (current breaks) for everyone. Lastly, it will continue to bring in some fresh Salmon River Steelhead and Brown Trout for ya! Ye-Haa! The only negative thing is….. it makes landing your Trophy Steelhead of a Lifetime a lil harder with more current. Watch your step, the water is getting colder.
Looks like Mondays Salmon River forecasted water flow is 335cfs. (FYI – This is only a forecast, please check for actual.) May the wind be at your back, Salmon River fishing report guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 28.

Fresh Steelhead entering and running up the Salmon River daily. Spread out, top to bottom of the Salmon River. Steelhead fishing has been sloooow, so-so, ok to pretty good depending on the day, who you ask, the spot your in, fish movement, etc… etc… We have had a couple of noticeable push’s of fresh steelhead over the last coupl’a week’s with more to come! Ye-Haa! Water temp. is dropping, so you know what that means. Some Steelhead and Brown Trout are in Prime Transitional Holding mid. day spots. Some in Prime Fall Holding and Prime Winter Holding spots. Spread out. Presently 70% of the Steelhead are bright fresh Chromers and 30% a lil older, darker Steelhead, that Im seeing. After a coupl’a weeks these Steelhead darken up a tad and thats how you can tell if your fish is fresh or a lil older. May all your door knobs smell off big fish, Salmon River fishing report guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 29. – Mouth of the River. Last coupl’a weeks we have had an even mix of slow (meaning 1 here and there), ok to pretty good #’s of fresh Steelhead entering the mouth of the Salmon River. After looking at the last coupl’a weeks down there, the lower Salmon River looks to be a roll of the dice, feel’n lucky?
Pete used a fly rod today and played with 8 hard fighting Chromers! (Guess we jus got lucky) Thanks for viewing my Salmon River Fishing Report’s!

Salmon River Fishing Report – Nov. 30. Most Challenging Day. –  2 anglers played w/2, none landed, slowest day yet this steelhead season. (Why me Lord) Steelhead fishing you ALL the best of Luck! Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Dec. 1.

The higher water (750 cfs plus run-off) has brought in some fresh Steelhead into the Salmon River. They are running the Salmon River and spreading out as I type this. So your Transitional Holding spot’s will be producing. The Winter spots are all with Steelhead and would be my top choice. I noticed that some of the MANY Steelhead that had been holding in there Winter lyes @ 350 cfs have moved back to a lil slower water with this exciting new water level! Spreading out. Preparing for the long Winter, wanting to conserve energy. Where they hold at is normally determined by the relationship between the water level – speeds and current breaks. Sometimes its as simple as where the water moves from fast to slow, which is a current break in itself. Add in some deep water and Bingo!

Local streams and creeks are running high and off color due to run-off. You know what that means! Tons of optional area’s to fish for Steelhead and Brown Trout. These local creeks and streams are with fresh fish. Fish ON! The BONUS presently, is you dont have to trudge thru 5 feet of snow to fish them. You also dont have to break off large junks of sheet ice covering the holes, so you can fish them. Or, worry about falling thru any shelf ice you might be standing on while fishing. The Salmon River Water is forecast @ 750 cfs. Heard a rumor that they may raise it? Never know. I’m extremely happy with this higher level. Hope it stays for awhile! It’s perfect if your com’n up! For the next 7 days, we are forecast to get either a lil snow or rain. Nothing major…. yet! Air temp’s look reeeel nice, if your com’n up!

These steelhead are patiently waiting for you. There really is no bad place to fish, providing you have the correct Salmon River habitat. Please be careful as the river is not crossable in many area’s with this new flow, plus run-off. Also, taking a chance in crossing and risk going for a swim is not recommended in these water temp’s. Best fish’s, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Dec. 2.

So so, Fair and Good#’s of bright fresh steelhead making their presence known in different Salmon River area’s that we were fish’n. All Dime Bright Freshies! Today I saw more steelhead being played with (Drift boat guide clients and wade anglers) in several locations, than at any other time this Steelhead season. Saw more steelhead on stringers than at any other time this Steelhead season. (Most were all dime bright Chromer’s!)

Biggest Salmon River Steelhead Yet! 16 yr. old Ryan was all smiles after fighting and landing his first steelhead ever. It was all of 16 lb’s of bright fresh Chrome, what a fight! Holy Cow-a-Bunga Dude!
Made me remember the adrenaline rush of my first fish on this river and reminded me of why I love this job sooooo much! Dad Mike was all smiles, proud and a very happy father and said that today’s trip was mostly for his son. He is planning to book another trip for this April and next Salmon season. Ye-haa! If 16 year old Ryan can catch these steelhead, then there is hope for the rest of us old farts! (yukyuk)
Looks like its going to be a good December on the Salmon River! Ye-Haa!

Salmon River Ramblings. Enjoyed watching a wade angler battle and land a 17 lb. (weighed) Steelhead recently. Holy Cow! As I drifted by them in the drift boat, I jokingly asked them if they were for higher. Everyone laughed! See ya next week, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Dec. 7. Our past and present high water flows, combined with run off has brought some more fresh Steelhead into and up the Salmon River. Some older and fresher steelhead around, with some in transition, running up the river. Optional local waters are also with fish. Steelhead, Brown Trout and BIG Domestic Rainbows. Steelhead fishing has been sloow, so-so, ok to good. With a few anglers hitting it just right with AMAZING results! The best fishing has happened when you find a pod of’m. Suggest covering your water thoroughly in the better spots and then move to the next. Since we have some fresh ones running the river presently. You also might try fishing some of our “transitional’ middle of the day resting spots.
The high water current break Pools are fishing best! Tight lines, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Dec. 24.

The steelhead have been entering the Salmon River since Sept. and we have Steelhead top to bottom of the Salmon River. Older and fresher. All Prime Holding Current Break areas for this water flow and temperature of water is with Steelhead. Steelhead are in both Prime Transitional Holding and Prime Winter Holding spot’s.
Approx. % – 15% Prime Transitional Holding (Where they start to rest at approx. 9:30am. All day, before leaving at approx. 5:30pm.) and 85% Prime Winter Holding Pools.
There really is no bad place to fish on the Salmon River, providing you have the correct habitat – current breaks, for this flow. Besides anglers with drift boat guides, Im also seeing shore angler’s finding some fish. That’s always nice to see! Best of Steelhead fishing Luck! Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones. After 35+ years of guiding, nothing reeeeeeelly ever changes that much.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Jan. 25. Few here and there with the gut and tail’s of pools holding the largest numbers of Steelhead. A good number of Steelhead came in with the last high water in December. These are spread through out the entire Salmon River. If it warms up your best shot is the mid-lower river. It has not been fished in about 2 weeks due to slush. Sssshhhhhh! I hope you enjoyed today’s Salmon River Fishing report!

Salmon River Fishing Report – Jan. 30. 

It’s finally starting to warm up again. Looks like we are getting back into some more comfortable Salmon River fishing weather. If it warms up enough your best shot is the mid-lower river.
It felt good to get out from behind this computer today. Sun is shinning. I went for a drive and looked at a few fishy locations. I didn’t fish because I really did not want to put added pressure on fish that one of my guest’s or other angler’s might have a shot at. (The life of a guide! ha) Few folks out enjoying the thaw. Nothing new to report on the Salmon River except we are into a warming trend. Lets hope this sticks around for a while. Best Steelhead fish’s, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Jan. 31. Today started off with high hopes of “at least” catching a few Steelhead with Terrence and Caleb. We used the drift boat to access some of that unfished water I have been talking about, that had been covered with Slush for the last 2 weeks. First couple of the Salmon River spots we came up empty. I started to get worried. 3rd spot all heck broke lose. Got one Randy, Caleb yelled. Got one Randy, Terrence said excitedly. These 2 guys hooked up an even dozen steelhead in this one lil spot. I would not have believed it, had I not been there to witness it. Occasionally this type of fishing can be had. Normally not. We just got lucky and found a pod of dime bright fresh Steelhead that had just moved into this spot in the last 2 weeks. After we worked the hole through several times we decided to pull anchor and see what else this amazing Salmon River might have in store for us. Next spot we took a goose egg. Last spot of the day we hooked up another 2. We decided to give chase with the boat and landed it. We hit fish in 2 out of 5 spot’s. My guest’s surpassed all of my expectations today by going a rock solid 7 for 14! Wow!
Fair number of Salmon River angler’s out today enjoying the heat wave. It got up to a toasty 36 degrees. Stop back tomorrow for more Salmon River Fishing Report’s.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Feb. 1. 

If any of you have a flexible schedule, I’d recommend com’n up during this 36 degree heat wave. Chip and Matt received an urgent phone call from me last night. “Let’s meet an hour earlier and walk into the spot we Spanked’m today.” It might be a 1/4 mile walk through the snow, but it should be worth it. They were more than happy to oblige me.
As we walked through the darkness, thoughts of past experiences like this ran through my mind. Will they still be there? Will they have moved further up river? Will I have gotten up an hour earlier, lost an hour of sleep and exhausted myself on this long walk thru the snow for nothing? Will I be a hero or a zero?
My questions were answered within the first few drifts by both my guest’s. Matt yelled Fish ON as he was tight to his first Salmon River Steelhead of the morning. Then it was chip’s turn – Fish ON! The hole did not produce like yesterday, but we ended up with 5 on. Landing them was another story. Then we jumped into the drift boat and the first hole we stopped at gave up another 3 steelhead. Last spot of the day rewarded us with another 2 metal heads. This was Chip’s first time on the river and fishing for steelhead. He was amazed at the strength and size of these fish. I think he will be back!

3 out of 3 Salmon River spots produced for us today. We had a problem landing them. It always seemed to be one thing or another. We had one fish that jumped and landed in a big brush pile. The hook pulled on a couple more and well, you know how it is. Besides having a blast with both of my guest’s, I’d have to say the highlight of the day for me was noticing a good number of other Salmon River angler’s having success. I noticed more people fighting Steelhead today than I can remember from past season’s. I would not say the river is loaded, but I would say there are a few here and there. Offering everyone a shot. All angler’s I came in contact with today were all sporting smiles and cheerfully enjoying the day. See ya later for more Salmon River fishing report’s.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Feb. 2. 

Today was a great day for learning and enjoying the Salmon River. But, for my guest’s and myself a lousy day for catching. We were 0 for 1. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day this slow. Most other’s I spoke with today were having about the same luck or worse. The last couple of day’s it was hard NOT to find them, but today, I just could not locate them. My guest’s fish a lot, so they understood. They were polite enough to allow me to discount the day’s guide fee. That made me feel a little better. Fished a lot of the same spot’s as day’s past. They either moved or were on a diet today. (har-har) A few lucky and very experienced angler’s fishing in another section of the Salmon River had an incredible day (absolutely hammering them) with many dime bright fresh fish. Lower river is opening back up and is fishable for now. Hint-hint. May the wind be at your back, Salmon River fishing report guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Feb. 3. After yesterday’s disappointing day (0 for 1) I was hoping for a little more Salmon River Steelhead luck today. I was pleasantly surprised to find fish almost every where we fished. Two other drift boats had about the same day as us. My guest’s enjoyed playing with at least 7 Steelhead today. A number of them gave us some reeeeeel screaming runs and a few showed us their colors. A couple of dime bright freshies almost blinded us when they jumped and the sun reflected off their silvery sides. We hit fish in 5 out of 6 Salmon River spot’s. We only spent about 10 minutes in the hole we did not hook-up in. Fish were evenly spread out. One here and a couple there. The larger holes in the Salmon River are holding good number’s.

The strangest thing I noticed today was the lack of angler’s out fishing. I counted 6 anglers fishing from the bank in 3 miles of river. Another good reason to avoid weekends. Nice push of dime bright fresh steelhead running the lower end presently. Sssshhhhhh! More cold and snow coming our way this week. May all your door knobs smell off big fish, Salmon River fishing report guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Feb. 5. 

Just about every Salmon River spot is holding steelhead. The larger holes are holding the most Steelhead. We have fish that are holding and also in transition. A number of fish are holding in the Salmon River in the holes, depression’s and current break’s next to the gravel. They are holding in these area’s waiting for their biological clock to say “spawn.” We also have males and females pairing up in preparation to spawn. When fishing, if you hook into a male you can bet that there is probably a female close by, or within a foot of where you hooked into the male. After landing a female, if you release it you will be increasing your odds of catching another steelhead. Once the female is kept, the party is over and 1 to 4 males that were there will have no reason to hang around. So again, by returning any and all females. You will not only be increasing your odds of catching more fish, but also helping to guarantee their successful spawning. Hopefully adding more juvenile steelhead to return for years to come. They say we have an approximate 20-30% successful spawning rate in the Salmon River, Trout and Orwell Brook. In the next week or two we will start to see a few of our early spawners digging their red’s.

In the lower Salmon River we have a fair number of dime bright, fresh steelhead with some on the move up river. We also received some rain, high wind and warmer temperatures recently which created run off. The water was up a little in the lower river. Even though the estuary is frozen over you will still see some fish swimming under the ice and into the Salmon River. We have fresh fish entering the river as I write this. Things look good for now! The Winter weather is back in all it’s cold, windy, lake effect snow glory. Steelhead fishing you ALL the best of Luck! Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones. After 35+ years of guiding, nothing reeeeeeelly ever changes that much.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Mar. 1. 

Fresh steelhead are on the move, running the river and spreading out on the Salmon River. Old’r steelhead are in all the normal places for this water flow and its relationship to the current breaks on the Salmon River. We also have a few drop back steelhead starting to show. On the Salmon River we continue to see reeeel nice steelhead fishing action. Top to bottom of the Salmon River is hold’n some nice fresh and old’r steelhead. Some Prime Transitional holding and ALL Prime Winter holding spots are with steelhead. The steelhead are in and will be until late April early May. We have a lil more snow, which will help with our Spring flows and replace what we lost awhile back. Most of it is packed down on the trails to make your travels easier. Roads are in good shape!
Water is currently at Until 11:59 PM today, Thu, 1,500 CFS (Please check for current flows, as this could have changed).

Salmon River Fishing Report – Mar. 2. Great Salmon River Fishing Report News! With the present higher water flow of 1,500 CFS, we are getting the bulk of our remaining Spring steelhead in that are in a Transitional stage. Local creeks, rivers and stream’s too! Ye-Haa!!! These new steelhead are working there way up river, spreading out. All Winter lyes are with steelhead. Some steelhead starting to pair up in the holes (Male – Female). Seeing a few Steelhead move to that special rock. All of the Steelhead that have been entering the Salmon River since Sept. are spread out over its entire length.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Mar. 3.

The highlight’s for the day, besides the beautiful weather, sunny, warm temp’s, company and the quality of the fishing. Was both of my guest’s played with more steelhead in a single day then they had ever before! I always enjoy being a part of a record setting day and over exceeding my professional and guest’s expectations and goals! We were 100 % on hitting steelhead in every Salmon River spot fished! Another one of many “Day’s for King’s” this steelhead season!

Salmon River Fishing Report – Mar. 4. We were 3 for 4 on Steelhead. 1 came from a deep water, tail of a hole, soft water current break. The other 3 we were using floats off a spinning rod in a soft water current break. Seeing some Drop Back Steelhead! We fished 4 Salmon River spots and hit steelhead in 2. (50% on spots, cant complain). See ya around, Salmon River fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Fishing Report – Mar. 5. Hammered the steelhead! Picked away @ a bunch of them. Changed location and found a good sized pod of fresh steelhead in a small transitional lye (hint hint ;). It was funny, fish on, another fish on and then numerous more, one after the other. It was crazy stupid with steelhead. You could hardly make 1 drift with out hooking up! I can count on one hand how many of these awesome BIG steelhead # day’s we have had like this since Nov. Lost count on the #’s of steelhead we enjoyed thru out this incredible day! Amazing! Outstanding! Another “Day for Kings!”

Salmon River Fishing Report – Mar. 6. Landed some big’ol fatties! Played with a bunch, lost count! Another “Day for Kings!”
Saw 2 adult eagles and 2 immature eagles high in the tree branch’s over hanging the Salmon River, keeping a watchful eye on their lunch time ducks and fish.

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report – Mar. 7.

Low of 25 degree’s, so we met early with those nice steelhead fishing temp’s. Plus, being a weekend and increased Salmon River angler pressure, figured it would be best to get an early start. Dr Eric was on board the .com drift boat with me today. Old client, gets out on his own from time to time. Its always nice to see my past and present guest’s out enjoying this Trophy fishery on there own, with success! It’s one of the highest unspoken complement’s I’m paid. We did good with 4 or 5 steelhead! Best fish’s, Salmon River steelhead fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report – Mar. 8. Plenty of great steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. I’m noticing more angler’s out on the river, which is always nice to see. Less down, more up. Most folks are tangling with a few. Sometimes more and sometimes less, as usual. We have “a number” of fresh Steelhead making their way up river as well as a lot that have been in the river for awhile. Both transitional and Winter holding spot’s are producing. Starting to see some spawning activity which is normal. Within the next few weeks we will see approx. 80% of the Steelhead in the Salmon River turning their attention to a specific type of rock and current break. Seeing a few more drop back steelhead. These are fish that have spawned and are now on there way back to the lake. Stopping along the way down the Salmon river in all the normal spot’s to feed and regain their strength. I’ve seen a fair number of fish that were in a transitional state, moving up the river and holding in the transitional lyes. Presently, all of the fish in the river are starting to feel their biological clock ticking, making them think and behave a lil differently.

You pretty much have Steelhead that are in all stages (start to finish) of the spawn. (Entering the river, finding mates, pairing up, thinking about building a red, locating themselves to different area’s, males fighting over the females, dropping back, etc….) Each stage is unique. Each stage normally puts different requirements on the fish and causes the Salmon River angler to adjust. (In my opinion, but what the heck do I know.) I hope your enjoying the fishing as much as my guest’s and myself have been and I hope to see you on the water with your rod doubled over!
Sharing this info. with you has and always will be a pleasure. Sincerely, Salmon River steelhead fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report – Mar. 22.

Boy, I can’t remember when we last had extreme Winter temp’s. this late in March. (Low of around 7 on Monday) These temp’s should allow our Salmon River steelhead fishing season to last longer and stronger. Hopefully we will have a slow melt down. The snow has a very high water content. With these present temp’s and forecasted temp’s and weather pattern, it looks like we wont have much run off this coming week until around Thursday. Then temp’s are forecast to rebound back to more normal. The maple syrup buckets are all out. I haven’t seen those eagles around in the last week.
Please keep an eye on the Salmon River water levels as we could easily see an increase. The days are getting longer and the snow piles are slowly shrinking and all is great on the Salmon River. Lot’s of steelhead anglers are out and about enjoying this world class fishery. This is always nice to see as it helps out our local economy greatly. Thanks for spending your valuable fishing dollars here! The local economy and myself, Thanks You All!! Best fish’s, Salmon River steelhead fishing report guide Randy Jones.

There are steelhead top to bottom of many of our local streams, creeks and rivers. Fishing the Salmon River holes and transitional water has been very productive with plenty of steelhead for my fishing guest’s and other anglers. Conditions are all favorable for a stellar Spring. Expect higher water flows shortly, as usual. Know your water better than the inside of your pocket and never blindly wade into it. Some nice steelhead are being caught along the entire length of the Salmon River. The entire Salmon River, from one side to the other is alive with steelhead (within reason ;). Few drop back steelhead around with many more to come. The steelhead fishing will continue to be good into the end of April, early May, as usual. Steelhead fishing you ALL the best of Luck! Salmon River steelhead fishing report Guide Randy Jones. After 35+ years of guiding, nothing reeeeeeelly ever changes that much.

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report – Mar. 29.

This last week the Salmon River steelhead fishing has been reeeeeel good to amazing for my fishing guest’s. (Guess we jus got lucky) Some spot’s my guest’s are having to work for them. Making each steelhead all the more rewarding. While other spot’s it’s almost been to easy with numerous steelhead being fought, one after the other. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a truthful fishing report, if I didn’t add that some spots left us wanting…….(Sometimes it’s like a box of chocolates on the river, never know).
Anglers are finding steelhead in all the normal places for the current water flow and how it relates to all the current breaks. Thanks for stopping by, Salmon River steelhead fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report – Mar. 30. – 9am. – Quick Update – Get your water wings out! Just a heads up about about our local waters. All the local creeks and streams were rip’n this morning due to rain and run off. (hint – hint) We also have a freezing rain – ice, lil snow warning out until Monday @ 1PM. No biggy. The Salmon River has reacted to the run off and is rising. Making crossing it, ill advised. Please keep an eye on the Salmon River water levels if fishing here anytime soon. This Spring time rise is very normal, expected, no biggy for me and makes for a great opportunity for you to learn how to Steelhead fish these higher flows. Jus like I had to do……., many flies ago. Caution should obviously be used. A seasoned Pro. angler friend of mine just reported that he hit some nice, bright steelhead mid to lower river yesterday! See ya next week, Salmon River steelhead fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Report – April 4.

The Salmon River in Pulaski NY is currently running at a nice 1,800cfs Plus run-off. This is very normal in the Spring. (Please use caution when wading. These flows will be higher the further down river you fish.) Heads up! Flood warnings out for this week – Might see the water levels rise on the Salmon River and our optional Steelhead hold’n Creeks, Brooks and Streams?
April Steelhead Fishing Report TipsWhen the water is rippen and chocolate on our local smaller steelhead hold’n waters. Many times a drive up to the head waters or the first impassible barrier will be fishable due to less run-off and Tributary impute. Also, many times you can fish the smaller tribs. that feed into these larger creeks, brooks or streams that will be hold’n steelhead.

With Suckers starting to spawn. Try some yellow egg sacks, yellow glow bugs or beads to imitate their eggs. The Steelhead will be eating them. Also, garden worms will work.

What’s interesting about the Salmon River in Pulaski NY at this time of year. What fish we do have are spread out over the entire river. Top to bottom and from 1 side to the other, within reason.
Approx. % from what I’m seeing. – 55% in the holes – 15% on that special rock – 30% dropping back. Drop backs are Steelhead that have successfully spawned and are on their way back to the Lake, feeding aggressively. (These %’s will change by the week). All current break habitats are holding some, spreading out what fish we have. Tight lines, Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Report – April 5.

Plenty of great steelhead fishing in the Salmon River Pulaski NY area. This last week the steelhead fishing has been reeeeeel good for my fishing guest’s. Noticed most of the shore anglers having success this week, which is always nice to see! Lot’s of steelhead anglers out enjoying this world class fishery. I do expect the water levels to rise. (Obviously, for your safety, please keep an eye on it and always use caution when fishing here.) If your one of my upcoming guest’s, all is sweeeell on the Salmon River and its steelhead. It’s all simply the “same ol same hole” scenario for me. BIG water? No Biggy!

Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Report – April 6. My father and son team (first timers) enjoyed another one of many, “Day for Kings”. They fought soooo many that once again, I lost count. “Fish” everyday could be like this.”

Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Report – April 7. I guided 2 brothers who enjoyed there first time Salmon River steelhead fishing. Early morning we started off happily going thru the ol’ learning curve w/ 4-5 steelhead fought. Changed location and found a BUNCH! of hard fighting, jumping, reeeeel scream’n steelhead! Enjoyed another one of many, “Day for Kings”. They fought soooo many that once again, I lost count. I hope you enjoyed today’s Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing report!

Salmon River Drift Boat Fishing Report – April 8. 

Dad Chris and 18 year ol son Matt “Head Writer and star high school athlete” enjoyed what could only be called a “Day for Kings” while playing with an alarming # of steelhead for there 2 days with me off the Salmon River drift boat! Matt’s an outdoors writer for numerous publications and plans to write about there experience fishing for steelhead for the first time here. Talk about pressure! For the first few hour’s of the morning, just a couple nibbles. I started to get nervous. I looked at the sky and jokingly asked the lord out loud, why me? I joked with Matt, that if the day stayed like this, please don’t use my reeeeel name in the article. Please make one up – yuk yuk. Was I to be a hero or a zero? Changed strategies and sa-zame, fish on and on again! Phew! Now I could relax in the Salmon River drift boat and enjoy the rest of the day. Fought about a bunch of these metal heads in several different locations off the drift boat on ol’ Pucker Brush Creek! Best Steelhead fish’s, Salmon River drift boat fishing report Guide Randy Jones.

Salmon River Drift Boat Fishing Report – April 9.

Chris and Matt joined me for a 2nd day. Changed strategies a lil and it wasn’t long before we were into’m like crazy. Fish on and on and on were the most repeated phrase thru out the day! We fished about 5-6 different spots over a 6 mile length of the Salmon River from the drift boat.  And were 100% on finding steelhead in all of the places we anchored the drift boat in! (Mid river down, hint hint) Ye-Haa! I’d guess they tangled with over (blank – don’t want to sound like we are bragging – yukyuk) steelhead this day. Lost count after a while. Don’t ya jus hate when that happens?
I can count on about 8 fingers, how many days like this we have had over our 6 month Salmon River steelhead season. Simply AMAZING!

I jokingly told Matt, that the way he fish’s. He would have a better chance of catching a fish, if he took up golf! I got’a grin and a chuckle out of both of’m with that lil good humored jab.
I suggested that they should visit the Salmon River NY Hatchery in Altmar. The hatchery is filling up with LOT’S of steelhead. Then, while up that’a’way, maybe stop over in the Upper Fly Zone for a peak. Then drive up to the Salmon River Falls. I’d bet its running pretty good with all the run off. In closing, I might add that if it were not for ALL of my guest’s incredible angler ability level this week, the above #”s of steelhead would have been much much less. They allllll made me proud to be there guy, guide! Stop back tomorrow for more Salmon River drift boat Fishing Report’s.

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report – April 20.

The steelhead fishing for my guest’s in the Salmon River area has been mostly superb! Sure, I’ve had a couple of slow days of only a few steelhead each day, but mostly they have all been good, reeeeeel good to AMAZING!! Beautiful crystal clear water streams and creeks meandering thru wide open fields and woods. Some area’s were LOADED with steelhead, walk across their backs stuff, without a single other angler seen all day. It was like being flown into the wild’s of Alaska! Just the mild sound of running water, “Fish ON” being repeated thru out the day, drag’s singing the fisherman’s national anthem and camera’s clicking after numerous photo’s of some BIG’ol hog steelhead. Numerous hand shakes and very happy clients!

We landed some beauty steelhead in the 12, 14, 16 lb. range! With the past and present Salmon River higher water flows. I hope you were all able to adjust and enjoy the multitude of optional opportunities that the Salmon River and surrounding waters has to offer you. We sure did! I stopped over @ the Altmar fish hatchery recently and there were Thousands of steelhead between Beaver Dam Brook (illegal to fish), the ladder and tanks! Some steelhead were upwards of 18-20 lb’s! Yikes!!

Steelhead fishing you ALL the BEST of Luck!
Salmon River Steelhead fishing report Guide Randy Jones.
After 35+ years of guiding, nothing reeeeeeelly ever changes that much.

Stay tuned for more Entertainingly Informative and Mildly Educational reports on this never-ending virtual fishing trip with your host Randy “The Yankee Angler” and friends.

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Salmon River guide fishing steelhead with a BIG 16 pd. Steelhead off the drift boat in Pulaski NY.

Salmon River Guide Trophy Steelhead Fishing Testimonial:

Randy, What a great day! Just when I thought I knew a little something about steelhead fishing I had to fish with you. You really are a class act. I really appreciate you sharing your expertise and patience. As well as some of your Salmon river “honey” holes with me. I would encourage any steelhead fisherman, novice or expert, to fish with a guide even if it’s just once. And if they can get Salmon River guide Randy Jones they’re in for a great day. There is so much to learn about steelhead fishing. You can trim years off the “learning curve” by steelhead fishing with a real pro such as yourself. Thanks again for the fun and truly a learning steelhead fishing experience on the Salmon River. Thanks again! John
John’s honk’a off the drift boat! Approx. 16 lb. Steelhead!

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY - Yankee Angler
Salmon River fishing report guide Steelhead with a Very Happy Steelhead Guest in Pulaski NY.

Thumbs up from this Salmon River fishing report guide with a Very Happy Steelhead Guest.

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams…… ………… we’ll mak’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeel
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